Notice Inviting Tender (NIT) by the Central Government And Public Sector Of India for Supply Of Medical And Surgical Disposables- Abjel/Pc. Anaesthesia Mask Rubber 1, 1A, 2, 3, & 4/Pc Anaesthesia Mask Clear Silicon Adult/Pc Anaesthesia Mask Clear Silicon Child And Neonate/Pc Black Silk 1/Roll Black Silk 1-0/Roll Black Silk 2-0/Roll Black Silk 3-0/Roll Bandage Than 16.5 Mtr. X 0.91Cm/Than Blood Collection Vial Plain/100 Vials Blood Collection Vial Vacuum/100 Vials Bladder Wash Syringe/Pc Blood Transfusion Set/Pc Bi – Pap Mask Nidek Compatible/Pc. Bain Circuit Child/Pc Bain Circuit Adult/Pc Cotton Roll 400Gm Net/Roll 1 Catgut With Round Body Needle/Box Of 12 Foils 1-0 Catgut With Round Body Needle/Box Of 12 Foils 2-0 Catgut With Round Body Needle/Box Of 12 Foils 3-0 Catgut With Cutting Needle/Box Of 12 Foils 3-0 Catgut With Round Body Needle/Box Of 12 Foils 4-0 Catgut With Round Body Needle/Box Of 12 Foils Cotton Roll 400Gm Gross/Roll Creppe Bandage - 6 / Pc Creppe Bandage - 4 / Pc Certofix Duo 16G/Pc Culture Pot/Pc Short 3 Way Cannula/Pc Extension 3 Way Cannula/Pc Crocodile Chord Clamp/Box Cover Slip 22M/Box Capillary Tube/Box Corrugated Pvc Sheet/Sheet Corrugated Rubber Sheet/Sheet Disposable Syringe With Needle - 2Ml/Pc Disposable Syringe With Needle - 5Ml/Pc Disposable Syringe With Needle - 10Ml/Pc Disposable Syringe With Needle - 20Ml/Pc Disposable Syringe With Needle - 50Ml/Pc Pvc Connector With Nozzle For Suction Line Disposable Gloves 6/Pair Disposable Gloves 6.5/Pair Disposable Gloves 7/Pair Disposable Gloves 7.5/Pair Flatus Tube/Pc E D T A Vial Plain/Pc E D T A Vial Vacuum/Pc Ecg Paper Cardiart 6108 T Compatible/Roll Ecg Electrode Cardiart 6108 T Compatible/Pc. 1 Ethilon With Reverse Cutting Needle/Per Box Of 12 Foils. 1-0 Ethilon With Reverse Cutting Needle/Per Box Of 12 Foils 2-0 Ethilon With Reverse Cutting Needle/Per Box Of 12 Foils 3-0 Ethilon With Reverse Cutting Needle/Per Box Of 12 Foils Ethilon 1-0 With Straight Needle/ Per Box Of 12 Foils. Enema Catheter Adult/Pc Epidural Kit With Needle 18G/Pc Endoloop For Appendicectomy/Pc Endotracheal Tube/Pc 2.5 Endotracheal Tube/Pc 3.0 Endotracheal Tube/Pc 3.5 Endotracheal Tube/Pc 4.0 Endotracheal Tube/Pc 4.5 Endotracheal Tube/Pc 5.0 Endotracheal Tube/Pc 5.5 Endotracheal Tube/Pc 6.0 Endotracheal Tube/Pc 6.5 Endotracheal Tube/Pc 7.0 Endotracheal Tube/Pc 7.5 Endotracheal Tube/Pc 8.0 And 8.5 Folleys Catheter 14G/Pc Folleys Catheter 16G/Pc Folleys Catheter 18G/Pc Feeding Tube No. 5/Pc Feeding Tube No. 6/Pc Glass Slide/Pc Gauge Than 18.3Mtr X 19Cm/Than Hdpe Plastic Bag For Bmw Management 20X24 - Red/Blue/Yellow/Black With Bio-Hazard Logo Printed. Puncture Proof Container With Lid 5 Dia Plaster Of Paris Bandage 4/Pc Plaster Of Paris Bandage 6 15Cm/Pc Proceal Lma Laryngeal Mask 3 And 4/Pc Half Circle Round Body Needle/Packet No. 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, & 12 Half Circle Cutting Needle/Packet No. 