Notice Inviting Tender (NIT) by the State Government Of Maharashtra for Purchasing Of Spare Parts Tata 410 Vehicle - Rear Spring Washer Silencer Mounting /Packing Fly Wheel Lock Patti Connecting Rod Bush Center Bolt Rear Center Bolt Front Air Divert Kit Lock Patti Bearing Wheel Bearing Hub Brg Inner Gear Shifting End Air Compreccer Ring Fan Engine Valve Seat Exhaust Valve Set Inlet Valve Set Exhuhst Alternator Belt Fan Belt Water Tank Reserwise Tgh Cover Gasket Cy. Head Gasket Head Gasket Tappet Cover Packing Tappet Cover Gasket Over Flow Pipe Filter To Pump Pipe Air Filter Big Air Filter Small Thermostat Sleev Set Linner Oil Sump Gasket Push Rod Cover Gasket Valve Seat Inlet Oil Pipe M/O Gasket Set Crank Shaft Assy Fly Wheel Bearing Crank Oil Seal Fly Wheel Assy Fly Wheel Ring Piston Ring Set Piston With Pin Cam Shaft Assy Valve Guide Valve Guide Set Thrust Rod Injecter Pipe Alternetor Bracket Oil Fiter Cooling Plate Water Pump Assy Water Pump Packing / Gasket Rediator Hose Upper Hose Pipe D Hose Radiator Assy Rediator Hose Lower Hose Clip Wheel Bearing Outer Propellar Shaft Nut Bot Bush Susp. Wheel Bearing Hub Brg Inner Gear Lever Nob Front Oil Seal Hun Nut W/Cy. Assy Front Brake Linner Front Brake Linner Rear Clutch Plate Pressure Plate Gear Lever End Gear Lever End Gear Lever Assy Clutch Master Cy. Assy Upper Hub Bolt Rr Propellar Shaft Center Bearing Flage Propellar Half York Holder Propellar Shaft Rubber K M Cable Ecu Blinker Lh Blinker Lamp Rh Tail Lamp Assy Lh Head Lamp Assy Rh Tail Lamp Assy Rh Head Lamp Assy Lh Steearing Lock Wind Shild Glass Bonet Cable Wiper Arm Wiper Motor Engine Mounting Kit Cmc Kit Upper Clutch Master Cy. Assy Lower Shockab Assy Front Spring Bush Rear Spring Bush Front Tenssioner Bar Bush B.R.Bush Kit King Pin Brg Roller King Pin Brg Thrust Tie Rod End Rh Tie Rod End Lh Wheel Bearing Outer W/Cy. Assy Rear Brake Pipe Rear Diesel Main Pipe Assy Front Exhaust Pipe Horn 12V Spring Leaf Main Spring Leaf 2Nd Spring Leaf 3Rd Spring Leaf Spring Leaf Shockab Assy Rear Brake Linner Revit Combination Switch Gasket Diff. Def. Pinion Bearing Coupling Flange Wheel Oil Seal Rear Rear Axle Shaft Silencer Rubber Cmc Kit Lower Accelerator Pidle With Sensor Gear Lever Bracket Turning Tube Gl Clutch Pipe Rear Eyp Pin Wheel Rim Hub Bolt Propellar Shaft Assy U J Cross Brake Drum Front Brake Pipe Front Clutch Master Cylinder Brake Booster Assy Brake Pipe Drug Link Assy Clutch Fork Brake Drum Rear Release Bearing Main Bearing Set Connecting Bearing Washer Thrust King Pin Bearing With Pin Oil Fiter Bypass Oil Filter Water Separator Assy Oil Fiter Universal Joint Cross U J Cross Baby Filterfuel Filter Diesel Filter Fit Pump Diesel Filter Polish Paper Anabond Tube Def. Shims Sleev Shims Gear Box And Clutch Gear Lever Kit Clutch Booster Assy Pressure Plate Bolt/ Patti T M C Clutch Lower Major Kit Brake And Wheel W/Cy. Kit Front W/Cy. Kit Rear Master Cyl.Brake Assy M/Cy. Major Kit Tmc Amery Paper Cooling System Rediator Elbow Fan Belt Ac Nut Bolt 4 Inch Fuel Syster Benjo Washer Benjo Bolt Diesel Tank Lock Rubber Pipe Diesel Tank Cap Suspenssion Exhaust Syster Steering U J Cross Holder Nut Bolt Assorted Propellar Shaft Washer Spring U J Cross Patti Body & Instrument Door Lock Rear Door Outer Handle Lh Door Outer Handle Rh Regulator Handle Door Ingies R.C.Lever/Door Inner Handle Main Lock Assy Door Lock Lh Door Lock Rh Side Mirror Rh Side Mirror Lh Door Rubber Goat Tapelon Tape Mudflap Indicator Cover Brush Plate Bush Set Brush Set Brush Box With Cutout Solonite Switch Head Light Loom Bendex Brush Plate Spring Field Coil Kit Indicator Bush Self Armiture Bendex Fork Armitur Lock Ring Starter Field Coil Armeture Assy Speedo Meter Cable Rectifire Plate/Divot Plate Alt Cutout Alt Oil Seal Head Lamp Cutout Alt Bearing Cover Alt Bearing Cover Wiper Motor Assy in Mumbai - Maharashtra has been published.
The last date of this tender is 04-11-2020, work value is  0 (Refer Doc) INR, EMD is  5000 INR and tender document fees is  1000 INR
For more details call us on +91 92760 83333 for bidding this tender, vendor registration (if any) and tender BOQ documents.

Tender Document

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Mumbai - Maharashtra ( IN )


State Government Of Maharashtra


Security Services

Important Dates

Published on

26 Oct, 2020

Submission Date

02 Nov, 2020

Opening Date

04 Nov, 2020

Key Values

Work Value

Refer Doc


5.0 Thousand

Document Fee

1.0 Thousand
Tender Document Liaison Service