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Supply Of Machinery Equipments, Poultry Equipments, Misc Items- Suture Needle Traumatic Reverse Cutting Triangular Straight Made Of Stainless Steel Material Having Length Of 93 Mm And Diameter1.6Mm Suture Needle Atraumatic Straight Made Of Stainless Steel Material Having Length 93Mm And Diameter 1.6Mm Suture Needle Atraumatic Curved ½ Circle Made Of Stainless Steel Material Having Length 102Mm And Diameter 1.6 Mm B.P.Blade No.12 Straight, Isi Marked Sample Item B.P.Blade No.20 Straight, Isi Marked Sample Item B.P.Blade No.24 Straight, Isi Marked Sample Item B.P Handle Size No. 3 Ss, Isi Marked Sample Item B.P Handle Size No 4 Ss, Isi Marked Sample Item Dystocia Set For Large Animals Sample Item In Portable Strong Steel Case Containing Following Instruments Necessary To Produce Best Possible Surgical Results In Treatment Of Difficult Delivery :- 1. Obstetrical Finger Knife- One 2. Obstetrical Wire Saw Ss Roll Of 10 Meter. In Dispenser Box-Two Roll 3. Wire Saw Handle Stainless Steel- Two Pc., 4. Rust Free Thygesen’S Wire Saw Embryo Tome Complete -One Set With Wire Saw, Two Barrel Shape Hand Grips And Take Apart Introducer Probe And Cleaning Brush 5. Khun’S Crutch 750Mm One 6. Calving Rope With 2 Loops One Pair 7. Calving Rope With 1 Loop-- One Pair Set 8. Obstetric Chains 1Meter Two Pc. 9. 2 Eye Hooks On Chain 1 Meter –One 10. Harms Eye Hooks Blunt/Sharp-Two Each, 11. Krey Schottler Hook-One 12. Rope Introducer-One 13. Calving Rope Carrier With Screw Clamp To Hold Embryo Tome Wire-One 14. Freyger’S Hook For Living Fetus-One 15. Long Hook With T Handle Moses Pattern 6Mm X 800Mm Pointed-One. Whelping Forceps Large Size, Ss Sample Item Whelping Forceps Small Size Ss Sample Item Powder Free Sterile Latex Surgical Gloves-- Ce Certified --Elongation Upto 750%- Aql Below 1.5%--High Tensile Strength Of 24 Mpa Microroughened Surface For Good Gripping- Conforms To International Astm 3577D Standards Size 6.5 Sample Item Anaesthesia Monitor : In-Build Lithium Ion Battery With Battery Back-Up Of 6 Hours. B.P. Cuffs Specific For Small & Large Animals, Spo2 Probe Vety. Specific, Capable Of Monitoring B.P. Ecg, Pulse, Temperature, Respiration Rate, Spo2. Interface Facility With Panorama-Central Monitoring System, Bright Led Display Of 10 Inches Or More, 03 Years Warranty, Recommended For Small & Pediatric Animals With Suitable Accessories Warranty 05 Years.M; Surgical Tray Stainless Steel 12 X 6 X 3/4 With Lid Sample Item Surgical Tray Stainless Steel 10 X 6 X 3/4 With Lid Sample Item Dressing Drum Stainless Steel 45 Cm H X20 Cm Diameter Suture Cutting Scissors, Standard Quality 6” Sample Item Suture Cutting Scissors, Standard Quality 8” Sample Item Mayo Pattern Scissors Straight Both End Blunt Straight Blades Made Of Stainless Steel Material Screw Joint Having Total Length 6 With Comfort Finger Loops. Sample Item Mayo Pattern Scissors Straight Both End Blunt Straight Blades Made Of Stainless Steel Material Screw Joint Having Total Length 8 With Comfort Finger Loops. Sample Item Mayo Pattern Scissors Straight Both End Blunt Straight Blades Made Of Stainless Steel Material Screw Joint Having Total Length 12 With Comfort Finger Loops. Sample Item Mayo Pattern Scissors Curved Both End Blunt Straight Blades Made Of Stainless Steel Material Screw Joint Having Total Length 6 With Comfort Finger Loops. Sample Item Mayo Pattern Scissors Curved Both End Blunt Straight Blades Made Of Stainless Steel Material Screw Joint Having Total Length 8 With Comfort Finger Loops. Sample Item Mayo Pattern Scissors Curved Both End Blunt Straight Blades Made Of Stainless Steel Material Screw Joint Having Total Length 12 With Comfort Finger Loops. Sample Item Standard Hartman Mosquito Haemostatic Forceps, 5 Straight, Stainless Steel Sample Item Standard Hartman Mosquito Haemostatic Forceps, 5 Curved, Stainless Steel Sample Item Standard Kelly Haemostatic