Notice Inviting Tender (NIT) by the State Government Of Jammu And Kashmir for Construction Of Plant Room For Medical Oxygen Generator Mgps Manifold System And Allied Equipments At District Hospital Earth Work In Excavation By Manual Means In Trenches For Foundations, Drains, Pipes, Cables Etc. Not Exceeding 1.5 Mtr In Width And For Shafts, Wells, Cesspits And The Like Not Exceeding 10 Sqm On Plan., Depth Upto 1.5 Mtr Including Disposal Of Excavated Earth Upto 50 Metre Beyond 1 Mtr From Cutting Edge, Disposed Earth Is To Be Leveled And Neatly Dressed In:All Kinds Of Soil. For Plinth Work And Foundations. Providing And Laying Of Cement Concrete Of Specified Grade Including Curing But Excluding The Cost Of Centering And Shuttering. All Work Upto Plinth Level. 1:4:8 1 Cement : 4 Coarse Sand : 8 Graded Stone Aggregate 40Mm Nominal Size Providing And Laying In Position Specified Grade Of Reinforced Cement Concrete Including Curing But Excluding The Cost Of Centering, Shuttering, Finishing And Reinforcement. All Work Upto Plinth Level.1:2:4 1 Cement: 2 Coarse Sand: 4 Graded Stone Aggregate 20 Mm Nominal In Size Structural Steel Work In Built Up Section, Trusses And Framed Work Including Cutting, Hosting, Fixing In Position And Applying A Priming Coat Of Approved Steel Primer All Complete Using Riveted And Bolted / Welded. 8 No. Of Trusses Including Nut Bolts, Kingpost, Struts, Purlins, Tie Beam, Cleats, Plates, Rafter Etc. Providing Pre Profiled Colour Coated Corrugated Sheets To Be Laid Over A Frame Work Of Truses Columns And Purlins Using Hot Dipped Zinc Coated Self Drilling Hexagonal Washers, Fasteners. Colour Coated Ridge Is To Be Fixed On Top Junction, J Or L Hooks, Bolts And Nuts 8Mm Diameter With Bitumen And G.I Limpet Washers Filled With White Lead Complete Upto Any Pitch In Horizonat/Vertical Or Curved Surface Excluding The Cost Of Purlins, Rafters And Trusses And Including Cutting To Size And Shape Wherever Required. Using 0.63 Mm Thick Zinc Coating Not Less Than 275 Gm/M2 Providing And Fixing Aluminum Work For Doors, Windows, Ventilators And Partitions With Extruded Built Up Standard Tubular Sections/Appropriate Z Sections And Other Sections Of Approved Make Conforming To Is: 733 And Is: 1285, Fixed With Dash Fastener Of Required Dia. And Size Including Necessary Filling Up Of Gaps At Junctions I.E, At Top, Bottom And Sides With Required Epdm Rubber / Neoprene Gasket Felt Etc. Aluminum Sections Shall Be Smooth, Rust Free, Straight, Mitred And Jointed Mechanically Wherever Required Including Cleat Angle, Aluminum Snap Beading For Glazing / Panelling, C.P. Brass / Stainless Steel Screws, All Complete As Per The Directions Of Engineer-In-Charge Glazing, Panelling And Dash Fasteners To Be Paid For Separately. For Aluminium Shutters Of Doors, Windows & Ventilators Including Providing And Fixing Hinges / Pivots And Making Provision For Fixing Of Fittings Wherever Required Including The Cost Of Epdm Rubber / Neoprene Gasket Required Fittings Shall Be Paid For Separately. Polyester Powder Coated Aluminum Minimum Thickness Of Polyester Powder Coated 50 Microns Door : 7’X3’- 1 No, Windows 3’X3’ – 2 Nos And Window 2’X3’ – 1 No Providing And Fixing 12Mm Thick Prelaminated Particle Board Flat Pressed Three Layer Or Graded Wood Particle Board Conforming To Is: 12823 Grade-I Type-Ii In Panelling Fixed In Aluminum Doors, With C.P. Brass / Stainless Steel Screws Etc. Complete Directions Of Engineer-Incharge. Pre-Laminated Particle Board With Decorative Lamination On Both Sides Providing And Fixing Glazing In Aluminum Window With Epdm Rubber / Neoprene Gasket Etc. Complete As Per And The Directions Of Engineerin-Charge. Cost Of Aluminum Snap Beading Shall Be Paid In Basic Item With Float Glass Panes Of 8 Mm Thickness Weight Not Less Than 20.0 Kg / Sqm Providing And Fixing Double Action Hydraulic Floor Spring Of Approved Brand And Manufacture Is : 6315 Marked, Having Brand Logo Embossed On The Body/Plate With Double Spring Mechanism And Door Weight Upto 125 Kg For Doors Including Cost Of Cutting Floors, Embedding In Floors As Required And Making Good The