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TRN :21065108 |  21 Jun, 2021
Tender Value : 99.99 Lacs
Tender for construction, testing and commissioning of r.c.c. elevated service reservoir of 80 kl capacities and staging 15 mt. including providing and fixing of ci double flange pipe, double flange specials and di double flange soft seated sluice valve including construction of suitable r.c.c. valve chamber and providing, laying, jointing, interconnection, testing and commissioning of rising main upvc class 10 kg/sqcm90 mm dia600m., distribution upvc class 6kg/sqcm90mm dia. 3868m., 110 mm dia. 600 m., 140 mm dia. 1617 m., 160 mm dia. 140 m.with suitable joints gi pipe, valve, specials and all fittings including all allied civil works, supplying & installation of energy efficiant five star bee rating isi marked required capacity single phase, 50 hz, 220v, deep well submersible pump stainless steel body, suitable for 4/6 tube well with contral panel starter suitable for submersible pump with dry run protection, connections, including clamps, bore cap etc. as required as per specifications butexcludingpipe, ss/nylonwireropeandconnection cable including verification of tubewell yield& electric connection from cspdcl, construction of brick masonry switch room, construction of boundary wall around the over head tank, installation of 01 no. electro chlorinator, construction of chlorinator room of providing functional household tap connectionf.h.t.c402 in individual households and government instiution etc
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