Forceps, Straight 6 Stainless Steel Sample Item Standard Kelly Haemostatic Forceps, Curved 6 Stainless Steel Sample Item Standard Rochester-Oschner Haemostatic Forceps, Straight, 6.25 Stainless Steel Sample Item Standard Rochester-Oschner Haemostatic Forceps, Curved, 6.25 Stainless Steel Sample Item Standard Allies Tissue Forceps, Ss 6 4 X 5 Teeth Sample Item Branded Needle Holder Ss 8 Sample Item Branded Needle Holder Ss 12 Sample Item Tooth Extractor Ss Standard Quality Sample Item Teat Dilator Ss Sample Item Branded Needle Holder 6” Sample Item Artery Forcep 6” Sample Item Artery Forcep 8” Sample Item Artery Forcep 12” Sample Item Curved Artery Forcep Sample Item Scissors Straight 6” Sample Item Scissors Straight 8” Sample Item Scissors Curved 6” Sample Item Scissors Curved 8” Sample Item Surgical Clipper:- Able To Remove Wet Or Dry Hair. Nick Rate 12.5%.Cutting Blade Away From Skin. Adapts To Push Or Pull Motion. Run Time Cordless Operation 90 Minutes. Speed 37Mm/Sec. Cutting Width 33Mm.Inse Under Water. Disinfectant Compatible. Blade Attachment And Removal Push On/Press Release. Ergonomic Design. Non Slip Grip. Battery: 1200 Mah Ni-Mh With Minimum Warranty Of One Year. Screens Lead Protection Microwave Oven 20 Litres Steel Drum With Lid Made Of Stainless Steel:- Made Of Stainless Steel Of 18 Gauge. Capacity 100 Litre Water Cooler Electrically Operated:- Water Storage Capacity 20 Litre/Hours Water Purifier Uv/Ro:- Electrically Operated Stainless Steel Moisture Cups Crucible 50 Ml Crucible 80 Ml V Shaped Reagent Reservoirs/Basins For Multi Channel Pipettes 60Ml Ml Capacity, Auto Cleavable Made Up Of Poly Propylene Graduated Inside Wall Digital Monitor For Setter/ Hatcher Solenoid Valve With Tap Syringes Driven Filter 13 Mm Diameter, 0.2Um Pore Size. Wbc Diluting Pipette Digital Type Rbc Diluting Pipette Digital Type Mc Masters Egg Counting Chamber For Calculation Of Eggs Per Gram Of Feaces Syringes Driven Filters Mce 13 Mm Dia 0.22 Um Pore Size. Bottle Cleaning And Filling Machine Automatic Bottle Cleaning And Filling Machine Bovine Brucella Abortus Detection Kit. Each Unit Contains Abortus Detection Test Cassette Along With Assay Diluents, Dropper And Empty Vial Unplugged Straws For Filling Sealing Sample Item Automatic Egg Grader/Candling Machine Egg Grading & Candling Machine Used For Grading Of Eggs With Capacity Of 1000 Eggs Food Grade Carry Bag Size 10 X 10.5 Inches With Logo Of Poultry Marketing Sample Item Feed Analyzers For Measurement Of Moisture, Fat, Starch, Protein, Fibre And Ash In Pelleted. Meshed Feed Powders, Oil Seeds, Cakes, Oils Etc. Should Have Usb Attachment And Supporting Printer And Rotating Sample Cup To Overcome Sample Non Homogeneity Air Conditioner 2 Ton Capacity Window Type With Remote Control Five Star Of Standard Quality Plastic Stool Window Curtain Of High Quality, Tailored And Fitted With Hooks 4X7 Sample Item Door Curtain Of High Quality, Tailored And Fitted With Hooks 4X9 Sample Item Plastic Tub 50 Ltr Capacity. Sample Item Hs Stickers Bq Stickers Ph Strips Range 5 To 10 Heavy Duty Exhaust Fan 18 Inch Isi Mark :- Totally Enclosed Heavy Duty Motor, With Die Cast Aluminium Rotor Mounted On 2 Ball Bearing - Polarity-4 Poles, Phase:- Single, Power Input 410 Watts Speed In Rpm 1400 Air Delivery Cu Mts/Jrs:- 6120 Revolving Chair With Cushion Seat And Back Upholstery With Foam Cushion Seat And Back With Gas Lofting Arrangement And Torsion Bar Mechanism With Superior Casters Wheels Arms Covered With Decorated Plastic Arms With Cushion On Top Of Arms And Back Fancy Decorated Design Visitor Chair Frame Made Of 1X16g Pipe Seat And Back Of Pu Rubber Fitted Over Steam Pressed 12 Mm Ply Bend To Shape. Covered With Superior Leatherette Touch Foam/Superior Fabric With Fine Painting With Pu Arm Superior Type Gunny Bags Sewing Machine Electric Complete Spray Pump Foot Type Spray Pump Napsec Type Gas Blower Aluminium Foil Bottle Washing Brush Big Size 