Notice Inviting Tender (NIT) by the State Government Of Rajasthan for Earth Work In Excavalion By Mechanical Means Hydraulic Ex€Vator / Manual Means In Foundation Kenches Or Drains Not Exceeding 1.5 M In Width Lo Sum On Plan Including Dressing Of Sides Ramming Of Bottoms, Lift Upto 1.5 M, Including Taking Out The Excavated Soil And Depositing And Retilling Ihiriwjth Watedng & Ramming And Disposal Of Surplus Excavated Soil As Directed With In A Lead Of 50 Meter- Allkinds Of Soils Supply & Stacking Good Earth Ai Site Complete Including Toading, Unloading And Transportation Etc &Fllling Available Ecavated Earth Excluding Rock In Trenches Plinth Side Of Foundation Etc. In Layers Nol Exceeding 20 Cm. In Deplh, Consoljdaling Each Deposited Layer By Ramming And Watering Including Lead Upto 50 Mtr. And Lift Upto 1.5 4H. Pcc: Providing And Laying In Position Cemenl Concrete Including Curing Compaction Etc. Complet€ In Spcified Grade Excluding The Cost Of Centering And Shuttering Allwork Upto Plinth Level 1:3:61 Cement:3 Coarse Sand :6 Graded Stone Aggregate 20 Mrn Nominal Size.Nl 1O Grade Nominal Mix Providing And Laying In Position Cement Concrete Ncluding Curing, Compaclion Etc. Complete In Specified Grade Excluding The Cost Of Centering And Shuttering - Aii Work Up To Plinth Level. 1:4:8 1 Cement : 4 @Arse Sand : I Graded Stone Aggregat€ 40 Mm Nominalsize. Copping: Providing And Laying Cement Concaete Including Curing, Compaction Etc. Complete In Retaining Walls, Retum Walls, Wallsany Lhickness Including Attached Pilasters. Columns. Piers, Abutments, Pillars, Posls, Slruts, Butkesses, Slring Or Lacing Cources, Parapets, Copping, Bed Blocks, Ancho. Blocks, Plain Window Sills, Fillets, Levelling Oourse Etc Up To Floor Five Level Excluding The Cost Ol Centering And Shutterjng. M20 Grade Nominai Mix, ;1.5:31 Cement:1.5 Coarse Sand:3 Graded Stone Aggregate 20 Mm Nominal Size Providing And Laying In Position Specified Grade Of Cemenl Concrete For All Rcc Stauctural Elements Upto Plinth Level Including Curing, Compaction. Finishing With Rendeaing In Cement Sand Mortar 1:3 1 Cementr 3 Coarse Sand And Making Good The Joinis And Cost Of Plastizers If Aequired Excluding The Cosl Of Centeaing, Shuttering And Reinforcement. I\, 420 Orade Nominal Lvlix / Design Mix Slab & Beams: Providing And Laying In Position Specified Qrade Of Cement Concrete For Rcc Structural Elements Uplo Floor Llve Level Including Curing, Compaction, Finishing With Rendering In Cemelt Sand Mortar 1:3 1 Cement: 3 Coarse Sand And Making Good The Joinls And Cost Of Plastizers Ii Required Excluding The Cost Of Centering, Shuttering And Reinforcement For Beams, Suspended Floors, Roofs, Griders Having Slopes Up To 150, Landings, Balconies, Shelves, Chajias, Lintels, Bands, Plain Windows Sills, Staircases And Spiral Staircases Etc.420 Grade Nominal Mix / Design Mix Providing And Laying In Posalion Specifed Grade Of Cement Concrete For Rcc Struclural Elements Upto Floor Five Level Jncluding Curing, Compaction, Finishing With Rendering In Cement Sand Morlar 1:3 1 Cement:3 Coarse Sand And Making Good The Ioints And Cosi Of Plastisers If Required Excluding The Cost Of Centtering Shuttering And Reinforcement Tor Walls Any Thickness Including Attached Plasters, Buttreses, Plinth And Sring Courses, Fillets, Columns, Pillers, Piers, Abutments, Post And Struts Etc Add Extra For Iv 25 Grade Concrete By Using Min 410Sand Mort Kg Of Cenent Per Cum Instead Of M 20 Grade Design Mix Centering & Shuttering With Plywood Or Steel Sheets Including Strutting, Propping Bracing Both Ways With Steel Props And Removal Of Formwork For Foundation, Foolings. Strap Beam. Rafl. Base Ofcolumn Elc Centering & Shuttering With Plwood Or Steel Sheets Including Strutting, Propping Bracing Both Ways Wilh Steel Props And Removal Of Formwork For Lplo Floor Five Level For:Suspended Floors, Roofs, Landings, Staircases, Balconies, Girders, Cantllevers, Bands, Coping Bed Plates, Anchor Blocks, Sills, Chhaijas Lintel. Beam, Plinth Beam Etc. Centering & Shuttering With Plywood Ot Steel Sheets Ncluding Slrutting, Propping