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Contact person : Fanindra Das

Contact No : 943*****844

Email Id : bbs*****.com

Address : Plot No -4704/5004 Adimata Colony Near Sainik School Bhubaneswar

Website : www.**********.com

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Archeological Service,  Geo Hydrological Study,  Geo Mechanical Study,  Geo Technical Investigation,  Geo Technical Service,  Geo Technical Survey,  Geo-technical Investigation,  Geological,  Geological Assessment,  Geological Consultancy Service,  Geological Consultancy Services,  Geological Exploration,  Geological Investigation,  Geological Mapping,  Geological Prospecting Service,  Geological Service,  Geological Survey,  Geological Survey Work,  Geology Service,  Geophysical Consultancy Service,  Geophysical Investigation,  Geophysical Service,  Geophysical Study,  Geophysical Survey,  Geotechnical Consultancy,  Geotechnical Engineering Service,  Geotechnical Engineering Services,  Geotechnical Investigation,  Geotechnical Investigation Service,  Geotechnical Service,  Geotechnical Study Service,  Geotechnical Survey,  Ground Investigation Service,  Ground Investigation Work,  Hydro Geological Study,  Hydro Geological Survey,  Hydrogeological Investigation,  Hydrogeological Survey,  Hydrogeological Work,  Hydrographic Survey,  Hydrographical Survey,  Hydrological Survey,  Land Investigation,  Land Survey,  Land Testing,  Metrological Studies,  Mud Logging Service,  Mud Logging Services,  Soil Conservation Work,  Soil Exploration,  Soil Investigation,  Soil Investigation Service,  Soil Investigation Work,  Soil Survey,  Soil Testing,  Soil Testing Service,  Sub Soil Exploration,  Topographic Service,  Topographic Services,  Topographic Survey,  Topographical Service,  Topographical Services,  Topographical Study,  Topographical Survey,  Topographical Surveying,  Topography Survey,  Topography Work,  Water Quality Monitoring,  Water Quality Sampling,  Water Quality Testing

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