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Provision Of The Surface Dressing Of The Ground, Earth Work In Excavation By Mechanical Means Hydraulic Excavator/Manual Means Over Areas Exceeding 30 Cm In Depth, 1.5 M In Width As Well As 10 Sqm On Plan, Providing And Laying In Site Cement Concreting 1:3:6 1 Cement : 3 Sand: 6 Stone Aggregate Of Size 20 Mmof Trap/Granite/Quartzite/Geniss Metal, Providing R.R Masonry Of Trap/Granite/Quartzite/Geniss Stone In Cement Mortar 1:6 In The Foundation And Plinth, Providing C.R Masonry Of First Sort With Hard Stone In Foundation And Plinth In Cement Mortar 1:6 In The Boundary Wall, Grill Fencing Of Size 2.00 X1.80 M, Having 2 Nos M.S Angle 50X50x5 Mm Of Length 2.00 M, 2 Nos 50X50x5 Mm Of Length 1.80 M, 18 Nos 16Mm Square Bars Of Length 1.20 M Of Pointed Tip Pierced From Top, M.S Gate Of Size 1.50 X 2.00 M, Having 4 Nos M.S Of Size 100 X 50 X 5 Mm Of Length 2.00 M 6 Nos M.S Angle 50X50x5 Mm Of Length 1.50M, 16 Nos 16Mm Square Bars Of Length 1.50M Bars, Providing And Laying Of Cement Concreting In 1:2:4 I.E 1 Cement : 2 Sand : 4 Stone Aggregate Of Size 20 Mm With Finishing Uneven & Honey Combed Surface Including Curing Etc., Providing & Applying Of A Coat Of Approved Primer And Paint On M.S Grill Mixed With Turpentine Oil For Getting Smoothness., Providing Of Pointing In Cement Mortar 1:3 Including Wiping Out Mortar Showing The Edges Of Stone With Lead Of 100M And Lift Of 6M Etc., Providing And Laying Of 40 Mm Thick Fine Red Sand Stone Flooring Matching The Original Texture Of The Wall Over 20 Mm Average Thick Base Of Cement Mortar 1:5 1 Cement : 5 Coarse Sand, Mending Of The Damaged, Broken Shiv Ling And Yoni By Drilling/Chesiling Very Carefully And Inserting S.S Rode And S.S Plate, Provision Of Cnb Of Size 0.9M X 2.7M, Having 2 Nos M.S Angle 35 X 35 X 5 Mm Of Length 2.7 M And 0.9M, M.S Sheet 0.9 X1.8M, Provision Of Water Tanker During Execution Of Work, Supplying And Stacking Of Good Earth At Site Including Royalty And Carriage Upto 5 Km Lead Complete Dsr 2018 Horti. & Landscapping Code . 2.2. Page No 81, Essential Items Required While Execution Of The Work

TRN :23106268
Central Government And Public Sector / Scientific Research And Instruments
Jabalpur - Madhya Pradesh

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