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Kanpur is a city in the the state of Uttar Pradesh in the Republic of Indian Union. It is situated on the banks of River Ganga. It has a population of about 45 Lakhs as per the 2011 census. It is bounded in north by district Kannauj and Hardoi, in east district Unnao, in south district Fatehpur & Hamirpur and in west Kanpur Dehat. The Holy Ganga River separates it from district Unnao in east and forms the natural boundary. Pandu river separates it from district Kanpur Dehat and Fatehpur in west && south respectively.

Kanpur had been Industrial Empire of JK Group. This group had a n umber of large industrial units in the town. This group has constructed very famous Radha Krishna Temple in Kanpur which is also known as JK Temple.

Currently Kanpur is very famous for Leather Industry in the world. It is very crowded city and f acing the problems of population influx from neighbouring towns & villages. Apart from fame for industry, Kanpur is also very famous for presence of world level institutions in the city viz; IIT, HBTI, CSA University of Agriculture, National Sugar Institute, GSVM Medical College, Indian Institute of Pulses Research etc.

Major industrial units such as Kanpur Fertilizer & Cement Ltd. Lohia Starlinger Ltd, LML Ltd, Star Linger Ltd, Artificial Limbs Manufacturing Company (ALIMCO), Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd, Defence Research & Development Organisation, DMSRDE, Small Arms Factory, Ordnance Parachute Factory, Ordnance Equipment Factory, Indian Ordnance Factories, Quality Assurance (Textile & Clothing) Controllerate of Quality Assurance, The Controller Quality Assurance (General Store) Controllerate of Quality, Assurance, Quality Assurance (Petroleum Products) Controllerate of Quality Assurance, The Controller, Quality Assurance (Material), Controllerate of Quality Assurance, Central Ordnance Depot (COD), Controller of Stores Northern Railways etc are contributing for the industrial and economic growth of Kanpur. Many of these industrial units and also other units in Kanpur participate in tenders like online tenders in Kanpur, off line tenders in Kanpur, Western railway tenders in Kanpur, private tenders in Kanpur, bank tenders in Kanpur, Kanpur municipal corporation tenders, road tenders in Kanpur, civil tenders in Kanpur, furniture tenders in Kanpur, automobile tenders in Kanpur, industry tenders in Kanpur and so on.

If you are looking for tenders information of these organizations, subcontracting details, upcoming projects information then you will get all these details on

Various government departments in Kanpur, Private companies in Kanpur, cooperative sector organizations publish tenders from time to time. You can participate in these tenders to increase your business opportunities. If you are looking for tender information or tender portal for tenders published in Kanpur, jobs in Kanpur, job vacancy in Kanpur then you can log on to for more details.

Apart from tenders information we also provide class 3 Digital Signature Certificate for e tendering, e auctions, e bidding in Kanpur, tender bid form collection in Kanpur, tender document download from Kanpur, tender form and documents submission in Kanpur, tender Help and liaison support in Kanpur, online support for digital signature certificate in Kanpur, attend tender pre bid meeting in Kanpur, sub–contracting details from Kanpur, tender award and results from Kanpur, upcoming projects in Kanpur.

Applied services for tenders :

The central Government of India, State Government of Gujarat, Kanpur Municipal Corporation and other bodies plan various projects to be set up in and around Kanpur from time to time. These projects are carried out in various phases like Project initiation in Kanpur, Project planning in Kanpur, Project execution in Kanpur, Project closure in Kanpur. This information can be accessed on If you are looking for more details on upcoming projects in Kanpur, For More Details Click Here...

Lakhs of tenders are published in Kanpur for work to be carried out in Kanpur or some other territory. After completion of the tender process, tenders are awarded to the successful bidders. These bidders on winning the tenders execute the work desired by the tender floating party. Many of the bidders do subcontracting of the tenders in Kanpur in order to ensure that the work is executed and processed as per the quality and time frame. If you are looking for details of tender awards or tender results in Kanpur then Click Here...