2 Test Tube Washing Brush Lead Protection Bunkers. Lead Heavy, Large Size Lead Protection Bunkers Of 8 Ft Height Standard Quality Developer, Rinser, Fixer And Washer Tanks, Stainless Steel Tanks With 4.5Lit Capacity. X Ray Films 8 X Ray Films 10 X Ray Films 12 X Ray Cassette Should Accommodate 8 Films. X Ray Cassette Should Accommodate 10 Films. X Ray Cassette Should Accommodate 12 Films. Branded Towel Clamps 6” Towel Clamps Of Standard Quality. Branded Towel Clamps 8 Towel Clamps Of Standard Quality. Iron Buckets 15 Litre Capacity Frost Resistant Plastic Crate For Walk-In Freezer 26 X 17X 15 Inches Rectangular Horizontal Autoclavesingle Door-Inner Chamber Size 600 X 600 X 1200 Mm, Chamber Made Of Ss Of 316, Jacket Made Of Ss 304, Operating Temperature 121 Oc To 130 Oc, Operating Pressure 1. 2 – 1.5 Kg/Cm2 15Psi -22Psi, Door Radial Locking System, Insulation 50Mm Resin Bounded Glass Wool, Mode Of Operation Manual With Multi Core Valves, Steam Generator Ss 304 With Immersion Heating System 18 Watt With Automatic Pressure Cut Off Device And Water Cut Off Device, Safety Features Low Water Protection Device, Automatic Pressure Switches, Safety Valves. The Supplier Must Provide Warranty And After Sale Service. Bacteriological Incubator Gmp Model:- Capacity 1000 Lts, Internal Size H X W X D Cm 157 X 80 X 80. Temp Range 5 Oc Above Ambient To 60 Oc . Double Side Construction With Back Side Triple . 3 Inches Thick Puf Insulation Ensure Stable Temp. With Reduced Energy Consumption. 1/12 Hp, Tfc, F-Class Insulation, Single Phase 1440 Rpm, 230 Volts.. Full View Observation Acrylic Door With Gasket To Observe Samples Inside The Chamber. Temp. Control By Means Of Imported Micro Processor Based Auto Tuned Pid Controller With Ce Mark & Dual Display Of Set Value And Process Value. Ultra Sonography Machine 3.5 & 5 Mhz .General • Should Have Abundant Reproductive Software Package For Cat, Canine Dogs Equine, Bovine And Ovine.• Should Accept Wide Range Of Transducers Including Specially Designed Veterinary Transducers. • Should Have Easy File Archive And Storage Through Versatile File Management Solution • Should Have Various Image Storage Format: Frame, Bmp, Jpg, Cine, Avi And Dicom. • Max Frequency Up To 10Mhz. • 10 Non-Interlaced Monitor. Configuration. • Vet Main Unit.• Endo Rectal Probe.• Endo Abdominal Probe. • 10?Non-Interlaced Monitor.• One Transducer Connector.• 128-Frame Cine Loop.• 90 Images Built-In Storage.• One Usb Port.• Electronic Micro-Convex Array Transducer: 5.0/6.5/8.0Mhz .Technical Specifications:General Descriptions.• Imaging Mode: B, B+B, B+M, M.• Gray Scale: 256.• Display: 10?Non-Interlaced.• Transducer Frequency: 2.5 ~ 10Mhz.• Transducer Connector: 1 Standard, 2 Optional.• Beam-Forming: Digital Beam-Forming Dbf.• Dynamic Receiving Focusing Drf. • Up To 16 Zone Transmitting Focusing • Dynamic Frequency Scan Dfs.• Real-Time Dynamic Aperture Rda .• Dynamic Receiving Apodization Dra.• Scanning Angle: From 67 To 120 Degree Depending On Transducers.• Scanning Depth Mm: From 21.6To 248 Depending On Transducers.Measurement & Calculation.• B-Mode: Distance, Circumference, Area, Volume, Angle, Ratio, Histogram, Profile, S%.• M-Mode: Distance, Time, Velocity, Heart Rate 2 Cycles.• Reproductive Software Packages: Dog, Cat, Equine, Bovine And Ovine.Others.• Peripheral Port: Video Output 1.• Vga Output 1.• Usb Port 1.• Dicom3.0 1Optional.• Power Supply: 100~240Vac 50Hz/60Hz.