Notice Inviting Tender (NIT) by the State Government Of Kerala for Purchase Of Liquid Limit Device Motorized-: Liquid Limit Device Made Of Brass/Gunmetal With Cassegrandes Grooving Tool And Astm Grooving Tool Fitted With Sufficient Capacity Is Certified Single Phase 230V, 50Hz Heavy Duty & Durable Electric Motor Geared Down To 120 Rpm Full Set With Operating Instruction Manual. For The Determination Of Liquid Limit Of Soil Liquid Limit Apparatus With Counter -Cassagrandes Liquid Limit Apparatus Consists Of Brass Cups, Rotating Crank With Cassagrandes Grooving Tool And Astm Grooving Tool, Height Pad Of Icm Thickness Solid Rubber Base &Spatula In A Separate Wooden Box For The Liquid Limit Determination Of Soil Plastic Limit Apparatus - The Full Set Should Contain Glass Plate 20Cm X 15Cm, 5Mm Thickness Having Ground Ends And One Side Frosted, Brass Or Stainless Steel Rod Of 3Mm Diameter And 150 Mm Long. Flexible Spatula Set Of 6 Nos. Moisture Containers, Porcelain Basin Of 150Mm Diameter, And A Plastic Wash Bottle Of Of 500Ml Capacity, For The Determination Of Plastic Limit Of Soils Shrinkage Limit Apparatus -The Set Should Consists Of Porcelain Evaporating Dish, Shrinkage Dish, Glass Cup Perspex Plate With Three Metal Prongs, Perspex Plate, Flexible Spatula, Glass Cylinder 25Ml X 0.50 Ml Supplied Without Mercury For The Determination Of Shrinkage Limit Of Soils Soil Hydrometer - Shall Be Made Of Borosilicate Glass, Size 25 Cm Temperature 27 Degree C. Scale Range 0.995 To 1.030 Density For The Use Of Grain Size Analysis Of Soils By Sedimentation Plummet Balance - Conforming To Is 2720 Part 4 Consists Of Perspex Plummet, Measuring Jar, Rider Weight For Zero Adjustment, And One Rider Weight For Adjusting The Pointer To 100%, General Assembly Must Consists Of Heavy Base Plate Vertical Rod, Graduated Scale 0 To 100 In 2% Divisions, Pointer, Hook For Hanging Plummet, Levelling Screws Complete Accessories. For Sedimentation Analysis Of Grain Size Distribution High Speed Stirrer – Apparatus Should Contain Pmdc Motor 1/20 Hp For A Maximum Speed Of 200 To 2500 Rpm, Stirring Shaft Length 250-300Mm, Operated In 220/230 V 50/60 Hz, Stirring Shaft Diameter 6 To 8 Mm For Sedimentation Analysis Grain Size Analysis Pipette Method Apparatus - The Device Should Meet All The Requirements Conforming To Is 2720 Part4. It Shall Comprise Andreasen Pipette 25Ml Capacity, Sedimentation Tube 100Ml, Sedimentation Pipette 10Ml, Sedimentation Tube 500Ml Test Forms Pad Of 50 Complete Set To Conduct Pipette Analysis Of Soil Soil Cone Penetrometer Full Set To Meet The Requirements As Per Is 2720 Part Iv, And Should Determine Moisture Contents When Cone With Half Angle 15-30 Minutes Under A Total Sliding Weight 148 G To Penetrate 25Mm For The Determination Of Liquid Limit Of Soils Of Low Plasticity Index -Mercury Hg- For The Determination Of Shrinkage Limit Of Soil Proctor Compaction Apparatus - The Dimensions Of Compaction Mould 150Mm Internal Diameter, 127.3 Mm Height 2250 Ml Volume Made Of Gun Metal, The Rammer Weight 4.89 Kg For A Free Fall Of 450 Mm And Conforming To Is 2720 P-Viii For Heavy Compaction Test Proctor Needle - It Should Satisfy All The Requirements As Per Is Specification For The Quick Evaluation Of Density Of Soil Sand Pouring Cylinder Apparatus - Should Include Medium Size Sand Pouring Cylinder Of 150 Mm Diameter With Trap Door, Calibrating Container, A Square Steel Tray Of 450 Mmx 450 Mm