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 16, & 18 Iv Set/Pc Iv Cannula 16 G/Pc Iv Cannula 18 G/Pc Iv Cannula 20 G/Pc Iv Cannula 22 G/Pc Iv Cannula 24 G/Pc Insulin Syringe 1 Ml /Pc Steam Indicator Tape/Pc K. Wire 1.5/Pc K. Wire 1.8/Pc K. Wire 2.0/Pc Adhesive Plaster 5Cm/Roll Adhesive Plaster 7.5Cm/Roll Adhesive Plaster 10Cm/Roll Lanse Cleaning Tissue/Book Lancet No. 22/Pc. Lancet No. 23/Pc. Lancet No. 24/Pc. Lancet No. 26/Pc. Litmas Paper Red/Strip Litmas Paper Blue/Strip Liga Clip Lt 300/Pc Liga Clip Lt 400/Pc Mantonx Syringe1ml./Pc. Micropipette Tip200-1000Microlitre/1000Pc Micropipette Tip2-200Microlitre/1000 Pcs Mallicot Catheter /Pc. Microdip Set/Pc Neubaur Chamber Cover Slip/Pc. Neonatal Face Mask 0/Pc Pvc Neonatal Face Mask 0/Pc Rubber Neonatal Face Mask 1/Pc Pvc Neonatal Face Mask 1/Pc Rubber Nebulizer Mask Adult/Pc Nebulizer Mask Child/Pc Nebulizer Filter Paper/Pc Oxygen Mask Adult/Pc Oxygen Mask Child/Pc Oxy Set Twin Bore/Pc Oxygen Catheter Rubber/Pc Oxygen Cylinder Connector Pipe/Per Pc Pvc Plastic Container With Lid 5 Dia/Pc Plastic Container With Lid 2.5 Dia/Pc Prolene Mesh/Pc 7.6Cmx15cm Approximately 2-0 Prolene With Round Body Needle/Per Box Of 12 Foils 2-0 Prolene With Cutting Body Needle/Per Box Of 12 Foils Pm Line/Per Pc Printing Paper Roll 56Mm For Pt/Inr/Roll Partial Rebreather Mask Bag High Conc/Pc Pt/Inr Tubepvc/1000 Pcs 1-0 Prolene With Round Body Needle/Per Box Of 12 Foils. 1 Prolene With Round Body Needle/Per Box Of 12 Foils. Ryles Tube No. 8/Pc Ryles Tube No. 14/Pc Ryles Tube No. 16/Pc Ryles Tube No. 18/Pc Rubber Tourniquet/Pc Rubber Catheter No. 6/Pc Rubber Catheter No. 7/Pc Rush Nail 3Mm./Pc. Rush Nail 3.5Mm./Pc. Silastic Band/Ring For Ligation Skin Grafting Blade/Pc Surgical Blade No. 11/100 Pcs Surgical Blade No. 15/100 Pcs Surgical Blade No. 20/100 Pcs Surgical Blade No. 22/100 Pcs Surgical Blade No. 23/100 Pcs Suction Catheter No. 8/Pc Suction Catheter No. 10/Pc Suction Catheter No. 12/Pc Suction Catheter No. 16/Pc Suction Machine Connector Tube Suspensory Bandage M/Pc Suspensory Bandage L/Pc Suspensory Bandage Xl/Pc Suspensory Bandage Xxl/Pc Sugar Vial/Pc Double Oxalate U S 40 Cuvette Pt/Inr/1000 Pcs. Sterile Pot/Pc Spinocaine Needle 23G/Pc Spinocaine Needle 25G/Pc Scalp Vain Set 24., 18, 20, 22/Pc Signoloc/Pc Gigli Saw Blade/Pc. Applicator Stick For Blood Group Mixing S. S. Wire 18 Gauge/Pc S. S. Wire 20 Gauge/Pc Test Tube 4 X 1/2/Pc Test Tube 6 X 3/4/Pc Test Tube 2.5 X 1/2/Pc Test Tube 6 X 1/2/Pc Test Tube 3 X 1/2/Pc Thermometer/Pc Thermal Paper Roll For Usg Sony V 13Pp-110Hg/Roll T Tube/Kehrs No. 16/Pc Usg Gel/Pc Uro Bag/Pc Sterile Urine Collection Pot/Pc 1-0 Vicryl With Round Body Needle/Per Box Of 12 Foils 2-0 Vicryl With Round Body Needle/Per Box Of 12 Foils 3-0 Vicryl With Round Body Needle/Per Box Of 12 Foils 1 Vicryl With Round Body And Tapper Cut Needle/Per Box Of 