• One Year Standard Onsite Warranty. X-Ray Machine With X-Ray Table 196X61 Cm. With A Height Of 82 Cm From The Floor 100 Ma Useful For Obtaining Radiograph Of Animal. Accessories I Cassette 12’’X12’’, 12’’X15’’, 14’’X14’’. Ii Viewer Or Illuminator 14’’X30’’. Iii Storage Box Made Of Steel Body With A Protective Of Lead For Storing Unexposed Films. Iv Steel Almirah With Facilities Of :- A Cupboard For String Cassettes Film Making Devices. B Brackets For Different Sized Film Hangers. C Brackets For Fresh Film Box V Film Hanger Clip Type Vi Safe Light 10W. Vii Lead Apron & Globes. Viii Protective Site Screen 6’X3’. Ix Processing Tanks With Lids Containing 22.5, 13.5 Or 9 Lids.X Benches 6’X3’X3’ Xi Chemicals For Developing And Fixing Of Exposed Films. Xii Films Marker L & R 0 To 95 Sets Each. Laboratory Ultra Water Purification System :- Analytical Grade Water Purification System Having Capacity Of Producing 50 Litre/Hour Shoulder Guard :- Water Proof, Easy To Release Buckles. Perfect Fit. Cow Lift Sling :- Fitted With Crank / Jack Lift` System Rubber Padded Stirrups, Minimum 2000 Lbs Capacity. Colour Doppler :- Logic Scan 128 Int With One Probe Pv 6.5/10/64 D : 5.0 To 7.5 Mhz. Two Additional Probes Convex C3.5/60/64 D : 3.0 T0 5 Mhz, Linear Hl 9.0/40/ 64 D : 5.0 To 8.0 Mhz Bovine Embryo Transfer Set :- The Unit Should Be Having Forward – Oblique Telescope 30”, Diameter 5.5 Mms, Length 534 Cms, Autoclavable With Fibre Optic Light Transmission, Having Colour Code Red. The Unit Should Have Universal Sheets With Stop Cock For Insufflations Having Working Length 49.5 Cms, Diameter 12.5 Mms With Blunt Obturator. Butyrometer Standard Make. Loop Auto Sterilizer :- 230 Vac, 50 Hz With Lpg Connector For Gas Burner Large Animal X Ray Assembly :- 800 Ma, Portable Tube Unit Veterinary Ecg/Ekg :- Prefect Qc Function Including Multifold Qc Graph, Qc Parameters, Calculations, Dual Label Qc And Out Of Control Alarm. Power-On Self-Test And Malfunction Alarm. Real Time Display Absorbance Curve. Prolonged Light Source And Filter Useful-Life By Intelligent Light Source Protection. Communicate With Pc Through Rs232 Interface. Portable Autoclave :- Made Of S.S Sheet Deep Draw To Cylindrical Shape, Equipped With Dial Pressure Gauge 0-60 Psi Spring Loaded Safety Valve, Dead Weight Type Type Valve And Steam Release Valve Fitted With Isi Mark Heater. For General Laboratory As Well As For Field Sterilization Of Instruments And Dressing Etc. Dome Shaped S.S Lid, Which Seals The Autoclave With Neoprene Joint Less Gasket. The Lid Should Be Tightened To The Body When Closed. The Working Pressure Is I.I To 1.2 Kg/Cm2 15-18Psi. To Be Supplied With Plug And Cord. To Work On 220/230 V, Single Phase, 50 Hz, Ac Supply Size 350X300-325, Mm Optional Accessories: Dressing Drum Air Curtain :- High Velocity Door Width 1000And 1800 Mm Motor Laminar Flow Compatible Light :- Dome Dia 700 Mm, Spring Arm Storkev 500 Mm, Field Size 150-200 Mm, Action Radius 160* Nominal, 70 Wt, Fitted With Filter, Halogen Bulb 12V, 60W, Input Supply 230 V Ac, Height 36”, Haevy Duty Casters, Epoxy Coated Outer With Inbuilt Battery. Plc Controlled Fermentor System Capacity 300 Litres Design Codes And Regulations :- The Fermentor System Should Be An In-Siu Sterilizable Jucketed Ss 316 L Vessel With 300 Lit. Total Volume And 250 Lit. Working Volume And Controlled By Plc Touched Screen Colored And Operating Terminal. The Vessel Should Be Also Provided With Toro Spherical Lid Or Flat And Fitted With Silcon Fermenter Will Have To Be Installed On Turnkey Basis Water Purification Filters/Consumables I Cartridge Progard S2 Cartridge Ii Millipak Mpgl04gk2 Iii Max Filter Mx5x10x01 Vacutainer Silica Clot Activator 16X100 Mm Plus With Conventional Closure 10Ml Bd Vacutainer Multi Sample Needle 21G X 1.5 Green Deep Freezer Vertical With Temp. – 20Oc:- Stainless Steel Body Temp. Cab Maintained Upto Minus 80Oc Having Insulation For Achieving Better Temperature In Short Duration Of Time. Inside Chamber Stainless Steel 204 Quality. With 3 Step Voltage Stabilizer. Lts-1M 4 Cu. Ft. W. 375 Mmxd. 550Mm X H. 605Mm 116 Litres With One No. Hermentic Sealed Compressor. Bio-Safety Cabinet Class Ii For Handling Infected Materials Of Containment Level Ii For Bird-Flu. With Work Station As Ventilated Unit Within Word Air Flow For Personal Protection Downward Hepa Filtered Air Flow For Produce Protection And Hepa Filtered Exhaust Air For Environmental. Air Flow: - Designed