Notice Inviting Tender (NIT) by the State Government Of Maharashtra for Purchasing Of Spare Part Of Vehicles Bajaj Pulsar Hero Honda Achiever- Engine Connecting Piston Piston Ring Engine Beg Tappet Chain Pad Tappet Wheel Timming Chain Valve Valve Seal Kick Spring Kick Shaft Kick Haed Assy Gageon Pin Block Assy Head Gasket Pkg Set Packing Set Kick Assy Oil Seal Kit Dawel Kit Kick Gear Frt Fork Oil Frt Fork Oil Seal Boudy Unit Contro Head Cyl Cap Rubber Oil Ring Kit All Clutch & Gear Box Clutch Plate Clutch Cable Pressure Plate Gear Lever Shaft Clutch Lower Clutch Packing Clutch Assy Clutch Rubber Kit Cyl Clutch 4H Clutch Hub Clutch Plate Set Cyl. Nut & Cl. Switch Cyl. Gear 32T Head Block Packing Gear Shaft Gasket Bond Brake And Wheel Brake Shoe Front Brake Shoe Rear Rear Brake Rubber Drum Brake Rod Brake Spi Add. Spring Brake Kit Front Front Disc Brake Cable Front Disc Brake Wheel Disc Pad /Brake Pad Chain Wheel Set Wheel Bearing Rear Wheel Bearing Front M.C. Kit Disc Brake Oil Wheel Kit Brake Lever R. Wheel Hub Bearing R.Wheel Capsulling R Front Brake Pad Clip Drum Rubber Disc Brake Pad Disc Brake Clip Fuel Syster Fuel Assy Petrol Pipe Petro Lock Hub Pin Petrol Tank Cap Petrol Tank Carborator Hose Pipe Shoulap Pipe Suspenssion Shockab Shokab Oil Seal Shockab Spring Shockab Oil Rear Suspenssion Bush Shockab Rubber Suspenssion Bush Kit Wisher Kit Head Vavle Bush Came Shaft Bearing S.P. Bush Axcel Assy Com. Bush Assy Pannel Rubber Electrical Magnet Wheel Cdi Unit Self Armiture Self Bush Self Brush Self Gottya All Type Sensor Electrical Coil R.R.Unit Kilo Meter. Assy Kilo Meter. Cable Kilo Meter. Dubby Plug Head Lamp Bulb Switch Assorted Ignition Switch Bulb Assorted Horn Accelater Cable Sensor Unit Conmbination Switch Head Lamp Assy Wirring Loom Upper Dipper Switch Battery Clip Siron Adjuster H.D.Switch R Wirring Tape Cl. Switch Fuse Box Starter Rely Cl. Switch Assy P.Kit Set Cable Assorted Bulb Tail Light Indicator Assy Self Rely Meter Cable Meter Gaer Exhust Sys Silencer Silencer Packing Block Boz Air Filter Steering Or Handle Handle Tee Handle Con Set Handle Baar Handle Self Switch Pannel Mudguard Rear Mudguard Front Petrol Tank Handle Assy Chain Guard Side Guard Foot Rest Saree Guard Seat Cover Fome Side Mirror Handle Rubber Side Stand T. Box Lock P.V.C. Petrol Tank Key L.Guard Clip Nut Bolt Assorted Side Stand Assorted Seat Cover Magnet Packing Washer Glass Carbon Brush Arm Rocker Pulsar 150/180 Arm Rocker Pulsar 150 Ug4 Arm Rocker Pulsar 150/180 Old Valve Kit Pulser 180 Valve Kit Pulser 150/125/135 Valve Exhaust Pulsar 135Ls Valve Inlet Discvr 125/150 Valve Exhaust Pulsar 150 Valve Exhaust Pulsar 135Ls Valve Repair Kit Pulsar 150/125 Valve Repair Kit Xcd 125 Valve Repair Kit Discover 125 Valve Repair Kit 200 Ns Oil Seal Valve Pulsar 150 Oil Seal Valve Pulsar 135 Oil Seal