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1 Meridian Polymers: Synthetic Organic Chemicals Industry Dyes & Dye Intermediates; Bulk
Project No # 24587 |  Bidar - Karnataka
Project Cost :   243000000
Posted Date :   20 Jan, 2020
meridian polymers: synthetic organic chemicals industry dyes & dye intermediates; bulk
2 Proposed Expansion Of Pesticide Technical, Its Intermediates, Bio-Pesticides Manufacturing Unit By M/S. Nichino Chemical India Private Limited
3 Construction Of Four Lanning From 0.000 Km To 45.878 Km Of Aurad-Bidar Section Of Nh-161A In Karnataka On Hybrid Annuity Mode Ham.
Project No # 23973 |  Bidar - Karnataka
Project Cost :   Rs 893.16 Crore
Posted Date :   31 Jan, 2019
construction of four lanning from 0.000 km to 45.878 km of aurad-bidar section of nh-161a in karnataka on hybrid annuity mode ham.
4 Vani Organics Plans To Set Up An Bulk Drugs And Intermediates Capacity At Kolhar Village In Bidar.
Project No # 23780 |  Bidar - Karnataka
Project Cost :   Rs. 2.70 Crores
Posted Date :   17 Oct, 2018
vani organics plans to set up an bulk drugs and intermediates capacity at kolhar village in bidar.
5 Gemini Graphics Plans To Set Up A Security Printing Documents Manufacturing Unit
Project No # 23105 |  Bidar - Karnataka
Project Cost :   Rs. 142.50 Million
Posted Date :   30 May, 2018
gemini graphics plans to set up a security printing documents manufacturing unit
6 Goldstone Infratech Plans To Set Up An Assembly And Service Of Electric Vehicles In Bidar
Project No # 22739 |  Bidar - Karnataka
Project Cost :   NA
Posted Date :   29 May, 2018
goldstone infratech plans to set up an assembly and service of electric vehicles in bidar
7 Construction Of Mdrs Complex At Nittur, Bhalki Taluk In Bidar District Of Karnataka.
Project No # 21665 |  Bidar - Karnataka
Project Cost :   NA
Posted Date :   31 Jan, 2018
construction of mdrs complex at nittur, bhalki taluk in bidar district of karnataka.
8 Azakem Pharma Labs Plans To Set Up A Bulk Drugs And Intermediates Unit At Kolhar In Bidar District
Project No # 21104 |  Bidar - Karnataka
Project Cost :   Rs. 3.00 Crores
Posted Date :   15 Nov, 2017
azakem pharma labs plans to set up a bulk drugs and intermediates unit at kolhar in bidar district
9 KuwsAndDb Is Implementing Combined Water Supply Scheme To Bhalki Town And 23 Enroute Villages In Bidar
Project No # 20728 |  Bidar - Karnataka
Project Cost :   Rs. 98.19 Crores
Posted Date :   11 Nov, 2017
kuwsanddb is implementing combined water supply scheme to bhalki town and 23 enroute villages in bidar
10 Chandra Life Sciences Is Implementing Bulk Drugs And Intermediates At Kolhar, Nizampur Hobli
Project No # 19735 |  Bidar - Karnataka
Project Cost :   Rs. 9.60 Crores
Posted Date :   14 Jun, 2017
chandra life sciences is implementing bulk drugs and intermediates at kolhar, nizampur hobli

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