Notice Inviting Tender (NIT) by the State Government Of Maharashtra for Purchasing Of Spare Parts Of Sumo Gold And Sumo Victa Vehicle- Piston Ring Set With Poston Connecting Rod Bush Thrust Washer M/O Gasket Set Engine Packing Con. Oil Sealfront & Rear Conecting Bearing Set Fly Wheel Bearing Fly Wheel Ring Cam Shaft Oil Seal Oil Seal Crank Oil Seal Timming Oil Seal Cam Shaft Oil Seal Front Vaccume Pipe Engine Oil Brether Cap Oil Pressure Cap Oil Pressure Switch Hose Bypass Cam Shaft Assy Inlet Manifold Packing Roller Timming Idler Cam Shaft Gear Fly Wheel Lock Patti Tappet Cover Bearing Outer Oil Sum Packing Main Bearing Oil Seal Tappet Push Bottle Air Filter Oil Filter Big Gold Oil Filter Small Victa Tappet Roller Bearing Outer Tappet Roller Bearing Inner Timming Belt Timming Roller Big Upper Tensioner Timming Roller Big Lower Tensioner Valve Inlet & Exhust Valve Oil Seal Tappet Cover Packing Engine Mounting Rh Engine Mounting Lh Crank Oil Seal Rear Tappet Washer Bush Valve Guide Valve Tikkli Piston Pin Piston Assy/Set Main Bearing Stand Conecting Bearing Stand Cylender Linner Piston Overhall Packing Set & M/O Packing Tensioner Assy Chamber Packing Pipe Valve Bolt Main Bearing Set Power Steering Belt Polly V. Belt/Fan Belt Anabond Tube Engine Main Oil Seal Oil Seal Oil Seal Oil Seal Inlet & Exhut Vavle Seal Engine Oil Seal Crank Cover Oil Seprator Tee Small & Big D.G. Ball Bearing Diesel Filter Fan Pully Timming Adjuster Timming Roller Tappet Tikkli Rubber Stick Valve Catcher Set Oil Sop. Plate Packing Hose Readiater Upper Hose Readiater Lower Bypass Hose Rediater Water Pump Assy Water Pump Packing Elbow Packing Water Packing Rediator Cap/ Hose Clip Rediator Ally Com;Let Fan Assy Emery Paper Idler Assy Sleep Ring Silencer Packing Boshch Pump Switch Vaccume Pump With Kit Idler Arm Big Idler Arm Small Idler Knockle Braket Thermostate Elbow Gear Box Foundation Clutch Plate Victa Clutch Plate Godl Pressure Plate Victa Pressure Plate Gold Release Bearing Gold Release Bearing Victa Clutch Master Cyl Assy Upper Clutch Master Cyl Assy Lower Clutch Kit Assy Clutch Sleeve Cyl. Assy Lower Clutch Sleeve Cyl. Assy Upper Gear Lever Kit Gear Lever Bushing Gear Lever Dush Cover Fly Wheel Bolt Clutch Pidle Bush Kit Clutch Adjuster Rod Gear Lever Shafing Gear Braked Clutch Fork Clutch Disk Release Lock Benjo Washer Bendex Fork Cylender .M.C. Kit Mejer Brake Pad Set Brake Linner Set Brake M/Cy. Kit Major Brake Disk / Rotter Disk Brake M/Cy. Assy Brake Pad Shims Set Brake Tee Brake Booster Assy Brake Liner Patti Brake Spring Brake Adjuster Brake Pipe Rubber W/Cy. Kit Rear Front Wheel Bearing Inner Front Wheel Bearing Outer Front Wheel Oil Seal Wheel Cyl. Assy Hub Oil Seal Wheel Bearing Shims Set Hold On Kit Rear Wheel Oil Seal Tempreture Tee Rear Wheel Bearing Tmc Kit Brake Center Link Assy Rear Spring Bush Coil Spring Pad Bell Crank Bush Kit Bell Crank Assy Link Rubber Bush Suspension Bush Kit Rear Suspension Bush Kit Front Upper Arm Bush Lower Arm Bush Spring Leaf 1St Spring Leaf 2Nd Spring Leaf 3Rd Spring Leaf 4Th Main Leaf Spring Center Bolt Rear Spring Tikkli B.R.Bush Kit B.R.Rod/Balance Rod End Silencer Bush Silencer Jali Center Pin Bush Kit Silencer Rod Silencer Nut Silecer Botl Ring Mount Bolt Upper Arm Nut Bolt Lower Arm Nut Bolt Arm Lock Patti Lower Arm Lock Patti Upper Washer Bearing Center Pin Washer Shock Ab Bush Front Shock Ab Assy B.R.Clamp Tie Rod End Set Ball Joint Upper Ball Joint Lower Steering