Notice Inviting Tender (NIT) by the Central Government And Public Sector Of India for Invitation Of Bids For Supply Of Echs And Smc Medical Stores Items- Medicines, Surgical Items, Lab Chemicals, Dental Consumables- Ether Solvent Lignocaine Hcl 2% Without Adrenaline 30Ml Inj Suitable For Ophthalmic Use Also Lignocaine Hcl 2% With Adrenaline1:80000 30 Ml Inj Lignocaine Hcl Jelly 2% Tube Of 30 Gm With Plastic Nozzle Atropine Sulphate 0.6Mg, 1 Ml Inj Midazolam 5 Mg, 1 Ml Inj Aspirin Soluble 350Mg Tab Common Cold Tab Diclofenac Sodium 50 Mg, Enteric Coated Tab Diclofenac 25Mg/Ml Ip, 3Ml Inj Ibuprofen 200 Mg Tab Ibuprofen Syrup 100Mg/5Ml Bott Of 50 Ml Ibuprofen 400 Mg Tab Paracetamol 500Mg Tab Paracetamol 150Mg/Ml, 2 Ml Inj Paracetamol Syp 125Mg/5Ml Paracetamol 500Mg And Ibuprofen 400Mg Tab Tab Etorcoxib 120 Mg Piroxicam 20 Mg Tab Morphine 15Mg, 1 Ml Inj Pethedine 50 Mg, 1 Ml Inj Allopurinol 100 Mg Tab Indomethacin 25Mg Tab/Cap Tramadol Hcl 50 Mg Cap/Tab Tramadol Hc 50 Mg/Ml Inj Febuxotat 40 Mg Tab Adrenaline Tartrate 1:1000, 1 Ml Inj Cetrizine-Dihydrochloride 10 Mg Tab Levo-Cetrizine 5Mg Tab Cyproheptadine 4 Mg Tab Montelukast 10 Mg + Levocetrizine 5 Mg Tab Hydrocortisone Sodium Succininate 100 Mg Inj Pheniramine Maleate Inj 22.75 Mg Per Ml Amp Of 2 Ml Pheniramine Maleate 25 Mg Tab Prednisolone 5 Mg Tab Methylprednisolone 16 Mg Tab Promethazine Hcl 2.5 Mg /2 Ml Inj Pregabalin 75 Mg Tab Oxcarbazepine 150 Mg Tab Carbamazepine 200 Mg Tab Clobazam 5 Mg Tab Clonazepam 2 Mg Tab Lorazepam 2Mg/Ml, 2 Ml Inj Diazepam 10 Mg, 2 Ml Inj Diazepam 5 Mg Tab Gabapentin 300 Mg Cap Phenobarbitone 30Mg Tab Phenytoin Sodium 100Mg Inj Phenytoin Sodium 100 Mg Tab Sodium Valproate 500Mg/Ml Inj Sodium Valproate Tab 200 Mg Topiramate 25 Mg Tab Rizatriptan 5 Mg Tab Baclofen 10 Mg Tab Albendazole 400 Mg Tab Albendazole Syp Each 5 Ml Containing 200 Mg Bott Of 10 Ml Syp Diethylcarbamazine 50Mg Tab Rifampicin 150Mg Cap Rifampicin 450Mg + Isonex 300Mg Combination Cap Rifampicin 600 Mg+Tab Inh 300Mg Tab Ethambutol 200Mg Tab Isoniazid 100Mg With Pyridoxine 5Mg Tab Isoniazid 300 Mg Tab Pyrazinamide 0.5Gm Tab Pyrazinamide 1500 Mg Tab Clotrimazole Mouth Paint 1% Bottle Of 15 Ml Fluconazole 50 Mg Cap Fluconazole 150 Mg Cap/Tab Itraconazole 100Mg Cap Metronidazole 400 Mg Tab Tinidazole 500 Mg Tab Chloroquine Phosphate Syp Containing 50Mg Base Per 5Ml Bottle Of 60 Ml Chloroquine Phosphate 250Mg Tab Mefloquine 250Mg Tab Primaquine 7.5Mg Base Tab Methotrexate 