Valve Pulsar 150 Old Camshaft Assy Pulsar 150 Camshaft Assy Pulsar 180Old Camshaft Assy Pulsar 180 Ug4 Camshaft Assy Pulsar 200 Dts Camshaft Assy Discover 150S F Plate Fraction Discover 125 Plate Fraction Discover 135 Plate Fraction Pulsar 150 Plate Fraction Pulsar 180 Ug3 Plate Fraction Pulsar 150 Ug Plate Fraction Pulsar 180/200 Plate Fraction Discover 135 Plate Fraction Discover 150 Plate Clutch Discover 150 Plate Clutch Pulsar 200 Dts Plate Clutch Pulsar 150 Plate Clutch Pulsar 150 Ug Bearing Cluthc Pulsar 150/180 Hub Clutch Pulsar 150 Hub Clutch Pulsar 180 Hub Clutch Discover 135/150 Hub Clutch Discover 150 S Wheel Clutch Discover 135 Wheel Clutch Pulsar 150/180 Wheel Clutch Discover 125 Wheel Clutch Discover 150 Lever Kick Pulsar 150/180 Lever Kick Discover 125 St Boss Kick Pulsar 150/180 Carburettor Assy Pulsar 150 Carburettor Assy Pulsar 150Ugs Carburettor Assy Pulsar 180 Element Air Filter Pusar 150/180 Element Air Filter Pusar 200 Element Air Filter Discover 125 Element Air Filter Pusar 150/180 Silencer Assy Pulsar 180 Element Oil Filter Pulsar 180 Gasket Kit Discover 135 Gasket Kit Pulsar 180 Gasket Kit Pulsar 200 Gasket Kit Discover 150 Gasket Cyl Pulsar 150 Gasket Cyl Discover 150 Gasket Cyl Head Pulsar Gasket Cyl Head Discover 150 C D I Pulsar 150 C D I Pulsar 150 Ug 4 C D I Pulsar 180/200 C D I Pulsar 150 C D I Pulsar 150 C D I Pulsar 150 Regulator Pulsar 150 Regulator Discover 135 Regulator Discover 150 Cap Spark Plug Discover Cap Spark Plug Pulsar 200 Motor Starter Pulsar 150 Motor Starter Discover 135 Horn Pulsar 150 Relay Starter Pulsar 150 Relay Starter Discover 135 Fuse Pulsar 150 Coil H T Pulsar 150 Coil H T Pulsar 180 Coil H T Pulsar 135 Plug Spark Pulsar 150 Shockab Pulsar 150 Shockab Discover 135 Arm Swing Pulsar 150 Arm Swing Pulsar 200 Arm Swing Discover 135 Fender Front Pulsar 150 Fender Front Discover 135 Stand Center Pulsar 200 Stand Center Pulsar 180 Stand Center Discover125 Stand Side Pulsar 150 Stand Side Discover 135 Stand Side Pulsar 135 Rim Wheel Pulsar 150 Rim Wheel Discover 135 Master Cyl Pulsar 150 Master Cyl Discover 135 Master Cyl Pulsar 180/200 Kit Master Pulsar 220 Kit Master Pulsar 150 Discvr Kit Master Pulasr 180 Pad Brake Pul/Dis 150 Pad Brake Pulsar 200 Shoe Brake Discover 150 Shoe Brake Discover Axle Pulsar 150 Axle Pulsar 180 Chain Sprocket Kit Pulsar 150 Chain Sprocket Kit Pulsar 180 Chain Sprocket Discover 125 Dts Chain Sprocket Discover 125 Dts Chain Sprocket Pulsar 135 Chain Sprocket Discover 135 Dts Chain Sprocket Discover 100 Lever Control Pulsar 135/150 Lever Control Discover 135/150 Lever Control Ct 100 Mirror Assy Discover 125/150 Mirror Assy Pulsar 200 Handle Bar Pulsar 150/180 Handle Bar Pulsar 150 Handle Bar Discover 100 Handle Bar Discover 125 Weight Handle Bar Pulsar 150 Oil Seal Fork Pulsar 150 Oil Seal Fork