Notice Inviting Tender (NIT) by the Corporations And Associations And Others Of Bihar for Supply, Installation And Commissioning Of Dental Equipment - Dental Chair And Unit, Extra Oral And Intra Oral Tracer, Dewaxing Unit, Semi Adjustable Articulator, Curing Unit, Dental Casting Machine, Wax Burn Out Furnace, Pre Heating Furnace, Surveying Unit, Heavy Duty Hand Piece Lab, Autoclave, Needle Burner With Syring, Cutter, Cadcam, Plaster Dispenser, Model Trimmer With Carborandum Disc, Model Trimmer With Diamond, Disc, Acrylier, Lathe, Flask Press, Deflasking Unit, Dewaxing Unit, Hydraulic Press, Mechanical Press, Vacuum Mixing Machine, Curing Pressur Pot, Hot Water Sterilier, Geyser, Phantom Head, Pre Clinical Working Table, With Gas Connection And Burner, Plaster Dispenser, Duplicator, Pindex System, Circular Saw, Burn Out Furnace, Sand Blasting Machine, Electro Polisher, Model Trimmer With, Carbodium Disc, Model Trimmer With Diamond Disc, Induction Casting Machine, Programmable Porcelian, Furnace With Vacuum Pump, Instrument And Material Kit, Spot Welder With Soldering, Attachmelent And Cab, Vacuum Mixing Machine, Steam Cleaner, Spindle Grinder 24, 000 Rpm, Vacuum Pump, Wax Heater, Wax Carver, Curing Pressure Pot, Milling Machine, Heavy Duty Lathe With Suction, Pre Heating Furnace, Palatal Trimmer, Ultra Sonic Cleaner, 5 Lit Capacity, Composite Curing Unit, Micro Surveyor, Pre Clinic Prosthetics, Laboratory, Plaster Dispenser, Viberator, Lathe, Model Trimmer With Carboradium Disc, Model Trimmer With Diamond Disc, Rubber Dam Kit, Restorative Instrument Kit, Rct Instrument Kit, Autoclaves, Ultrasonic Cleaner, Needle Burner With Syringe Cutter, Amalgamator, Pulp Tester, Apex Locator, Glass Bead Sterilier, Plaster Dispenser, Viberator, Intra Oral X Ray Unit, Aerb Certified, Automatic Developer, Rvg, Endomotor With Torque, Control Handpiece, Bleaching Unit, Magnifying Loop, Injectable Gutta Purcha, Cadcam, Phantom Lab Unit, Phantom Lab Unit, Model Trimmer Carbodium, Disc, Model Trimmer Diamond, Disc, Lathe Heavy Duty, Lab Micromotor With Heavy, Duty Hand Piece, Ultrasonic Cleaner 5 Ltr, Spindle Grinder, Vibrator, Burn Out Furnace, Porcelean Furnace, Sand Blasting Machine, Lab Airotors, Pindex System, Circular Saw, Vacuum Mixer, Pneumatic Chisel, Casting Machine Induction, Ceramic Unit in Patna - Bihar has been published.
The last date of this tender is 27/05/2022, work value is  0 (Refer Doc) INR, EMD is  0 (Refer Doc) INR and tender document fees is  10000 INR
For more details call us on +91 92760 83333 for bidding support this tender, GeM, vendor registration (if any) and tender BOQ documents.

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Patna - Bihar ( IN )


Corporations And Associations And Others Of Bihar



Important Dates

Published on

17 May, 2022

Submission Date

26 May, 2022

Opening Date

27 May, 2022

Key Values

Work Value

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Refer Doc

Document Fee

10.0 Thousand
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