For 0.45M/Sec To 0.65M/Sec. Pre Filters: - Made Of Depth Media, Specially Treated With Antifungal And Bactericidal Reagents To Inhibit Growth Of Microorganisms, Filters Should Be Washable, Efficiently, Rating Eu 6 Grade 60 To80% On Ash Rae. Final Filter: - Hepa Filters Made Of Micro Glass Fiber, Filter Media Plates Double Layered With Efficiency Rating 99.97% Down To 0.3Microns. Cleanliness Level: - Class M 3.5 Us Fed 209E. Noise Level: - Less Than 65 Db On Scale. Vibration Level: - Less Than 2.5 Microns. Illumination: - 100 Watts Per Square Meter. Impellers: - They Should Be Of High Performance Noise Abate. Blow Motor: - Direct Drive Type To Provide Adequate Air Flow Volume Over Full Cycle Of Hepa Filters. Connections: - 230 Vac -1-50 Hz = 0.5 Kw. Standards: - Iso Class 5 Iso 14644- 1, 199983. Guinea Pig Cage Stand S. S For Two Cages Each Gas Heater With Electric Blower Two In One Compact And Round Design, Fully Safety By Osd And Pilot Flame Control. High Quality Infrared Burner Energy Saving Thermostatic Gas Control With Automatic Switch On, Shut Off. Piezo Electric Ignition. Noiseless Blower Fully Movable By Gliding Kasters/Wheels. Patented Rotary Based For Smaller Storage Areas. Heat Maximum 4200, Heat Medium 2855, Heat Minimum 1480 Lpg Consumption Gr/Hour Max. 305 Min-108. Dimensions W 43 Cm, H 72 Cm. Lpg Connection And Regulator. Automatic Elisa Washer For 96-Well Micro Plate. :- Fully Automatic/Micro Plate/Strip Washer 220/50 Hz With Storage Of 30 Methods For Easy Recall And Run Upto 9 Different Plate Types Programmable Cross Wise Aspiration Overflow Washing Automatic Manifold Detection 8 Channel Manifold Standard 12 Or 16 Channel Optional. Suitable For Uv And Flat Bottom Microplates Alwan Parda 3 X 6 Filled With 3 Kg Cotton Sample Item Torch Heavy Duty Rechargable Sample Item Equine Surgery Table:- The Large Animal Table Should Have Rust Proof Surface Coating. The Table Should Be User Friendly Ad Can Be Used For Equines, Bovines Etc. The Table Should Be Provided With 4 Verticals Poles. Minimum Height Should Not Be More Than 50Cm. Maximum Height Should Not Less 1.10 M.. Should Have Features Of Pelvic Angle +/- Degree And Head Support +/- 20. The Large Animal Table Should Be Supplied With Aesthetic Hose Support For Ease During Anaesthesia And Movable Rack. The Large Animal Table Should Be Provided With Pvc Padding Of 90-100Mm Thickness. Table Should Have Locking Device For The Wheels Should Be Mounted On The Frame. The Side Panels Should Be Sleeplessly Control By Gas Hydraulic Cylinders. And Should Be Easily Removable. Should Be Supplied With 2 Horizontal Bars With Clamps And 4 Clamps For Belt. Should Be Supplied With 4 Coated Foam Strips For Head Section And Side Panels And 4 Wedge Shaped Foam Padding. Table Should Have Inbuilt Battery Backup For At Least 20 Lifts And Charging Time Should Not Exceed 6 Hours. The Table Should Also Work While Battery Is Being Charged. External Batteries Not Acceptable. The Side Supports And Head Supports Should Be Detachable. The Large Animal Surgery Table Should Be Equipped With Safety Features At Each Corner And Head Supports To Avoid Leg Injury While Lowering The Table. Should Be Supplied With Accessories. Large Colon Tray Which Can Be Placed Caudally Or Laterally. Leg Support- 2 Leg Support Orthopaedic- Adjustable. The Quoting Company Should Have Supplied Similar Unit To Some Veterinary Institutions In India And If Required Should Company Should Provide User List Along With Catalogue. Vertical Autoclave Isi Mark:- The Complete Unit Should Be Made Of Stainless Steel 304 Qlty. Consisting Of Steam Jacket Electrically Heated, Inner Chamber And Lid Made Of Stainless Steel Should Work On 220 Watt, A.C 50 Hz Supply Fitted Automatic Pressure Control Switch Safety Valve Etc. The Chamber Should Be Made Of Heavy Gauge, Stainless Steel, Fitted With Stainless Steel Forged Ring And Forged Lid. Chamber Should Be Fitted With Two Safety