Pulsar 180 Oil Seal Fork Discover 125 Lock Set Pulsar 150/180 Ug Lock Set Pulsar 150/180 Lock Set Discover 125 Oid Lock Set Pulsar 180/200 Lock Set Discover 150/100 Cap Tank Fuel Pulsar 150 Cap Tank Fuel Pulsar 180 Cap Tank Fuel Discover 125/150 Tap Cock Fuel Pulsar 200 Gauge Fuel Discover 125 Gauge Fuel Discover 150 Speedometer Assy Pulsar 150Ug2 Speedometer Assy Pulsar 180 Speedometer Assy Pulsar 200 Speedometer Assy Discover 135 Speedo Mtr Assy Disc Brake 135 Speedo Mtr Assy Pulsar 200 Speedo Mtr Assy Discover 125 Cable Accelerator Pulsar 150 Cable Accelerator Pulsar 180 Cable Accelerator Pulsar 200 Cable Acce Discovoer 135 Ug Cable Acce. Discover 100 Old Cable Acce. Discover 125/150 Cable Acce. Discover 125/150 Cable Acce. Discover 100 Cable Clutch Pulsar 150/180 Cable Clutch Pulsar 200 Cable Clutch Discover 100 Cable Clutch Pulsar 220 Dts Cable Clutch Pulsar 200 Ns Cable Clutch Discover 125 St Cable Clutch Discover 100 Cable Speedo Meter Pulasr 150 Cable Speedo Meter Pulasr 180 Cable Speedo Meter Pulasr 15 Uds Cable Speedo Meter Discover135 Cable Speedo Meter Discover125 Cable Speedo Meter Discover150 Cable Inner Speedo Pulsar 150 Cable Inner Speedo Pulsar 180Ug Cable Inner Speedo Discover125 Cable Inner Speedo Discover125 Head Lamp Assy Pulsar 150 Head Lamp Assy Pulsar 220 Dts Head Lamp Assy Discover 125 Head Lamp Assy Pulsar 200 Ns Head Lamp Assy Discover 135Ug Head Lamp Assy Discover 100/125 Indicator Assy Pls/Dsvr 150/180 Indicator Assy Pls/Dsvr 150/180 Indicator Assy Pulsar 150/180 Indicator Assy Pulsar 200 Indicator Assy Discover 135Ug Indicator Assy Discover 125/150 Tial Lamp Assy Pulsar 150/200 Tial Lamp Assy Pulsar 150/125 Tail Lamp Assy Discover 150 Grab Handle Assy Pulsar 150 Grab Handle Assy Pulsar 180 Grab Handle Assy Pulsar 200 Grab Handle Assy Pulsar 200Ns Grab Handle Assy Discover 150S Wind Shield Pulsar 135 Wind Shield Discover 125 Fairing Pulsar 150 Fairing Discover 125 Fairing Pulsar 150 Ug4/220Sf Fairing Discover 125 Steering Con Kit Pulsar 150/180 Steering Con Kit Discover 125M Coupling Rubber Pulsar 150/180 Coupling Rubber Discover 150/180 Retail Pack Fork Oil Retail Pack Grease Lethon Rr3 in Mumbai - Maharashtra has been published.
The last date of this tender is 04-11-2020, work value is  0 (Refer Doc) INR, EMD is  5000 INR and tender document fees is  1000 INR
For more details call us on +91 92760 83333 for bidding this tender, vendor registration (if any) and tender BOQ documents.

Tender Document

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Mumbai - Maharashtra ( IN )


State Government Of Maharashtra


Security Services

Important Dates

Published on

26 Oct, 2020

Submission Date

02 Nov, 2020

Opening Date

04 Nov, 2020

Key Values

Work Value

Refer Doc


5.0 Thousand

Document Fee

1.0 Thousand
Tender Document Liaison Service