12 Foils Rapid Vicryl With Cutting Needle 2-0/Per Box Of 12 Foils. Ventury Mask/Pc Pvc Abdominal Drain 16 And 18/Pc Vacuum Abdominal Drain Set 12/Pc Vacuum Abdominal Drain Set 14/Pc Vacuum Abdominal Drain Set 16/Pc Vacuum Abdominal Drain Set 18/Pc Laryngoscope Bulb/Pc X-Ray Film 8’’X10’’/Plate X-Ray Film 10’’12’’/Plate X-Ray Film 12’’X15’’/Plate X-Ray Developerto Make 9Lit./Pkt. X-Ray Fixer To Make 9Lit./Pkt. Abdominal Drain Kit Size 20, 22, 24, 28, 32/ Pc Suction Tube /Pc. Reinforced Endotracheal Tubeno.7/Pc. Reinforced Endotracheal Tubeno.8/Pc. Reinforced Endotracheal Tubeno.8.5/Pc. Proseal Lma Size3laryngeal Mask Airway/Pc. Proseal Lma Size4laryngeal Mask Airway/Pc. Tray With Lid10 Inch X 12 Inch/Pc. Gauge Cutting Scissor8 Inch/Pc. Epidural Kit With Needle/Pc. Breathing Bag Antistatic0.5Ltr., 1Litr.And 2Litr./Pc. Culture Measuring Scale/Pc. Dental X-Ray Film/Pc. Hanger For Dental Film/Pc. Us 40 Pt/Inr - Cuvette/Pc. Humerus Interlocking Nail-Nail & Locking Screw/Pc. Cannulated Drill Beat 3.5Mm/Pc. Cannulated Drill Beat 4.5Mm/Pc. Cannulated Screw Driver 3.5Mm/Pc. Cannulated Screw Driver 4.5Mm/Pc. Dcs95 Holes Dcs 5 Holes/Pc. Dcs95.6 Holes Dcs 5.6 Holes/Pc. Dcs95.7 Holes Dcs 5.7 Holes/Pc. Gigli Saw Handle/Pc. Hubsite Needles 15 To 20Mm., 25Mm 25G, 26G/Pc. Titanium Interference Screw –Different Sizes/Pc. Distal Femoral Interlocking Nail Different Sizes Locking Plate. Locking Femoral Screw/Pc. Locking Head Screw/Pc. Rush Nail Different Sizes 2.5 To 3.5Mm. & 18—34Mm./Pc. Reamer 2, 3, 4Mm./Pc. Cortical Screw/Pc. Dcs 95.8 Holes/Pc. Dcs 95X6 Holes, 95X7 Holes, 95.8X6 Holes, 95X10 Holes/Pc. Drill Beat 4.5 & 3.5/Pc. Tibial Inter Locking Nail/Pc. Trail Cup Holder/Pc. Trail Cup-39 To 53Mm. Full 8 Setsodd No./Pc. Tibial Interlocking Nail 8Mm./9Mm./10Mm.-280Mm., 300Mm., 320Mm., 340Mm., 360Mm. Length./Pc. Poleythylene Liner/Pc. Orthofix External Fixator Different Sizes/Pc. Schanz Screw With Trocar Tip 5Mm./Length 100-250Mm../Pc K Wire Double Tip 0.6 To 3.0 D/70 To150 L/K Wire Single Trocar Tip 0.6 To 1.8 D/70 To 280 Lmm././Pc K Wire Single Trocar Tip 2.0 To 2.5 D/150 To 280 Lmm././Pc K Wire Single Trocar Tip 3.0 D/150 Lmm./Pc Kuntscher’S Nailk.Nail A 8 To 12 Dmm./32 To 50Lcm./Clover Leaffemur/./Pc B 6 To 8 Dmm./20 To 38 Lmm./V Nailhumerus./Pc C 7 To 10 Dmm./20 To 38 Lmm./Tibia./Pc Interlocking Nail Nail & Locking Screw Afemur./Pc Btibia./Pc Unreamed Tibial & Femoral Nails./Pc Locking Condylar Platess/Titanium/Pc. Locking Compression Plate System Plate Systemss/Titanium. A Narrow Plate 4.5 To 5Mm / 2 To 12 Holes./Pc/B Broad Plate 4.5 To 5Mm / 6 To 18 Holes./Pc/C 305Mm Plate 4 To 12 Holes./Pc 3.5 Cortex Screw Self Tapping 10 To 36Mm./Pc 4.5 Cortex Screw Self Tapping 10 To 36Mm./Pc Locking Head Screw Self Tapping 3.5Mm/10 To 60Mm./Pc Locking Head Screw Self Tapping 5.0Mm/14 To 85Mm./Pc Jackson Rees Pediatric./Pc Locking Screw Diameter 3.9Mm- 20 To 60 Even No../Pc