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Various Works Of Central Heating System And Allied Items -Opening Of Thermax Make 4Lac Kcal Hot Water Generator, Thoroughly Cleaning Inside And Outside Of The Same, Both In Case Of Coil And The Shell And Removing Of Soot And Carbon Deposits. The Inside Of Coil Shall Be Cleaned By Circulating Through It A Solution Of Max Clean Descaling Compound Of ‘Thermax’ Make Approx. 10Kg And Water Of Required Strength, Continuously For 24 Hours With The Help Of A Pump. The Solution Shall Be Circulated From A Tank /Barrel. Brushes, Detergent, Diesel/Kerosene Oil, Dhoti Cloth Required Shall Be Arranged And Provided By The Contractor. All Other Accessories Of The Boiler Shall Also Be Opened And Cleaned Similarly. The Job Includes Replacement Of All Seals, Gaskets, Asbestos Rope, Asbestos Felt, Asbestos Sheet, Defective Nuts And Bolts Etc. The Tools & Tackles Required For The Job And Any Other Consumable Shall Be Provided By The Contractor., Replacement Of Refractory Of 4 Lac Kcal Hot Water Generator. The Job Includes Complete Removal Of Old Damaged Refractory And Thorough Cleaning Of Refractory Surfaces/Bases. Refractory Shall Be Laid In ‘Fire Crete Super’ Brand Castable Refractory Cement., Back Plate Refractory, Complete Dismantling Of Heat Radiator Installed Inside Various Blocks Of Govt Rrium Srinagar .The Radiators After Opening Will Be Shifted To Any Suitable Place Inside The Hospital Premises As Identidied By Concerned Engineer In Charge .The Job Includes Removing Of Dirt, Sludges Etc By Using Suitable Size Wire Brushes Followed By Impinging High Pressure Water .The Job Also Includes Fixing Of Damaged Portions If Any By Brazing The Job Includes Cleaning Inside The Radiator By Circulating A Solution Of Sulphuric Acid Powder Of Thermax *Maxclean Make And Water Of Required Strength Continuously For One Hour Or More With The Help Of Pump So That The Working Ph Is Achieved.The Solution Is To Be Circulated From The Tank /Barrelto Be Provided By Contractor .Brushes, Detergent.Diesel/Kerosine Oil, Dhoti Cloth, Litmus Paper Required Shall Be Arranged And Provided By The Contactor .The Radiator Shall Then Be Fitted To Their Respective Places With The Replacement Of Damaged Gaskets, Nuts & Bolts Etc .The Job Further Includes Removal Of Dents If Any To The Radiator Followed By Application Of Paints Of Even Shade On The Required Portion, Supply, Installation, Testing And Commissioning Of Radiator Of Capacity 3000Kcal/Hr Which Shall Be Measured At Temperature Drop Of 75Degf To 65 Degf At Room Temperature Of 22Degf Complete With Inlet Outlet Valves Air Purge Valve And Fitting, Supply, Installation, Testing And Commissioning Of Mild Steel Class ‘C’ Erw Pipes Of Following Diameters With Fittings Like Tees, Elbows, Bends, Junctions, Unions, Flanges Etc. Clamps Structural Supports, Wooden Pedestals Including Application Of Anticorrosive Paint Of Approved Shade Over A Coat Of Primer, Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning Of Elastomeric Nitrile Foam Insulation Of Following Dia For Piping Inside The Building, Installation Of Already Available Three Radiators Of Capacity 2000Kcal/Hr, 2500Kcal/Hr In Corridoor Of Bio Chemistry Lab Of Rrium Job Includes Shifting Of Radiators From Store To The Working Site And Fitting Of Same With The Help Of Hangers And Dash Fastners Which Are To Be Provided By The Firm, Complete Rewinding Of Monoblock 7.5 H.P, 3Phz, 2800Rpm Hot Water Circulation Pump Of The Central Heating System Which Includes Repairs/Replacement Of Sleeves, Cooling Rings, Neck Ring, Bearing Ring, Shaft Turning In Respect Of Pump Assembly And Varnishing Impregnation Of Motor Assembly Besides Replacement Of Wornout Bearings, Provinding And Fitting Of Dial Pressure Gauge 0-20Kg/Cm2, Providing And Fitting Of Safty Valve Installed At Hwg Of Capacity 4 Lackcal/Hr In Place Of Damaged One, Sitc Of Ball Valve Of 20Mm Dia Along With Allied Fitting , Installation Of Already Available Fcus Of Capacity 6500Kcal/Hr In Corridoor Of Bio Chemistry Lab Of Rrium Srinagar .The Job Includes Shifting Of Fcus From Store To The Working Site And Fitting Of Same With The Hepl Of Hangers And Dash Fastners, Dismounting Of Monoblock Hot Water Circulation Pump Assembly/Feed Pump Driven By 5H.P/3 H.P, 3 Phase Motor Assembly From The Base Frame And Shifting The Same To The Workshop For Overhauling And Repairs . The Job Included Providing And Fitting Of Sundry Items Like Gland Packing, Grease, Gaskets, Nuts/Bolts Etc. The Job Further Included Shifting Of Pumps And Motor To The Site For Installation And Testing On Load After Realignment Of The Pump With Motor After Carrying Out Following Repairs/Replacement.The Job Includes Providing & Fixing Gun Metal Long Sleeves, Gun Metal Cooling Rings, Gun Metal Neck Rings Etc.The Job Further Includes Complete Servicing Washing With Petrol To Remove The Grease/Oil, Greasing, Varnishing Impregnation With Superior Quality Of Thin Varnish For Improvement Of The Electric Insulation Of Pump Assembly, Providing And Fitting Of Wall Mounted Fcu S Of Capacity 6000 Kcal/Hr Includes All Allied Items, Electrical Items, Consumable Required For Carrying Out Of Job, Replacement/Repair Of Main Electrical Panel That Includes Replacement Of Various Capacities Of Dol Starter Mk1-02 Nos, Ml1.5F-02 Nos, 7.5Hp- 02 Nos For Operation Of Water Circulation Pumps. Thje Job Includes Servicing Of Contactor Having Different Capacities By Way Of Removing Carbon Deposits On Chipset With The Help Of Steel Brush, Repairing All Damaged Connections Of Electrical Panel

TRN :25648684
State Government / Construction
Srinagar - Jammu And Kashmir

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