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TRN :18189728 |  24 Apr, 2020
Tender Value : 28.57 Crore
 Aara - Bihar
Tender for special repair of multi village pipe water supply scheme moutampur with house hold connection, construction of sump and 5 years operation & maintenance. repairing work repairing work of existing structure-raw water pump house, pre settling tank, flash mixer, clariflocculator, filter house & chemical house, chlorination facility, clear water reservoir, clear water pump house, staff quarters, elevated service reservoir, valve pits, stand post, provision of boundary, extraction & laying of 350 mm dia di pipe including provision of new sluice valves and air valves in the distribution mains. renovation & up-gradation work renovation & up-gradation work of existing structure - mcc panels, internal pathway, approach road to esrs. renovation of existing approach road, external electrification, extension of pipe. construction of conventional water treatment plant. construction of pre settling tank, flash mixer, clariflocculator, filter house, sludge drying beds, filter waste water recycling system, sludge sump connecting all units including pst etc. construction of underground reservoir sump with pump house. house service connection including cost of water meter no. of household. stand post, provision of boundary wall, solar panel for emergency lighting, dg sets. construction of sluice valve chamber, approach road. provision of o&m for five years. provision of o&m of existing water supply system whole treatment plants components like ciariflocculator, aerator, pst etc and newly constructed water supply system including manpower, energy charges, chemical charges, other o&m charges
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