Bracing Both Ways Wilh Sleel Props And Removal Of Formwork For Upto Floor Five Levelfor Columns, Pillers, Posts, And Struts Etc Providing And Fabricating Reinforcement For R.C.C. Work Including Straightening, Cutting, Bending, Placing In Position And Binding Including Cast Of Binding Wi.E Allcomplete Up To Floorfive Level. Thermo-Mechanically Treated Bars Conforming Of Relevent Ls Code Brick Work With Clay Flyash F.P.S. Brick Ls 13757- 1993 Of Class Designation 75 In Superstructure Above Plinth Level Upto Floor Live Level In : Cemenl Mortar 1 :6 1 Cement:6 Coarse Sand Random Rubble Stone Masonry For With Hard Stone In Foundation And Plinth In Cemenl Sand Morlar Above 30 Cn, Thick Wall In: Cement Morlar 1:6 1- Cement : 6 Sand. Providing And Fixing T-Iron Frames For Doors, Windows And Ventilators Of Mild Steel Tee-Sections, Oints Milred And Welded Wiih 15X3 Mm Lugs 10Cm Long Embedded In Cement Concrete Blocks 15X10x10 Cm Of 1:3:6 1 Cement: 3 Coarse Sand :6 Graded Stone Aqg.Eqate 20 Mm Nominal Size Or With Wooden Plugs And Screws Or Rawl Plugs And Screws Or Wilh Llxrng Clps Or With Bolts And Nuts As Lequire Including Fixing Of Necessary Butt Hinges And Screws And Applying A Priming Coal Of Approved Steel Primer. Providing And Fixing M.S. Sheet 1Mm Thick Double Leaf Door Shutter Windows In Angle Iron Frame 35X35x5 Mm Suitabilly Diagonally Braced With 25X3mm Flat Iron Above And Below Lock Rail Of Siz€ 50X5mm Beading Extra Including All Filtings, As Pel Direction Of Engg. Incharge But Excluding Cost Ol Chowkhats: Including Two Coats Of Anil Corrosive Red Oxide Primer Paint Glazed Window : Providing And Fixing Steel Glazecl Doors Windows And Ventilalor Shutters Of Standard Rolled Steel Section Joints Milred And Welded With Steel Lugs 13 X 3 Mm, 10Cm Long Embeded In Cemenl Concreie Block 15 X 10 X 10 Cm Of 1:3I6 1 Cement 3 Course Sand : 6 Gradred Stoneaggregate 20Mm Nominal Size Or With Wooden Plugs And Screws Or Rawl Plugs And Screws With Fixing Clips Or With Bolts And Nuts As Required Including Providing And Fixing Of Plain Glass Panes 4 Mm Thick With Copper Glazing Clips And Specjal Metal Sash Putty Ol Approved Make Or Metal Beading With Screws Complete Including Priming Coat Of Approval Steel Primer, Excluding Cost Of Metal Beading And Other Fitting Except Necessary Hinges Of Pivols Sleei Handles Peg Slay Etc. As Required : Partly Fixed And Partly Openable Fixed Area Not To Exceed 33% Wire Gauge Supplying & Fixing Fixed Wire Gauge To The L!, Letal Frame Of Rolled Section By Metal Beading 20X3mm With Suitable Screw At Nol Exceeding 150Mm Dislance. 14 Mesh X 24 Gauge Guard Bars: Providing And Fixing Square B S Oi Other Flat Welded Lo Windomventilators Eic., Guard Bar 12 X L2mm Grading Roof For Water Proofing Ireatmenl With Watet Proffing Compound Cement Concrete 1:2:4 L Cement : 2 Coarse Sand : 4 Graded Stone Aggregat€ 20 Mm Nominal Size Providing Gola 75X75 Mm In Cement Concrete 1:2:4 1 Cement : 2 Coarse Sand I 4 Stone Aggregat€ 10Mm And Down Gauge Including Finishing With Cement Mortar 1:3 1 Cement:3 Fine Sand As Per Standard Design : Chequerred Precast Cement Concrete Tiles 22 Mm Thick In Footpath & Courtyard Joinied With Neal Cement Slurry Mixed With Pigmenl To Match The Shade Of Tiles Including Rubbing And Cleaning Elc. Complete On 20 Mm Thick Bed Of Cement Mortar 1:4 1 Cement : 4 Coarse Sand Light Shade Using Shade Cement Kota Stone Slab Flooring 25 Mm Thick Over 20Mm Average Thick Base Laid Over And Jointed With Gre! Cement Slurry Mixed With Pigmenl To Match The Shade Of The Slab Including Rubbing And Polishing Complete With Base Of Cement Moriar 1 : 4 1 Cemenl: 4 Course Sand For Area 2001 Io 5000 Sq Cm Kota Stone Slabs 25 Mm Thick In Risers And Steps Skiing, Dado And Pillars Laid On 12 Mm Averagethick Cemenl Morlar 1:3 1 Cement: 3 Course Sand And Jointed With Grey Celnenl Slurry Mixed With Pigment To Match The Shade Ofthe Slabs Including Rubbing And Polishing Complele For Area Ofeach Slab Upto 2001 Sq. Cm Slone Kharranja : Random Rubble Dry Ston€ Kharranja Under Floor Lnternal Plaster : Plaster On New Salrface On Wall In