Valve Of Stainless, Pressure Gauge, Water Outlet Valve And Air Inlet Valve, Stainless Steel Steam Condenser, Tube With Stainless Steel Eject Valve. The Steam Generator Should Made Out Of Stainless Steel Heavy Gauge Fitted With Pressure Gauge And Water Draining Valve. The Outer Cover Should Be Made Of Out Of Stainless Steel, Duly Insulated With High Density Mineral Wool From The Inner Chamber And Fitted With Stable Legs. Supplier Should Provide The Calibration Certificate. Chamber To Be Operated At Any Selected Point Between 5 To 22 Psi Per Square Inch. The Unit Should Have The Capacity Of Dia X Depth 355 To 550 Mm. Having Pid Controller. The Unit Should Be Supplied Extra One Complete Set Up Suitable Spare Accessories I.E. Neoprene Rubber Joint Less Gaskets And Heating Element Suitable For The Vertical Autoclave. The Equipment Must Be Supplied With Suitable Software And Necessary Accessories. It Should Have One Year Warranty And Amc For Three Years Including Onsite Training And Installation. The Certificatory Working Report From The User Should Also Be Attached. The Manufacture Should Have Their Service Centre In India To Provide After Sales Services And All Relevant Details. Pass Box:- Used For Transfer Of Material From And Into The Clean Room Without Contaminating The Clean Room Air And Without Opening The Clean Room Door. Equipment Under This Schedule Conform Bis Certification Standards, Approve Of Which Shall Have To Be Submitted Along With The Bid. Dynamic Pass Box.• Moc : Ss 304 Work Space :- 2 ‘ X 2’X 2’.• Velocity 90-110 Fpm At Filter Face.• Final Supply Filter :-Hepa Air Filter, Efficiency 99.97% Down To 0.3 Micron. Casing :- Factory Extruded Al Section. • Fresh Air Filter:- Per Filter Efficiency 99.9 % Down To 20 Micron. Grade; Casing:- Aluminium Anodised.• Blower Motor Assembly :- Electric Motor -0.1Hp, I Phase.• Doors:- Double Walled Sand Witched Door With Glass View Window With Support Ss Frame, Handles, Hinges And Gasket On Both Sides. * Electromagnetic Door Interlocking With Indicating Lamp On Both Side. * Fluorescent Light And The Motor Blower Unit Or Automatically Put On At The Time Of Opening Any One Of The Door.* Clean Air Through Hepa Filter Is Put On Immediately Automatically Opening Any Door. * Inter Locking Arrangement To Put Off Uv Light If Either Door Opens And Ensures That Door Will Remains Lock If Blower Fail.* Provision Of Uv Light To Switched On And Off From The Outside Switch Uv Light Should Be Permanently Off Unless Switched On.* Magnetic Latch For Both Door Even After Power Failure Door Will Be Lock.* Provision Of Buzzer Switches On Both Doors To Signal Material Insertion/ Removal.Ø Pressure Gauge :- Magnehelic Gauge Suitable To Check The Pressure Drop The Across Hepa Filter Electricals * Feather Touch On/Off Switches * Uv Light 15Watt *Fluorescent Light 15Watt * Power Supply -230 V, I Phase, 50 Hz.Ø Testing And Validiation On Site * Hepa Filter Leak Test Dop Test.* Particle Count Test For Working Area*Velocity Test.He Equipment Must Be Supplied With Suitable Software And Necessary Accessories. It Should Have One Year Warranty And Amc For Three Years Including Onsite Training And Installation. The Certificatory Working Report From The User Should Also Be Attached. The Manufacture Should Have Their Service Centre In India To Provide After Sales Services And All Relevant Details. Phase Contrast Microscope With Bio-Therm Optical System:- Infinity Corrected Optical System Imagination: 20 X To 1000 X For Observation Eye Piece: 10X Pair With Fov 20Mm Or Grater, Antifungal Type. Nose Piece: Quadruple Nose Piece, Reversed Type Stage:- Should Be Refocusing Type, Stage Can Be Instantly Dropped By Pushing Down To Exchange Specimen Or Oil The Slide, Then Returns To The Original Position As Soon As The Hand Is Removed. Stage Size: Stage Should Be Rectangular, 216 X 150 Mm; Surface Stage Mounted On The Main Body, Stage Should Accommodate Two Slide At