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Procurement Of Furniture For The Industrial Park, Department Of Industries. Fabricated Products And Materials; Manufactured Goods, Furniture, Handicrafts, Special-Purpose Products And Associated Consumables;Structural Metal Products;Metal Structures And Parts Of Structures;Builders Joinery Of Metal;Metal Tanks, Reservoirs And Containers; Central-Heating Radiators And Boilers;Metal Tanks, Reservoirs, Containers And Pressure Vessels;Central-Heating Radiators And Boilers And Parts;Nuclear Reactors And Parts;Nuclear Reactors;Parts Of Nuclear Reactors;Cable, Wire And Related Products;Wire Products;Cable And Related Products;Miscellaneous Fabricated Metal Products And Related Items;Metal Articles For The Bathroom And Kitchen;Metal Goods;Armour Plating;Bearings;Mild Steel;Props And Mining Struts;Cast-Iron Products;Miscellaneous Fire-Protection Equipment;Cutlery, Tools, Locks, Keys And Hinges;Cutlery;Tools;Locks, Keys And Hinges;Fasteners, Chain And Springs;Fasteners;Chain;Springs;Construction Materials And Associated Items;Construction Materials;Road Furniture;Sewer Mains;Steel Products Related To Construction Materials;Oil Country Tubular Goods;Pipeline, Piping, Pipes, Casing, Tubing And Related Items;Furniture;Seats, Chairs And Associated Parts;Non-Domestic Furniture;Domestic Furniture;Miscellaneous Furniture And Equipment;School Furniture;Jewellery And Related Articles;Coins And Medals;Articles Of Jewellery;Musical Instruments And Parts;Musical Instruments;Parts And Accessories Of Musical Instruments;Sports Goods And Equipment;Outdoor Sports Equipment;Gymnasium Equipment;Games And Toys; Fairground Amusements;Dolls;Toys;Articles For Funfair, Table Or Parlour Games;Miscellaneous Manufactured And Other Goods;Laundry Supplies;School Slates Or Boards With Writing Or Drawing Surfaces;Artificial Products;Apparatus And Equipment Designed For Demonstrational Purposes;Umbrellas And Sunshades; Walking Sticks And Seat Sticks;Funeral Supplies;Kitchen Equipment, Household Items And Catering Supplies;Barracks Supplies;Consumables And Consumer Goods;Consumables;Tax-Free Goods;Disposable Goods;Handicraft And Art Supplies;Handicraft Supplies;Art Supplies;Special-Purpose Product;Police Equipment;Recycled Products;Security Devices;Animal Ear Tags;Compost Boxes;Tokens;Spray Booths;Snow Poles

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  • Fastest growing tender information portal in India
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  • Scanned copies of tender documents
  • Tenders from Government, Semi Government, Corporate Sector, Private Sector, PSUs, NGOs, state, city and local bodies
  • Download available tender documents.
  • Technical support for online and offline tenders including e-bidding, e-auction etc.
  • No hidden Cost / No Additional Charges / Quick service activation
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  • Tenders from newspapers
  • Tenders from websites

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