Notice Inviting Tender (NIT) by the Central Government And Public Sector Of India for Supply And Installation Of Tools And Die Makers Die And Moulds Trade Equipments Machinery - Chisel Cold Flat With Handle File Flat Smooth With Handle Knife Edge File With Handle Allen Key Metric File Flat Second Cut With Safe Edge With Handle File Triangular Second Cut With Handle Hammer Cross Peen 9V Dc Battery With Cap Straight Edge-Single Beveled-Size File Triangular Bastard With Handle File Square Second Cut With Handle Scraper Flat File Square Bastard With Handle Snips Metric Screw Pitch Gauge-Range Tool Makers Clamp C Clamp File Half Round Bastard With Handle File Half Round Second Cut With Handle File Round Bastard With Handle Hammer Ball Peen Star Dresser Diamond Dresser With Holder D.E Spanners Centre Drills Pin Gauge Set File Card/ File Spattle Chisel Cross Cut With Handle Chisel Half Round With Handle Chisel Diamond Point Chipping Guard Bench Stop With Handle Tap Extractor Screw Extractor Sizes Feeler Gauge Single Angle Cutter Needle File Assorted 12 Nos. With Handle Dovetail Cutter Radius Gauge Single Angle Cutter Tool Holder Straight To Suit Cylindrical Milling Cutter Mm Slitting Saw Cutter Solder Iron, Solder Lead, Pcb Board Groove Board, Solder Wick Slitting Saw Cutter Digital Multimeter Scribing Block Universal Drill Chuck Bench Vice Fire Buckets With Stand Twist Drill With St. Shank Twist Drills Magnetic Stand With Magnetic Base Relay, Led Side And Face Milling Cutter Parallel Shank End Mills Knurling Tool Straight & Diamond Concave Milling Cutter Convex Milling Cutter Side And Face Cutter Parallel Hand Reamer Universal Vernier Caliper-Range V-Block-Approx. Disc Type Form Milling Cutter Boring Bars With Holders Bore Gauge With Dial Indicator Granite Surface Plate Taps And Dies Metric Taper Shank Drills Angle Plate-Adjustable Parting Tool Holders To Suit Dial Vernier Caliper Vernier Caliper-Range Sine Bar With Stopper Plate Angle Plate Inside Micrometer Range Universal Cylindrical Grinding Machine Cnc Lathe/Cnc Turn Centre Power Chord, Connecting Probes, Single Strand & Multi Strand Wires T Slot Cutter With Parallel Shank Outside Micrometer Equal Angle Cutter Outside Micrometer V-Block-Approx Shell End Mill Shell End Mill C.I. Surface Plate Outside Micrometer Depth Micrometer Fire Extinguisher Magnetic V-Block Dial Test Indicator-Lever Type- Range Dual Power Supply Inductor Variable Resistance Box, Resistors Function Generator Dial Test Indicator Plunger Type-Range Shearing Machine Lever Typehand Operated Polishing Kit Telescopic Gauge Range Double Ended Pedestal Grinder Demagnetizer Vernier Bevel Protractor-Blade Range Sensitive Drilling Machine Power Hacksaw Machine Slip Gauge Box Workshop Grade - Sensor Kit With Ascessories Mentioned In Parts Requirement As Mentioned In Bid Document Sine Table With Magnetic Bed Pillar/Column Type Drilling Machine Hand Injection Moulding Machine Muffle Furnace Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine With Standard Accessories Radial Drill Machine Tool & Cutter Grinder Universal Milling Machine Horizontal And Vertical Milling Machine Screw Type Injection Moulding Machine Spark Erosion Edm With Standard Accessories Ss And Sccentre Lathe All Geared Hydraulic Surface Grinding Machine Cnc Milling Machine/ Vertical Machining Centre Vmc Co-Ordinate Measuring Machine Optional Synchronous Motor, Capacitor For Synchronous Motor Vernier Height Gauge Hand Compression Moulds For Upgradation Of Priority Itis in Dehradun - Uttaranchal has been published.
The last date of this tender is 03-11-2020, work value is  23000000 INR, EMD is  460000 INR and tender document fees is  3000 INR
For more details call us on +91 92760 83333 for bidding this tender, vendor registration (if any) and tender BOQ documents.

Tender Document

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Dehradun - Uttaranchal ( IN )


Central Government And Public Sector Of India


Banking And Mutual Funds And Leasings

Important Dates

Published on

21 Oct, 2020

Submission Date

03 Nov, 2020

Opening Date

03 Nov, 2020

Key Values

Work Value

2.30 Crore


4.60 Lacs

Document Fee

3.0 Thousand
Tender Document Liaison Service