Size With A Central Hole Of 150 Mm Diameter With Two Handles And Should Satisfy All The Requirement To Conduct Field Density Of Soils By Sand Replacement Method As Per Is 2720 Core Cuttter Apparatus - The Entire Assembly Should Consists Of Cylindrical Core Cutter Made Of High Quality Steel 123.3 Mm Height And 100Mm Internal Diameter. The Steel Dolly 25Mm High With A Lip, Rammer With Detachable Rod For The Determination Of Bulk Density Of Soil Constant Head And Falling Head Permeability Apparatus - It Shall Be Supplied With, Water Tank, Supporting Stand For Tank. All Accessories .The Equipment Shall Consist Of Gunmetal Mould 100Mm Internal Diameter X 127.3Mm High, 1000Ml Volume, Gunmetal Mould Extension Collar-100Mm Diameter X 60Mm High For The Above Mould, Gunmetal Drainage Base Plate With Recess For Porous Stones Gi Tank, Porous Stones, Piezometer, Rubber Hose For Connecting Piezometer Mounted On A Wooden Stand. A Supporting Stand Made Of Angle Iron Section Of Sufficient Stability And Capacity And Of Proper Height For The Easy Conduct Of The Test May Also Be Supplied With This Item. The Equipment Shall Satisfy All The Requirements As Per Is 2720 Part Vii For The Permeability Test Of Soil Pycnometer - 1000 Ml Capacity Made Of Good Quality Glass And Provided With Brass Cone On Top And The Lid Should Be Made Of Metal And Not With Plastic Suitable Rubber Gaskets Or Washers May Also Be Supplied With This Item To Determine The Specific Gravity Of Coarse Grained Soils Density Bottle - Borosilicate Relative Density Bottle Of Capacity 250Ml For The Determination Of Specific Gravity Of Fine Grained Soil Wash Bottle - Polylab Wash Bottle Of 250Ml Capacity Direct Shear Apparatus Motorized 12 Speed - Capacity 200 Kg, Floor Mounting Type, Made Of Stainless Steel, Normal Stress 8Kg/Cm², Supplied With Load Yoke With Direct And Lever System For Applying Load, The Loading Unit Is To Be Provided With V Strips And Roller Strips, Shear Box Assembly Comprising Direct Shear Box Two Halves For A Square Specimen Size 60X60x25mm. Set Of Weights To Give A Normal Stress Of 3Kg/Cm². It Shall Also Include, High Sensitivity Compression Proving Ring Of Capacity 200Kg, One Consolidation Dial Gauge 0.01Mmx25mm And One Strain Dial Gauge 0.01Mmx25mm With Proving Ring, Additionally Set Of Weights To Give A Normal Stress Of 5Kg/Cm² And Soil Sampler For 60Cmx60cm Specimen And Test Forms Pad Of 50 Shall Be Supplied With This Item For Conducting Direct Shear Test On Soils Consolido Meter - Ring Diameter 60Mm, Height 20Mm, Two Porous Plates Or Stones Of Silicon Carbide Or Porous Metal, Guiding Ring, Outer Ring, Water Jacket With Base Pressure Pad. Rubber Basket Full Assembly. Loading Device Should Consists Of Frame, Lever System, Loading Yoke, Dial Gauge, Fixing Device And Weights. Accuracy Of Dial Gauge 0.002Mm, One Stop Watch And A Sample Extractor. Mechanical Seive Shaker - Frame Diameter 8 Inches, Carrying Up To 7 Nos. Of Sieves Of 200Mm Dia, Variable Speed Regulator, Semi-Automatic, Should Have An Anti Vibration Feet Locked Apparatus, Vibration Frequency3000 Times/Minute. Set Time 0 To 60 Minutes. A Reduction Gear Immersed In Oil, Rotatory And Gyratory Motion For Sieve Analysis Tests Of Soil Los Angeles Abrasion Testing Mechine - Rotation Speed 30-33 Rotations Per Minute Operating In Single Phase 220 V/50Hz, Heavy Duty Reduction Gear, Tray For Collecting Material Heavy Duty 1 Hp Motor All Accessories And Items