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Bidding Support

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Purchase Of Instruments -Server Pc, Led Digital Visual Acuity Chart I Chart Hd Smart, Slit Lamp Digital Imaging Sysem Appasamy Iccm 1Dynamiq, Appasamy Applanation Tonometer Model Aatm 5001 5000, Catract Surgical Instrument Set, Indirect Ophthalmoscope With 20 D, Ophthalmic Lens 90 D, Goldmens Two Mirror Goniolense, Otoscope, Tonometer Schiotz, Smart Interactive Display, Mural Art As Per Subject, Tent Air Cooler, All In One Desk Top Computer, Pulse Oxymeter, Weight Machine, Bp Apparatus, Torch, Thermometer, Toungue Depressor, Clinical Hammer, Bed Side Curtain, Examination Table, Mc Coy Laryngoscope Set Blade With Handle, Horizontal Hphv Fully Automatic Rectangular Streams Strerillizer, Ksharsutra Cabinet, Magnetic Stirrer, Silicate Crucible, Locker Cupboard, Pyrometer, Digital Kupipakwa Yantra, Digital Gandhak Shodhan, Yantra, Digital Parpati Yantra, Mixer With Juicer, Specific Gravity Bottle, Stop Watches, External Hard Disc, Green Grass Mat 1, Green Grass Mat 2 For Yoga Hall, Mirror For Yoga Hall, 360 Degree Sliding Seramic Display Rack, Goniometer, Lumbar Cervical Pelvic Traction Machine Kit With Weights And Belts, Dry Cupping Set Sucction Healing Technique Tool Hijama, Measuring Jar Set Of Different Sizes, Small Weighing Machine Digital, Nebulizer, Spirometer With Printer, Trinocular Research Microscope Digital Camera For Research Microscope With Cmos Sensors, Electronic Analytical Balance, Micropipette, Soxhlets Apparatus, Heating Mantel, Glass Jars With Steel Lid, Vernier Caliper, Silica Crusible, Stage Micrometer, Plastic Containers For Crude Drugs Specimens, Tlc Chamber, Adult Casualty Wound Kit, Transperent Gastric Lavage Simulator, Cpr Simulator, Digital Nadi Pariksha Device Nadi Tarangini, Microscopes With Oil Immersion, Emphysema Lung, Ca Stomach, Diabetic Foot, Fatty Liver, Ca Cervix, Ca Breast, Tabular Heart, Polycystic Kidney, Infarction Of Heart, Infarction Of Brain, Electronic Baby Weighing Machine, Pediatric Bpapparatus, Vein Torch, Induction Stove With Cooktops, Nibp Monitor Multipara, Western Green S Pipette For Esr, Haematocrit Tube, Glass Spirit Lamps For Practical Purpose, Urinometer, Human Lung Model, Human Excretory System Model, Human Digestive System Model, Human Brain Color Model, Human Kidney Model, Lamp Light With Stand, Foetal Doppler, Instrument Tray, Foger, Autoclave Drum, Haematology Analyzer Cell Counter 5 Part With Printer, Centrifuge Machine, Binocular Microscope, Urine Analyzer, Multimedia All In One Printer, Micro Pippette, Chest X Ray Stand, Pulse Oxymeter, Ecg Machine, Faetal Doppler, Iucd Insertion Simulator, Steel Copbourd, Display Android Tv, Three Seater Chairs, Auto Clave Drum

TRN :29500625
State Government / Health Services And Equipments
Nanded - Maharashtra

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  • Tender Bidding
  • Tender Consultancy
  • Tender Advisory
  • Identify Eligibility Criteria
  • Identify Penelty Clauses
  • Highlight Important Dates
  • Technical Bid Preparation
  • Offline Bid Preparation
  • Online Bid Preparation
  • Offline Bid Submission
  • Online Bid Submission
  • Track Corrigendum / Addendums
  • Attend Pre Bid Meetings
  • Consistent Liaison & Coordination
  • EMD Follow Ups

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