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Replacement And Repairing Work At Stone Slab Roofing On Ground Floor With Fine Grained Stone Slab From Aproved Quarry Soorsagar, Jodhpur Including Filling Of Joints Of Parapet And Slab On Both Sides In Cement Sand Mortar 1 :4 With Top 15Cm. Thick Lime Concrete 40:100 Terracing As Per Bikaner Practice Including Sandla Ralthal, Hemp And Methi Well Tapping Finished Smooth Polished Surface In All Respects In Lime Surkhimortar 1 : 2 With Nails And Wire And Lime Batta Gola 75 Mm X 75 Mm And Sandla Etc. Complete Finished For Span : Above 2.0 M And Upto 2.50 Metre. Providing And Laying Lime Terrace Of Lime Concrete 40:100 With Kankar In Lime Mortar 1 : 2 On Roofs Of Ground Floor Including Mixing Hemp Methi Etc. Finished Smooth Polished Surface Complete Bikaner Practice Including Batta Gola 75Mm X 75Mm And Sandla For Thickness.75 Mm Thick Repair To Damaged Cement Plaster Of Stone Chajja With Cm 1 : 3 Of Required Thickness On Top & Bottom As Per Existing Pattern And Making Patta Etc Complete Up To Three Floor Level As Per Direction Of Engineer In Charge Including All Necessary Scoffolding Etc Repair Of Door, Window Shutters Including Cost Of Material And Labour For Change Of Damaged : Style / Rail Of Teak Wood 30Mm Thick/ Aluminium Section 6 Wide Panel By Shuttering Ply - 9Mm Thick Commercial Providing And Fixing Double Scaffolding System On The Exterior Side, Upto Five Story Made With 4 Wodden Member 1.5 M C/C Horizontal And Vertical Direction Joining With Rassi, Clamps, Challies. The Scaffolding System Shall Be Stiffened With Bracing, Runner, Connection Of Building If Necessary With All Essential Safty Features For The Workmen Etc Complete As Per Direction Of Ei.The Lavation Area Of The Scaffolding Shall Be Mearured For Payment. The Paeyment Will Be Made Once Irrespective Of Duration Of Scaffolding. Note : This Item To Be Used For Maintence Work Judically Providing And Fixing Steel Gate, Grating, And Grills Made Of Angles, Tees, Square Bars, Flats, Or Black Pipe With Holdfast And Fittings Complete As Per Design And Drawing Including Cutting Welding And Fabrication With Priming Coat Of Red Oxide Providing And Fixing Of Double Leaf Steel Shutter For Cupboard, The Frame Is Made Of Pressed Steel Isi Section 80X25 Mmx 1.25 Mm Thick With 1.00 Mm Ms Sheet To Spot Welded Including Holdfasts Of 15X3mm, Ms Oxidized Fittings Such As Butt Hinges, Sliding Doors Bolts, Handles, Tower Bolts And Twin Peg Etc Complete Including Applying Priming Coat Of Approved Steel Primer Of Red Oxide Zinc Chromate And Spray Painting In Approved Shade With Deco Paint Of Approved Quality Complete As Per Direction Of Engineer In Charge Providing And Fixing Calcium Silicate Perforated Board False Ceiling At All Heights Including Providing And Fixing Of Frame Work Made Of Special Sections Power Pressed From M.S. Sheet And Galvanised In Accordance With Zinc Coating Of Grade 350 As Per Is : 277 And Consisting Of Angle Cleats Of Size 25Mm Wide X 1.6Mm Thick With Flanges Of 22Mm And 37Mm At 1200Mm Centre To Centre One Flange Fixed To The Ceiling With Dash Fastener 12.5Mm Diax40mm Long With 6Mm Dia Bolts To The Angle Hangers Of 25X25x0.55Mm Of Required Length, And Other End Of Angle Hanger Being Fixed With Nut And Bolts To G.I. Channels 45X15x0.9Mm Running At The Rate Of 1200Mm Centre To Centre To Which The Ceiling Section 0.5Mm Thick Bottom Wedge Of 80Mm With Tapered Flanges Of 26Mm Each Having Clips Of 10.5Mm At 450Mm Centre To Centre Shall Be Fixed In A Direction Perpendicular To G.I. Channel With Connecting Clips Made Out Of 2.64Mm Diax230mm Long G.I. Wire At Every Junction Including Fixing The Calcium Silicate Board With Ceiling Section And Perimeter Channels 0.5Mm Thick 27Mm High Having Flanges Of 20Mm And 30Mm Long, The Perimeter Of Ceiling Fixed To Wall/Partition With The Help Of Rawl Plugs At 450Mm Centre To Centre With 