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Providing Led High Mast Light In Bauddh Samaj Wasti At Tarangfal Supplying And Erecting Led Flood Light Fitting Of 120W, Including Lamp, With Pf > 0.95, Class Ip 65 And Above Class Ip 65 And Above Housing Of Pressure Die Cast Alluminium Alloy And Heat Sink Extruded Alluminium Complete Per Specification No Fg-Odf2-9-16 Supplying, Erecting & Marking Dpmcb 6 A To 32 A B- Series For Lighting In Provided Distribution Board As Per Specification No. Sw-Swr/Mcb5-3-7 Supplying & Erecting Crca Sheet Metal One Way Enclosuers Suitable For D.P.M.C.B./ T.P.M.C.B./ F.P.M.C.B. Complete Erected On Angle Iorn Frame. Supplying, Erecting & Marking Spmcb 6A To 32A, B- Series For Lighting In Provided Distribution Board As Per Specification No. Sw-Swr/Mcb5-3-3 Supplying And Erecting Two Pole Power Contactor 250V 12A For Time Switch Complete Erected On Wooden Block/Provided Box, With Necessary Materials4-4-2 Supplying And Erecting Programmable Digital Almanac Timer Microcontroller Based With Real Time Clock To Operate On Derived Switching “On” & Switching “Off” Street Light As Per Daily Sunset And Sunrise Respectively Automatically Having 4 Digit Led Continuous Time Display, Relay Output 230V / 10A With 10 Hrs Battery Backup And Manual Over Drive Facility Capable To Drive Different Capacity Contactors Timer Erected In Ms Box In An Approved Manner4-4-6 Supply And Erecting 9M Clear Height Fixed Type High Mast Top-100Mm, Bottom- 200Mm With Hexagonal/Round Bracket And Foundation Bolts Suitable For Max. 4Nos Floodlight Fixtures On Provided Foundation As Per Specification No. Oh-Pl/Opl Excluding Luminaries.8-3-8 Providing & Casting M- 20 Cement Concrete Foundation Suitable For 9M & 10M Raising Lowering High Mast Considering The Safe Soil Bearing Capacity At Site As 10 T/Sq M At 1.5 M Depth Including Excavation And Fixing Provided Nut Bolts With The Help Of Template As Per Design In An Approved Manner.-16-3-9 Supplying & Erecting Mains With 2X2.5 Sq.Mm F.R Copper Pvc Insulated Wire Laid In Provided Conduit/Trunking/Inside Pole/Bus Bars Or Any Other Places. As Per Specification No: Wg-Ma/Bw1-3-5 Supplying Pvc Insulated Pvc Round Sheathed 2.5 Sq.Mm 50 No. X 0.25 Mm Dia. 3 Core Flexible Multi Stranded Copper Industrial Cable For Voltage Grade Up To 1.1 Kv1-3-30 Supplying, Erecting & Terminating Pvc Armoured Cable 2 Core 10 Sq Mm Aluminium Conductor With Continuous 5.48 Sq Mm 12 Swg G.I. Earth Wire Complete Erected With Glands & Lugs, On Wall/ Trusses/Pole Or Laid In Provided Trench/ Pipe As Per Specificat7-1-4 Making Trench In Soft Soil Of Suitable Width And Depth As Per Is For Laying Provided L.T Cable Up To 25 Sq Mm Complete. As Per Specification No. Cw-Exn-Ctr16-1-1 Supplying And Laying Including Excavation 50 Mm Outside Dia. Double Wall Corrugated Pipes Dwc Of Hdpe For Enclosing Cable Below Ground/Road Surface, To Required Depth Complete.7-6-11 Supplying & Erecting G.I. Pipe ‘A’ Class 40 Mm Dia. Erected For Enclosing Pvc Armoured Cable On Wall/Pole As Per Specification No. Cw-Plb/Gp, Para 4.2.1 & 4.2.2 Chapter 17.57-6-2 Supplying And Erecting G.I. Strip Of Required Size Used For Earthing On Wall And/Or Any Other Purpose With Necessary Gi Clamps Fixed On Wall Painted With Bituminous Paint In An Approved Manner With Joint Required. As Per Specification No Ea-Ep.9-2-3 Supplying And Erecting Iron, Sheet Metal Work Consisting Of Crca Sheets, Various Sections Of Iron, Plates, Chequered Plates, Rods, Bars, Ms Pipes, Etc. For Panel Board Or Any Other Purposes Complete With Bending, Cutting, Drilling And Welding Complete Erected At The Position With Necessary Materials Duly Painted With One Coat Of Red Oxide And Two Coats Of Enamel Paint To Match The Switchgears Or As Per Directions By The Authority6-1-19 Providing Cement Concrete For Foundation Or For Concrete Filling In 1:3:6 Ratio With 20 To 25 Mm. Stone Metal Duly Plastered With Necessary Curing For Pole Muffing Or Any Other Purposes.16-3-6 Providing Pipe Type Earthing With 40Mm. Dia. G.L. Pipe Or 20 Mm Dia. G.L. Rod Complete With All Materials As Per Specification No. Ea-Ep9-1-4 Add Gst-

TRN :19339567
State Government / Panchayat Division
Solapur - Maharashtra

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