Cement Sand Mortar 1:6 Including Raking Of Joinls Etc. Complete Llne Linish: 12Mm Thick Plasterceiling: 6 Mm Thick Cement Plaster To Ceiling Of Mix 1I3 1 Cemeni:3 Fine Sand Exlernal Plasler : Plaster On New Surface On Wa, Ls In Cemenl Sand Mortar 1:6 Including Racking Of Joinl Etc- Complete Fine Finished 20 Mm Thick Providing And Applying White Cement Based Putb Over Plastered Surface To Prepare The Suface Ever And Smooth Complete Lnternal Finishing: Distemperang Wilh Oil, Bound Washeble Dislemper Of Approved Brand And Manufacture To Give An Even Shade Including All Scaffolding New Work Two Or More Coats Over And Including Scrapping And Priming Coat With Cemenl Drimer Exterior Finishing :- Finishing Walls With Acrylic Smoolh Exterior Paint Of Required Shede Including All Scaffolding. New Work Hvo Or Moae Coat Applied @1 671 Ll Lo Sqm Over And Including Base Coat Ol Water Proofing Cement Paant Applied @ 2.2O Kgl 10 Sqm. Pan Llng On Doors & Wndows :- Pajnting With Syntheitic Enamel Paint Of Approved Brand And Manufaciure In All Shade To Give An Even Shade New Steelwork 2 Or More Coat On New Work P&L- Rigid Pvc Pipe Ls:4985 Mark Class Ll/ 4 Kg Cm2. Apprcved Quality /Make Including Joining The Pipe With Solvent Cement Rubber Ring And Lubricanl. 110 Mm Dia P&L- Rigid Pvc Pipe Fittings Ls: 4985 Mark Ol Approved Quality /Make Including Joining The Pipe With Solvent Cemenl Rubber Ring And Lubricanl: A Bend 87.5, 11Omm Dia B Pipe Clip, 110 Mm Dia Provicling And Laying 20 To 25 Mm Size Glazed Tiles Pieces For Rooof Trealment Having Colour And Shade As Approved By The Engineea Incharge Over 25 Mm Thick Layer Of Cement Monar Mix 1:4 With Application Of Cement Slurry Including Finishing Of Joints With Ordinary Cemenl And Curing Etc. Complete In All Respect. Washing With Acid- Part-B Electric Work Based On Bsr Pwo 2013, Jaipur Circle Wiring Of Light Poinufan Poinuexhaust Fan Poinv Call Bell Point With 1.5 Sq Mm Nominal Size Fr Pvc Insulaled Unsheathed Flexible Copper Conductor 1.1 Kv Grade And 1.5 Sq. Mm Nominal Size Fr Pvc Insulated Unsheathed Fexible Copper Earth Conductor 1 1 Kv Grade Ls: 694 Of Approved Make Group 1 Light Point A Short Point Up To 3 Mtr. B Medium Point Up To 6 Mtr C Long Point Up To 10 Mtr Waring O, 3 Pin 5 Amp. Light Plug Point With 1.5 Sq. Mm Nominal Size Fr Pvc Insulated Unsheathed Flexible Copper Conductor 1.1 Kv Grade And 1 5 Sq. Mm Nominal Size Fr Pvc Insulated Unsheathed Flexible Copper Earth Conductor 1-1 Kv Grede Ls: 694Ofapproved Make In Surface/Reces Group - On S & F Follwing Sizes Dia. Of Lsl Marked Medium Duty Pvc Conduit Along With Accesso Es In Surface/ Recessed Using Clamps, Fastener As Required Including Cutling The Wall, Covering Conduit With Wire Mess And Making Good The Same As Required. Group-1 25 Mm Dia Supplying And Drawi;Ng Fr Pvc Insulated & Unsheathed Flexible Copper Conductor Lsl Marked 15:6S4 O 1.1 Kv Grade And Approved Make In Existing Surface Ofr Necessed Conduiu Casting Capping Including Making Connections Etc. As Required. Group-1 A 2 X 1.5 Sq. Mm B2 R2 5 Sq. Mm P & F 240/415 V N4cb Of Breaking Capacity Not Less Than 10 La B/C/D Tripping Characlerislic Lsl Marked Ls 8828 1996/Conforming To Iec 60B98 In Existing Board/ Sheels Including Making Connections With Lugs, Testing Etc. As Required. Group-1 6 A To 32 A Rating in Pali - Rajasthan has been published.
The last date of this tender is 27-01-2021, work value is  971000 INR, EMD is  0 (Refer Doc) INR and tender document fees is  0 (Refer Doc) INR
For more details call us on +91 92760 83333 for bidding support this tender, GeM, vendor registration (if any) and tender BOQ documents.

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Pali - Rajasthan ( IN )


State Government Of Rajasthan


Education And Research Institutes

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21 Jan, 2021

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26 Jan, 2021

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27 Jan, 2021

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9.71 Lacs


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