25Mm Long Drive-All Screws @ 230Mm Interval Including Jointing And Fixing To A Flush Finish Of Tapered And Square Edges Of The Board With Recommended Filler, Jointing Tapes, Finisher And Two Coats Of Primer Suitable For Board As Per Manufactures Specification And Also Including The Cost Of Making Openings For Light Fittings, Grills, Diffusers, Cutouts Made With Frame Of Perimeter Channels Suitably Fixed All Complete As Per Drawing And Specification And Direction Of The Engineer In Charge But But Excluding The Cost Of Painting Of Thickness Of Calcium Silicate Board As Below:- 8 Mm Thick Structural Steel Work In Single Section Fixed With Or Without Connecting Plate Including Cutting, Hoisting Height Upto 10 M, Fixing In Position And Applying A Priming Coat Of Approved Steel Primer All Complete. Distempering With 1St Quality Acrylic Washable Distemper Ready Mixed Of Approved Manufacturer And Of Required Shade And Colour Completeincluding All Scaffolding As Per Manufacturers Specification. Two Or More Coats On New Work Including Prepartion Of Base With Primer, Putty, Lippy Etc Complete In All Respect. Painting Exterior Surface Of Wall With 100% Acrylic Exterior Paint Of Approved Brand And Manufacture To Give An Even Shade With Two Or More Coats Including Prepartion Of Base With Sand Papering, Primer, Putty, Etc Complete In All Respect. On Old Work P & F Of Ip20 Led Recess Ed / Surface Mounted, Round / Sqaure Non- Dimmable Downlight With Die-Cast Aluminum Housing & Heat Sink For Heat Dissipation, High Purity Reflector With External Bis Certified 2.5 Kv Surge B5o/O And In Compliance To Iec Standards. System Lumen Efficacy Of > 100 Lm / Watt And Life Time Of Minimum 35000 Burning Hours With 700/O Of Intial Lumen Maintaned, Cct 3000K / 4000K / 6000Ok, Maximum Power Consumption Should Not More Than The Specified Rating And Fixture Shall Be Of Ce Complianed. E304610 Recessed Mounting E30461 1 Led Downlight 2/3 Watt Each Led Downlight 18/20W P & F Of Ip20 Led Ceiling/ Recessed/ Suspended Mounting Light Fixture Made Form Crca Sheet Steel Housing, High Purity/ Transmisivity Diffuser For Uniform Light Distrubution.High Efficiency Driver Electronics Having Efficiency > 85% And In Compliance To Iec Standards . Integral Driver. Power Consumption Of 40 W/50W/60W, 3000/3300/4200 Lumens, System Lumen Efficiency Of 70-80 Lm /Watt Output Suitable For 2X36w Ftl/2X36w Cfl/3X36 W Cfl Light Fixtures, Life Time Of 50000 Burning Hours With 70% Intial Lumens Maintained. Cct 3000°K, 4000°K And 6000°K. Fixture Shall Be Ce Compliance.57.25.1 Recessed 36W Led Light 2’X2’ With Acrylic/ Prismatic Front Cover Half Brick Masonry With Common Burnt Clay F.P.S.Non Modular Bricks Of Class Designation 7.5 In Superstructure, Above Plinth Level Upto Floor Five Level .Cement Mortar 1 : 4 1 Cement : 4 Coarse Sand Plaster On New Surface On Walls In Cement Sand Mortar 1:4 Including Racking Of Joints Etc. Complete Fine Finish : 20Mm Thick . Providing And Laying In Position Cement Concrete Including Curing, Compaction Etc. Complete In Specified Grade Excluding The Cost Of Centering And Shuttering - All Work Up To Plinth Level. M15 Grade Nominal Mix 1: 2: 4 1 Cement : 2 Coarse Sand : 4 Graded Stone Aggregate 20Mm Nominal Size. Supplying And Fixing In Walls Machine Cut And Polished Stone Shelves, Tands And In Cm 1:3 With Machine Cut Edges : Kota Stone 25 To 30Mm Thick. Repairs To Plaster Of Thickness 12Mm To 20Mm In Patches Of Area 2.5 Sq. Metres And Under Including Cutting The Patch In Proper Shape, Raking Out Joints And Preparing And Plastering The Surface Of The Walls Complete Including Disposal Of Rubbish To The Dumping Ground Within 50 M Lead : With Cement Mortar 1 :4 1 Cement : 4 Coarse Sand Providing & Fixing Door, Window, Chowkhats And Other Frames, Including Antitermite Treatment, M.S. Flat, Hold Fasts Of Size 250 X 40 X 3Mm Fixed With M.S. Bolt 5Mm Dia 50Mm Long Duly