Notice Inviting Tender (NIT) by the State Government Of Orissa for Supply of Incandescent Lamp, Pvc Insulated Fex.Cable, Pvc Insulated Cable, Fuse Wire, Pvc Insulated Cable, Pvc Insulated Single Strand Copper Cable, Testing Probs, Petrolium Jelly, Insulation Tape, Cantactor, Delay Timer, Normaly Open Push Button, Normally Closed C Push Button, Emargancy Push Button, Limit Switch, Olr 16 Amp, Din Rail, Gchannel, Wire Ferrule, Lug, Raceway, Grommets, Indicator Lamp - Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Supper Enamelled Copper Wire, Delay Time Relay, F/R Switch 3Ph, Connnecting Terminals-R, Y, B, N, Capacitor, Transistor -Bc547, Bc557, Bd135, Bd136, Ic-741, 555, Scr- 106D Or Equivalent, Diac-D3202 Or Equivalent, Triac- Bt136, Ujt-2N2646, Fet-Bfw 10, Diode, Brade Board, Centre Tap Transformer, Ordinary Purpose Pcb, Transistor, Zenor Diode, Potentio Meter, Led, Toggle Switch, 3-Terminal Voltage Regulator Ic, Resistors, Terminal Strip 3 Way, Electronic Relay, Inverter Transformer, Led Holder, Relay, Led Lamp With Shade And Reflector, Suspension Insulator, Ring Insulator, Stay/Egg Insulator, Binding Wire, Hacksaw Blade, Drill Bit, Countersunk Bit Ss, Single Conductor Cable Single, Single Conductor Cable, Bare Copper Wire, Multistrand Cable, Crimping Eyelet, Crimping Ferrule, Crimping Spade Lug, Sandpaper Oo Smooth, Hard Drawn Bare Copper Wire, Tinned Copper Wire, Solder Wire 40:60, Lug, Resin Flux, Solder Stick, Resistance Wire, Double-Pole Switch, Potentiometer, Iron Wire, Switch Spst, M.S.Bar, Enamelled Copper Wire, Tube Light Choke, Capacitor, Hook- Up Wires, 40 Watts-Tube Light Fitting, Hrc Fuses, Electric Bell, 3- Core Flexible Cord, Reflector Lamp, Silvered Bowl Lamp, Tube Light Starter, Starter Holder, L.P.M.V Lamp, Miniature Lamp, Soda Bi-Carbonate, Copper Clad One Side, Feci3 In Liquid Or Powder Form, S.P. Switch, Brass Batten- Holder, 3-Pin, Intermediate Switch Non Modular, 3-Pin Top, I.C.D.P. Switch Changeover With Kitkat Fuse, I.C. Cutouts, Distribution Box 4-Way, Mcb 2 & 3 Pole, Pvc Casing And Capping, Terminal Plate, Single Pole One Way Switch, Single Wire Pvc, Multiple Pvc Wire, G.I. Condutor, G.I. Winding Wire, Pvc Multi Condutor, One Way Switch, 2 Way Switch, Intermediate Switch, Service Wire, Soldring Flux, Soldering Wire, Adaptor, Ic 8038, Ic Lm 741, Ic 555, Ic 7400, Ic 7408, Ic 7486, Ic 7402, Ic 7432, Ic 7404, Opto Coupler, Ir Sensor 3 Pin, Proximity Sensor, Male Female Connector, Esd Wrist Band, Esd Mat in Cuttack - Orissa has been published.
The last date of this tender is 01/02/2022, work value is  500000 INR, EMD is  0 (Refer Doc) INR and tender document fees is  0 (Refer Doc) INR
For more details call us on +91 92760 83333 for bidding support this tender, GeM, vendor registration (if any) and tender BOQ documents.

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Cuttack - Orissa ( IN )


State Government Of Orissa


Education And Research Institutes

Important Dates

Published on

23 Jan, 2022

Submission Date

01 Feb, 2022

Opening Date

01 Feb, 2022

Key Values

Work Value

5.00 Lacs


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Document Fee

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