Locking Screw Diameter 4.5Mm- 20 To 60 Uneven No../Pc Depth Gauze 3.5Mm, 4.5Mm./Pc Guide Wire./Pc 30/32 Gauge Ss Wire In Rolls./Pc Dcp Bone Plate - Ss/Titanium A Broad 16Mm 87-231Mm 5-14 Holes./Pc/ B Narrow 12Mm71-199Mm 4-12 Holes./Pc/C Small 10Mm 37-121Mm 3-10 Holes./Pc/ D Extra Small 8Mm 20-68Mm 2-8 Holes./Pc Drill Bits 2.7/3.2/3.5/4.5/Mm./Pc Dcs Normal Plate 95 Degree 6-18 Holes./Pc Dhc/Dcs Lag Screw 50-115Mm./Pc Screw / Self Tapping, Non Self Tapping Ss/Titanium./Pc Cortical Screw/3.5Mm D/ 10-40L./Pc Cortical Screw/4.5Mm D/ 14-70L./Pc Cancellous Screw /4.0Mm/10-60L/Short Thread./Pc Cancellous Screw /4.0Mm/10-60L/Full Thread./Pc Cancellous Screw /6.5Mm/30-120L/16Mm Thread./Pc Cancellous Screw /6.5Mm/45-110L/32Mm Thread./Pc Cancellous Screw /6.5Mm/20-110L/32Mm Thread./Pc Cannulated Hip Screw / 4.0Mm/10-60L/ Short Thread Cannulated Hip Screw / 4.0Mm/10-60L/ Full Thread./Pc Cannulated Hip Screw / 6.5Mm-7Mm/30-130L/ 16Mm Thread Cortical Screw/2.7Mm24 Tpi / 6-30 Cortical Screw/3.5Mm14 Tpi / 14-40 Cortical Screw/3.5Mm20 Tpi / 14-40 3 Ply Disposable Surgical Mask Ankle Length Disposable Shoe Cover Eye Cover/Googles Disposable Cap Full Ppe Kit Set Disposable Apron Oxygen Bag For Bain Circuit 1Lit Oxygen Bag For Bain Circuit 1-1/2Litr. Corrugated Drain Disposable 1.5Ml Aliquot Vial Co2 Regulator With Connector Set Multipurpose Oxygen & Nitrous Oxide Regulator With Connector Set Vaccu Suck Rubber Bulb Wooden Pencil With Cord For Diathermy Machine Oxygen Connector Pipe Transparent Pvc Transparent Pipe For Suction Machine Cidex Chamber 80Cm/40Cm Esr Tube/Pc Aliquot Vial/Micro Centrifuge Tube 500 ?l Borosil Test Tube 10Ml Long Male Urinal/Pc Truesyuth Double Needle 180Cm Vicryl/Pc Oxygen Mask Size 3/Pc Non-Disposable Rubber Gloves 6 Non-Disposable Rubber Gloves 6.5 Non-Disposable Rubber Gloves 7 Non-Disposable Rubber Gloves 7.5 Disposable Needle 22G/Pc Disposable Needle 23G/Pc Disposable Needle 24G/Pc Disposable Needle 26G/Pc 1-0 Vicryl With Needle Round Body/Box Of 12 Foils. 2-0 Vicryl With Needle Round Body/Box Of 12 Foils. Carestream Dryview Laser Imaging Film 8’’X10’’/125 Sheets. Carestream Dryview Laser Imaging Film 12’’X14’’/125 Sheets. in Durgapur - West Bengal has been published.
The last date of this tender is 05-12-2020, work value is  0 (Refer Doc) INR, EMD is  5000 INR and tender document fees is  0 (Refer Doc) INR
For more details call us on +91 92760 83333 for bidding this tender, vendor registration (if any) and tender BOQ documents.

Tender Document

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Durgapur - West Bengal ( IN )


Central Government And Public Sector Of India



Important Dates

Published on

21 Oct, 2020

Submission Date

30 Nov, 2020

Opening Date

05 Dec, 2020

Key Values

Work Value

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5.0 Thousand

Document Fee

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