Embedded In Cement Concrete M-15 Grade :Nigeria Teak Wood Grade - I. Providing And Fixing External Grade Board Solid Core Single/ Double Leaf Flush Door Shutters Is: 2202Part-Ii1996 Marked Using Phenol Formal Dehyderesin In Glue Both Sides With Approved Stainless Steel Fittings Complete As Per Annexure A : 25 Mm Thick . Decorative Teak Veneer Both Side Providing And Fixing Nigeria / Ghana /Ivory Coast Teak Wood Grade-I Mouldings And Beadings In Droos And Windows Size :- 25X20 Mm Providing And Fixing Almirah Lock 50 To 70 Mm Size Of Approved Make Without Pair Of Handles For Door With Necessary Screws Etc Complete As Per Direction Of Engineer-In-Charge. For Shutters Builtup Standard Tubular Sections Of Openable Doors, Windows & Ventilators Including Providing & Fixing Hinges / Rollers Etc. And Making Provision For Fixing Of Fittings Wherever Required Lockes Shall Be Paid For Separately. Anodised Aluminum Anodised Transparent 81 Dyed To Required Shade According To Is : 1868. Minimum Anodic Coating Of Grade Ac 15, Anodizing To Be Got Done From Approved Anodizer Providing And Fixing Aluminum Work For Doors, Windows, Ventilators And Partition With Extruded Built Up Standard Tubular / Appropriate Z Sections And Other Sections Of Approved Make Conforming To Is :733 And Is :1285, Fixed With Rawl Plugs And Screws Or With Fixing Clips, Or With Expansion Hold Fasteners Including Necessary Filling Up Of Gap. At Junctions, At Top, Bottom And Sides With Required Pvc/Neoprene Felt Etc. Aluminium Section Shall Be Smooth, Rust Free, Straight, Mitered And Jointed Mechanically Wherever Required Including Cleat Angle Aluminium Snap Beading For Glazing /Paneling, C.P. Brass/ Stainless Steel Screws Al. Tower Bolt & Al. Handle & Al. Aldrop Etc., All Complete As Per Architectural Drawings And The Directions Of Engineer- In – Charge .Glazing And Paneling To Be Paid For Separately. For Fixed Portion Anodised Aluminum Anodised Transparent 81 Dyed To Required Shade According To Is : 1868. Minimum Anodic Coating Of Grade Ac 15, Anodizing To Be Got Done From Approved Anodizer Providing And Fixing Glazing In Aluminium Door, Window, Ventilator Shutters And Partitions Etc. With Pvs / Neoprene Gasket Etc. Complete As Per The Architectural Drawings And The Directions Of Engineer-In-Charge.Cost Of Aluminium Snap Beading Shall Be Paid In Basic Item. With Glass Panes Of 4.0 Mm Thickness Weight Not Less Than 10.0 Kg/Sqm As Per Is : 2835. Pointing On Stone Slab Ceiling With Cement Mortar 1:2 1 Cement : 2 Fine Sand: Flush/ Ruled Pointing Add :- Extra For Pointing On Walls On The Outside At Height More Than 10 M From Ground Level For Every Additional Height Of 3 M Or Part There Of. Replacement Of Stone Chajja With Sriwan In Damaged Portion As Per Existing Thickness And Width In Cm 1 : 3 With Removal Of Old Damaged Pieces Of Chajja Including Top Plaster Of Chajja And Bottom Pointing In Cm 1 : 3 With Scoffolding Upto Three Floor Level As Per Direction Of Engineer In Charge Providing And Fixing Stone Jali 50Mm Thick Red/Pink Sand Stone As Per Ornamental Design To Fixed With White Cement/Epoxy Mortar Including Pointing In White Cement Mortar 1:2 1 White Cement : 2 Stone Dust With An Admixture Of Pigment, Matching The Stone Shade. Dulmera Stone Cladding Using Fine Grained, Sand Stone Of Thickness 35 To 40Mm With A Base Of 20Mm Average Thickness Cement Mortar Of Mix 1:4 Using Ms Clamps To Fix The Stone Including Jointing With Colour Pigment Match To Stone Shade And As Per Approved Drawing & Design And As Per Instruction To Engineer In Charge. Supplying And Fixing Machine Cut Fine Dressed Red/Pink Sand Stone Dasa Or Coping, With Full Moulding If Required Laid On Cement Mortar 1:4 Including Pointing With Admixture Of Pigment Matching With The Stone Shade. 25 Mm Thick

TRN :19312921
State Government / Construction
Bikaner - Rajasthan

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