Supplied Should Conforming To Is 10070. For Abrasion Test Standard Penetration Test Set - Conforming To Is 2131-1S9640 Supplied With Split Spoon Sampler, 63.5 Kg Weight, Driving Head, A Guide Permitting A Free Fall Of 75 Cm Provided With Three Supports One Of Lader Type Operating Voltage 240 V, 50Hz Frequency For The Assessment Of Resistance To Liquefaction Due To Ground Vibrations And To Determine N-Values Un Confined Compression Tester Proving Ring Type Motorized - Should Satisfy All The Requirements As Per Is 2720 Part X-1991 To Determine The Compression Strength Of Soil Specimen Of Diameter 38Mm To 100Mm . The Equipment Should Be Both Hand Operated And Motorized. Load Frame Should Have The Capacity 50 Kn . All Necessary Accessories Like Proving Ring, Hemispherical Ball Bearing, Conical Seats, Male-Female Coning Tools For 38Mm To 100Mm Diameter Samples Supplied With Proving Ring And Dial Gauges.To Know The Unconfined Compression Strength Of Soil Automatic Cbr Test Apparatus - Weight 110Kg, Power 370W, Load Cell 50 Kn Dimensions 480X650x1150mm .The Mechine Shall Be Designed To Load The Penetration Piston Into The Soil Sample At A Constant Rate To Measure The Applied Load And Piston Penetration In Pre Determined Intervals. The Ram Speed Can Be Set Between 0.5Mm/Minute By Using Digital Read Out Complying All The Bs, Is, Astm Standards And Shall Consists Of 50 Kn Load Cell, Penetration Piston, Linear Potentiometric Displacement Transducer 25Mmx 0.001Mm .Computer Software Connection Cable And A Pc. Digital Hot Air Oven - Capacity 120 Ltr. Single Door Made Of Stainless Steel 2000 Watt Rating Capcity 4 Cubic Feet, Three Shelves Or Compartments Temperature Range 5-225 Degree Celcious Conforming To All Is Specifications, Digital Display Single Phase 50Hz Electronic Weighing Balance-1Kg - Lcd Display Type, Capacity To Measure Up To 1Kg Made Of Stainless Steel Semi-Automatic, Measuring Accuracy Up To 0.001 Gm Electronic Weighing Balance-15Kg - Lcd Display Type, Capacity To Measure Up To 15Kg Made Of Stainless Steel Semi-Automatic, Measuring Accuracy Up To 0.1 Gm Laboratory Vane Shear Apparatus Motorized - Made Of Stainless Steel Pressure 2-4-6-8 Kgs/Cm², Set Of Four Springs, Sampling Tube Of Internal Diameter 38Mm And 150Mm Long, Must Consist Of Torque Head Rate Of Rotation 1/60 Rpm, Operating In Single Phase Conforming To All Specifications Of Indian Standard.To Conduct Vane Shear Test Is Test Seives - Made Of Brass 30Cm Dia, Conforming To All Is Specifications 4.75Mm, 2.36Mm.1.18Mm, .600Micron, 412 Micron 300Micron, 150Micron, 90Micron, 75Micron, Pan And Lid For Geo Technical Lab Under The Civil Engineering Department in Kozhikode - Kerala has been published.
The last date of this tender is 23-11-2020, work value is  728500 INR, EMD is  7285 INR and tender document fees is  1770 INR
For more details call us on +91 92760 83333 for bidding this tender, vendor registration (if any) and tender BOQ documents.

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Kozhikode - Kerala ( IN )


State Government Of Kerala


Education And Research Institutes

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Published on

24 Oct, 2020

Submission Date

18 Nov, 2020

Opening Date

23 Nov, 2020

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7.28 Lacs


7.2 Thousand

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1.7 Thousand
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