A Time. Stage Should Be Provided With Upper Limit Stopper. Objective Plan Achromat Dl 10 X Phase Plan Achromat Dl 20 X Phase Plan Achromat Dl 40 X Phase Plan Achromat Dl 100 X Oil Condenser:- Universal Turret Condenser With Six Position, Three For Phase, One For Bright Field, One For Dark Field, And One For Closed Position For Dia Illumination. Digital Control And Display Water Bath The Equipment Should Be Used For Maintenance And Holding Of Semen And Extended At Constant Temperature Before Dilution And Subsequent Processing. The Water Bath Should Have Following Technical Specification:Ø Made Of Stainless Steel Conforming To Iso Standards. Ø Chamber Dimension Outside – 700 X 400 X230 Mm Minimum. Inside -605 X 310 X170mm Minimum Ø Digital Display And Automatic Thermostatic Regulation. Ø Regulation By Pid Precision +/- 0. 5 0C Using A Programmable Cutback Ramp Regulator Ø Possibility Of Programming The Alarm Temperature In Higher Or Lower Side Of Set Temperature. Ø Water Level Safeguard With An Electrical Contact, Ensuring Shutdown Of The Pump. Ø Water Pump Circulates Water To Ensure Uniform Temperature In The Chamber. Ø Thermostat Has A Temperature Setting From 0-50 0C.Ø Stand For Minimum 16 Flask 200Ml Capacity And 48 Graduted Semen Collection Tubes.Ø Power Supply -220-230 V, 50Hz, 5A.Ø Power -1000 Watts.Ø Protection-Ce Thermal Circuit Breaker Ø Should Have A Drainage Tap To Drain Out Water. The Equipment Must Be Supplied With Suitable Software And Necessary Accessories. It Should Have One Year Warranty And Amc For Three Years Including Onsite Training And Installation. The Certificatory Working Report From The User Should Also Be Attached. The Manufacture Should Have Their Service Centre In India To Provide After Sales Services And All Relevant Details. Hot Air Oven Specification:- • Outer Chamber Is Made Of Mid Steel Duly Powder Coated. • Inner Chamber Is Made Of Stainless Steel 304 Sheet. • Forced Convection Systems By Motor & Blowers Fitted Ensures Good Mixing, Strong Dispersion And Maintains Higher Temperature Uniformity Inside The Chamber & No Cross Contamination.• Thermal Loss Is Prevented By Filling Mineral Wool Insulation In Approximate Space Of 100Mm Between The Outer Body & Inner Chamber.• Door Gasket Fixed On The Double Walled Door For Proper Sealing. • Fitted With Heavy Hings With A Ball Catcher, Spring Loaded Door Closing Device. Door Is Duly Insulated.• Adjustable Two Ventilation Slides Control Inner Air/Vapour Circulation. • Beaded & Air Heating Element Made Of High Quality Nichrome/Kanthal Wire Are Placed In Chamber, At Bottom And Sided For Uniform Heat Distribution.• Inner Chamber Has Support For Placing The Shelves At Convenient Levels. Supplied With 20Or 3 Removable Shelves. • Temperature Is Controlled By Electronic Digital Temperature Indicator Cum Control From Ambient +5*C To 250 *C Fitted On The Front Panel For Easy Operations.• Temperature Is Displayed By Digital Led With Sv And Pv Displayed At Front Of The Oven • Front Panel Is Provided With On/Off Switch, Temperature Control And Indicators.• Supplied With Cord And Plug, Operating Voltage: 220 Volts A.C 50 Hz.Technical Specifications:• Inner Chamber In Mm W X H X D : 455 X 455X 455, • Inches Conversion : 18 X 18 X 18, • Capacity : 90 Ltrs, • No Of Shelves : 2, • Temperature : Ambient Temperature + 5 0C O 250 0C, • Temperature Control : By Microprocessor Based Pid Digital, Temperature Indicator Cum Controller. • Display : Digital Led With Sv And Pv Display • Air Circulation : By Forced Convention System, • Relay : Solid State Electronic Relay With Protective Heat Sink Biological Safety Cabinet. Specification:- Confirm International Standard Iso- 14644-1. Basic Material Is Galvanized Steel G.I. Duly Powder Coated. Working Table Is Made Of Stainless Steel Sheet Ss-304 Grade. All Interior Surfaces Are Epoxy Painted Filter Seat Is Carefully Formed, Installed And Checked For Leakage. Air Flow: 