Same Matching To The Existing Floor 22.0 Aluminum Work 290 Code No. Description Unit Rate ? Finishing And Cover Plates With Brass Pivot And Single Piece M.S. Sheet Outer Box With Slide Plate Etc. Complete As Per The Direction Of Engineer-In-Charge. With Brass Cover Plate Minimum 1.25 Mm Thickness Providing And Fixing Aluminum Tubular Handle Bar 32Mm Outer Dia, 3.0Mm Thick & 2100Mm Long With Ss Screw Etc. Complete As Per Direction Of Engineer-In-Charge. Polyester Powder Coated Minimum Thickness 50 Micron Aluminum Tubular Handle Bar Providing And Fixing Brass 100Mm Mortice Latch And Lock With 6Levers Without Pair Of Handles Best Make Of Approved Quality For Aluminium Doors Including Necessary Cutting And Making Good Etc. Complete. Providing Of Table -1No Of Standard Size With 4 Chairs Made Out Of Wood/Board/Steel For Operator. Complete In All Respects. Cost Includes Material, Carriage, Labor And Taxes. Cement Concrete Flooring 1:2:4 1 Cement: 2 Coarse Sand: 4 Graded Stone Finished With A Floating Coat Of Neat Cement Including Cement Slurry And Curing Complete But Excluding The Cost Of Noising Of Steps Complete. 50Mm Thick 20Mm Size Stone Aggregate. Providing And Fitting Of 01No Main Entry/Exit Door And One Emergency Door On Opposite Ends And One Door For Operators Room Of Size 7’X3’ Fabricated Out Of Ms Section And Sheet With Frame Including Primer And Enamel Paint And Allied Accessories Providing And Fitting Of 6 Nos. Heavy Duty Industrial Type Exhaust Fans Above 10’ Height With Wiring And Other Accessories Including Providing And Fitting Of 6 Nos. Roof Top Wind Driven Turbo Ventilators Providing And Fitting Of Wire Mesh Made Of Galvanized Iron With 25Mmx25mm Square Opening And To Be Fitted On The Existing Angle Frame With The Help M/S Nut & Bolts Of Size M10x40x1.25 & M/S Iron Flat Of Size 25Mmx3mm. The Bolts Are To Be Welded On The Existing Frame For Fastening Of The Wire Mesh And Ms Flat. The Wire Mesh Should Be Having A Square Opening 8”X4” For Operating The Existing Glass Window. Mesh Is To Be Fitted In Such A Way So That It Can Easily Be Removed Whenever Required. The Job Includes An Opening Of 3’X3’ In Front And Back. Electrification Of Whole Shed Including Providing And Laying Of Wires- 1.5 Sqm- 05 Rolls, 2.5Sqm – 02 Rolls, Boards For Supplying 3 Phase Power For Mechanical Equipments. 10 Nos Each Power Points And Heating Points In The Shed, 12 Nos – 100 Watt Capacity Led Bulbs, 02 Nos. Lighting Points In The Operator Room. 02 Nos. 15 Watt Led Bulbs And 36” Fan In Operator Room. Providing And Laying Of Gi 300Mmx50mmx2mm Cable Tray For Accommodating Varies Cables Of Machinery. Providing Of The Electrical Safety Insulation Rubber Mats Confirming To Is : 15652 & Is : 5424 With Lower Plain Surface And Size 1.2M X 2.4M X 20Mm. – 20 Nos. Providing And Laying Of 6-10Mm Ms Plate 400 Sqft Along The Floor Adjoining Oxygen Manifolds And Main Entrance Of Plant Room To Prevent Damage To Flooring Design, Fabrication And Fixing Of Ms Pipe Gate 10 Ft X 10 Ft Size By Way Of Metal Welding Of Ms Rectangular Pipe 1.25 Inch X 03 Inch Including Cutting, Hoisting And Fixing In Position Along With Fixing Of 1 Inch Square Type Weld Mesh On The Ms Gate Of The Plant Room And Applying Welding And Bolting With Special Shaped Washers Etc. Complete Job Includes Cost Of Material, Tools And Tackles, Labor Charges, Carriage, Transportation, Allied Civil Works And All Applicable Taxes in Reasi - Jammu And Kashmir has been published.
The last date of this tender is 28-10-2020, work value is  0 (Refer Doc) INR, EMD is  40000 INR and tender document fees is  1000 INR
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Reasi - Jammu And Kashmir ( IN )


State Government Of Jammu And Kashmir



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20 Oct, 2020

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27 Oct, 2020

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28 Oct, 2020

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40.0 Thousand

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1.0 Thousand
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