Subcontractor is a party that does work on behalf of some other party. It is nothing but doing someone’s work. Numerous sub contractors are available in Kanpur, potential enough to carry out tasks as per the standards and time frame desired. If you are looking for details of sub contractors in Kanpur then Click Here...

Sub contracting is nothing but giving our work to some other party who can do it for us. In other words it is nothing but getting our work done from other sources. Numerous sub contracting details are available from Kanpur. These works range from several hundreds to crores of rupees. If you are looking for sub contracting information in Kanpur then Click Here...

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Help Topics on Tenders in Kanpur

Digital Signature Certificate In Kanpur

Digital Signature Certificate is an essential part of etendering process. Any activity like online bidding, online auctions, online tendering, DSC is mandatory. Without DSC you cannot complete the online tendering / auction / bidding process. Generally there are two types of DSCs as listed below.

If you are looking for digital certificate in Kanpur, digital signature certificate in Kanpur, digital signature in Kanpur, class 3 DSC in Kanpur, e token in Kanpur, then fill in the form on the right hand side of the page and submit it or contact us on the above number.

You can get the further details on the list of documents required and other information on

Tender Bid Form Filling in Kanpur

Filling Bid forms requires lot of expertise, market research and knowledge. If anyone from Kanpur needs help in filling the bid form, then they can approach us. We fill in the bid form, based on the information provided by the concerned party. All they need to do is to send us the form and we will fill in the details as desired in consultation with them (client) and send it back to them.

Tenders Submission In Kanpur

Kanpur is a big city in terms of area and population. If anyone feels that there is scarcity of time or man power with them and they need to submit a bid form in any department or organization in Kanpur, then they can approach us. We will travel to the desired location in Kanpur and submit the Bid Form on their behalf and confirm the same to them. All they need to do is give us an authority letter and the requisite charges.

Online Bidding of Kanpur Tenders

Online participating in bids, auctions and so on requires lot of expertise. We help our customers from across Kanpur by installing the DSC, explaining the fields in the form and so on. We are having a team of experts from the tender industry who can assist you in online bidding. If you are located in any part of Kanpur and are looking for assistance in online bidding, you just need to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Documents for Kanpur Tenders

If you are looking for tender documents for tenders published in Kanpur, then you can download them from


1) Can I participate in tenders?

Solution : Read the rules, regulations and eligibility criteria in the tender document carefully. If you fulfill the criteria needed by the tender floating party, you can participate in the tender.

2) Where will I get the tenders information?

Solution : The tender floating parties either publish tenders in the newspapers or on the internet. You need to be vigilant and aware as to when the desired tender will be floated. If you are unaware of when the desired tender will be floated, then you can become a member of to receive the updated information.

3) What is

Solution : is an online portal providing information on all type of tenders published in India and across the world. It also provides information on Global tenders, upcoming projects, tender awards or results, subcontracting details and sub contractor details.

4) Who can become member of

Solution : Any individual or organization looking for tender information and allied tender information can become a member of

5) How can I become a member of

Solution : To become a member of, you need to select a plan first. After selecting the plan you can make the requisite payment directly online. GoTo : Make Payment

6) Does provide a class 3 digital signature certificate?

Solution : Yes, provides class 3 digital signature certificate for individuals and organizations. You can opt for 1 year validity or 2 year validity, depending on your requirement.

7) Where can I see the information I have subscribed for?

Solution : You can see the information you have subscribed for in the members area. You need to login in the members area to view details. You are also notified of the information on daily basis on your registered mobile.

8) What if I cannot access the information on my desktop?

Solution : Many a times it happens that you are not able to access the information on the desktop due to some or the other reason. In such situations you can even access the information very easily on your Smartphone. is available in mobile version also. So even if you are travelling or are on your site for many days and need to access the information, all you need to do is just make use of the mobile version of

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