70% Recirculation & 30% Exhaust . Transparent Front Vertical Rising Door With Counter Balanced Drive Unit. The Highly Efficient Hepa Filter Maintains The Optimum Cleanliness And Purity. The Pre Filter Fitted Extends The Life Of Hepa Filter Drastically .Air Drawn Through Pre Filter Is Made To Pass Through Highly Effective Hepa High Efficiency Particulate Air Filters Having Efficiency Rating As High As 99.99% With Cold Dop And 99.97% With Hot Dop, Thus Retaining All Air-Borne Particles Of Size 0.3 Micron And Larger. Working Area Is Illuminated By Fluorescent Lighting Fitted To The Unit.The Blower And “Marathon” Motor Assembly Is Statically And Dynamically Balanced Of ¼ H.P. Capacity Operates With Minimum Noise Level.Height Of The Working Table Provides Comfortable “Sit Down” Working Position For The Operator.Supplied Complete With S.S Table Top, Transparent Front Door, Static Pressure Manometer. Built In U.V Germicidal Light And Cock For Gas, Air Or Vacuum Line, Hepa Filters And Pre Filters.Separate Switch Operation For Blower, Uv & Fl Light And Mains. Velocity At The Output Of Hepa Is 90+/- 20 Fpm Measured At 1” Distance From Filter Face. Supplied Complete With Cord & Plug To Work On Single Phase 220/230 Volts A.C. Supply. Technical Specification:- Working Table Size :- 4’ X 2’, Working Size :- 4’ X 2’ X 2’, Hepa Filter Size : 4’ X 2’ X 6” No. Of Motor/Blower : 1. Liquid Nitrogen Withdrawal Device With Inbuilt Pressurizing System:- • The Liquid Nitrogen Withdrawal Device Should Have Inbuilt Pressurizing System. • Ln2 Withdrawal Device Equipped With 1 Meter Long Metallic Hose Pipe With Proper Insulation & Safety Valve. • Ln2 Withdrawal Device Should Be Suitable To Mounting In 51 Mm Neck Of Ln2 Container. • The Liquid Nitrogen Withdrawal Device Should Be Convenient To Transfer Liquid Nitrogen From Containers & Dewars. • The Device Clamps Directly To The Special Neck Flange That Is Found Under The Plastic Trim Collar Around The Neck Of These Containers. • Liquid Dispensed Directly From The Lwd Through A Standard Cryogenic Hose Connected To The Liquid Outlet Tilting Trolley For Ln2 Containers Specifications:- • Trolley Made Of Tubular Stainless Steel Material. • Trolley Made For Transporting Ln2 Containers From One Place To Another In Order To Avoid Physical Lifting Of Ln2 Containers Of 30 Litres To 55 Litter Capacity. • Trolley Is Equipped With Sturdy Rubber Wheels. • T- Shaped Handle Is Also Provided For Pooling Purpose. Standard Allies Tissue Forceps Ss 12” 4X5 Teeth Sample Item Autoclave :- Capacity 10 Litres, Electrically Operated, Vertical With Pressure Guage, Maximum Pressure 15 Lb, Should Have An Autocut For Pressure More Than 15 Lb, Temp 121C, Made Up Of Stainless Steel. Warranty 02 Years. Filler Flat To Accommodate 30 Eggs Paper Pulp Sample Item Waterpoof Double Fly Tent With All Accessories 14X14 Feet Waterpoof Double Fly Tent With All Accessories 10X10 Feet Vety. Blood & Sera Analyser Mini Mobile Poultry Incinerator Pollution / Smeel Free Usb Digital Computer Microscope Lcd Biological Microscope Laboratory Clocks Microscopic Cleaning Kits Micro Centrifuge Stable Speed Output Even Under Unstable Voltage Conditions Optimal Ventilation Flow Reduces Heating And Protects Temperature-Sensitive Samples Smooth & Soft Start User-Friendly Digital Display For Time And Speed Last Set Parameters Recall Useful For Repetitive Analysis Automatic Lid Opening At The End Of The Run To Prevent Sample Warming And To Allow Easy Access To Samples Soft-Touch Lid Closure For Ergonomic Lid Locking Extremely Compact Footprint. Rotor Capacity : 12 × 1.5/2.0 Ml Micro Centrifuge Tube Max. Speed : 12, 100 × G 13, 400 Rpm Electric : 230 V/50?–?60 Hz Acceleration And Deceleration Time : <13?Seconds Compartment Petriplate Stands Autoclavable Test Tubes Elisa Plates Disposable Plastic Flexiloops Swabs Petriplates X-Ray Accessories:- Lead Protecti

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