Oil Pressure Pipe Power Steering Belt Steering Oil Seal Steering Cross Assy Steering Box Bearing Steering Rod End Center Pin Bush U J Cross Steering Boot Steering Boot Clip Tie Rod End Lh Tie Rod End Rh Steering Shaft Steering Join Cross Bumper Rubber Steering Wheel Door Regulator Handle Corner Bumper Rh Corner Bumper Lh Door Lock Assy Rh Door Lock Assy Lh Side Mirror Rh Side Mirror Lh Side Mirror Midle Door Outer Handle Rh Door Outer Handle Lh Tail Light Cover Door Handle Inner Bonet Cable Side Indicator Lamp Lh Side Indicator Lamp Rh Matting Set Mudflap Number Plate Wheel Cap Set Seat Adjuster /Lever Nut Bolt Door Ingies Pin Seat Cover Set Wheel Spanner Beading Goat Set Wheel Base Nut Bolt Queter Pin Tin Front Show Gril Accelerator Cable Rear Gate Lock Front Wind Shild Glass Alternator Pipe Lock Kit Patti Main Bearing Stick Rubber Door Main Lock Assy Diesel Tank Cap Accelerator Cable Over Flow Rubber Set/Pipe Diesel Filter Diesel Pipe Pump To Filter Diesel Pipe Clip Diesel Pipe Diesel Return Pipe Rubber Sedimeter Diesel Filter Secondary Diesle Filter Head Lamp Bulb Head Lamp Holder Head Lamp Switch Head Lamp Realy Head Lamp Cutout Head Lamp Loom With Cutout Head Lamp Assy Rh Head Lamp Assy Lh Horn Realy Horn Push Buttonsteering Horn Rod Horn Kit Horn Cutout Horn Pin Combination Switch Center Plate Capsul Bulb No Bulb No 1016 Bulb No 53 Bulb No 67 Bulb No 1176 Bulb No 1141 Indicator Bubl Bulb Yellow Indicator Light Assy Rh Indicator Light Assy Lh Insulation Tape Indicator Assy Cover Indicator Cutout Tail Lamp Assy Rear Lh Tail Lamp Assy Rear Rh Terminal Patti Wiper Motor Assy Wiper Arm Wiper Blade Wiper Motor Realy Wiper Brush Plate W/Cutout Wire 5Mm Wire 4Mm Wire 8Mm Wire Clip Assorted Wiper Wheel Box Fuse 20 Amp Fuse 15 Amp Fuse 30 Amp Vaccume Pump Fuse Box Fuse Conector Wiper Rod Battery Terminal + Battery Terminal - Battery Terminal Lugs Bendex Gear Assy Battery Cable Brush Plate Bush Set Brush Set Brake Tee Switch Bendex Starter Bendex Gear Driver Assy Alternator Condencer Heater Plug Sequenciel Light Assy Sequenciellight Cover Sequenciel Light Stand Sequenciel Light Bulb Alt Cutout With Brush Box Armiture Assy Alternator Cover Armiture Fork Armiture Bush Set Armiture Bearing Alt Plate Alt Oil Seal Alt Roter Assy Alt Bearing Sequenciel Lamp Pin Pull Push Button Push Button Plastic Tape Indicator Flasher Alt Socket Pannel Switch Flasher Unit Flasher Musical Forstick Switch Siren Big Siren Small Socket Assorted Solinide Switch Speedo Meter Assy Sleep Ring Starter Brush Cover Starter Field Coil Sub. Spring Coil S.R. Cutout Siren Button Snap Ring Reverce Light Switch Rectifire / Diod Plate Reading Camp Rectifire Cutout Usb Cable Charger Ignition Switch Roof Lamp Realy Roof Lamp Heater Glow Timmer Wire 6Mm Roof Lamp Assy Speedo Meter Sensor in Mumbai - Maharashtra has been published.
The last date of this tender is 04-11-2020, work value is  0 (Refer Doc) INR, EMD is  5000 INR and tender document fees is  1000 INR
For more details call us on +91 92760 83333 for bidding this tender, vendor registration (if any) and tender BOQ documents.

Tender Document

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Mumbai - Maharashtra ( IN )


State Government Of Maharashtra


Security Services

Important Dates

Published on

26 Oct, 2020

Submission Date

02 Nov, 2020

Opening Date

04 Nov, 2020

Key Values

Work Value

Refer Doc


5.0 Thousand

Document Fee

1.0 Thousand
Tender Document Liaison Service