2.5Mg Tab Methotraxate 5 Mg Tab Ondansetron 8Mg Inj Ondansetron 8 Mg Tab Medroxy Progesterone 100 Mg Tab Cabergolin 0.5 Mg Tab Methylcobalamine 1500 Mcg Tab Folic Acid 5 Mg Tab Heamatinic Tab/Cap Containing Ferrous Fumarate Vit B-12 Folic Acid And Vit C, Strength: 300Mg, 1.5Mg, 75Mg Min Heparin Low Molecular Weight Mol Wt2000- 8000 In 0.2/0.3 M L Prefilled Syringes Of 2500 To 3500 Iu Heparin 5000 Iu/Ml Inj Tranexamic Acid 500 Mg/5Ml Inj Tranexamic Acid 500Mg Tab Atorvastatin 20 Mg Tab Carvedilol 3.125Mg Tab Carvedilol 12.5 Mg Tab Carvedilol 25 Mg Tab Diltiazem 60 Mg Tab Diltiazem Controlled Delivery 90Mg Tab Fenofibrate 200 Mg Tab Diltiazem 5Mg/Ml Inj Isosorbide Dinitrate 10 Mg Tab Isosorbide-5 Mononitrate 20 Mg Tab Nitroglycerine 5 Mg/Ml, 5 Ml Inj Simvastatin 20Mg Tab Amiodarone Hcl 200 Mg Tab Amlodipine Besylate 10 Mg Tab Atenolol 50 Mg Tab Atenolol 25 Mg Tab Enalapril Maleate 10 Mg Tab Enalapril Maleate 2.5 Mg Tab Labetalol Hcl 100 Mg Tab Metoprolol Tarterate 50 Mg Tab Nifedipine Retard 20 Mg Cap/Tab Propranolol 40 Mg Tab Ramipiril 2.5 Mg Tab Digoxin 0.25 Mg Tab Digoxin 0.5 Mg, 2 Ml Inj Aspirin 75 Mg Tab Streptokinase 15 Lacs Iu Inj Clopidogrel 75 Mg Tab Enoxaparin 20 Mg/0.2Ml Inj Enoxaparin 40 Mg/0.4Ml Inj Enoxaparin 60 Mg/0.6Ml Inj Enoxaparin Inj 80 Mg/0.8Ml Aspirin 150 Mg Tab Warfarin 5 Mg Tab Amlodipine Besylate 5 Mg Tab Metoprolol Xl 50 Mg Tab Atenolol 50Mg + Amlodipine 5 Mg Tab Hydrochlorothiazide 25 Mg Tab Telmisartan 40 Mg Tab Frusemide 20Mg + Spironolactone 50 Mg Tab Indapamide Sr 1.5 Mg Tab Labetalol Hcl 5Mg/Ml, 4Ml Inj Losartan 25 Mg Tab Losartan 50 Mg Tab Ramipiril 5 Mg Tab Ramipiril 10 Mg Tab Enalapril 5 Mg Tab Methyldopa Tab 250Mg Temisartan 40 Mg + Hydrochlorothiazide 12.5 Mg Tab Antiseptic Mouth Wash Containing Sodium Fluoride & Triclosan Bott Of 100 Ml Anticarious Fluoride Rinse Mouthwash With Sodium Fluoride Acidulated Phosphate Bott Of 450 Ml Gel For Root Canal Preparation Containing Water Soluble Lubricant Edta, Urea, Hydrogen Peroxide Tube Of 3.5 Gm Benzocaine 20%, Pectin Based, Oral Ointment Tube Of 5 Gm Clove Oil Bottle Of 50Ml Desensitising Paste Stannous Fluoride / Pottasium Nitrate/Sodium Monoflurophosphate Tube Of 50 Gm Sodium Fluoride, Gel Containing Sodium Fluoride, Phosphoric Acid, Alcohol, Xanthan Gum Bott Of 125 Ml Chlorhexidine Mouthwash 0.2% Bott Of 150 Ml Adapalene 0.1% Tube Of 15 Gm Benzoyl Peroxide 5% Tube Of 20 Gms Betamethasone Ointment Containing Betamethasone 0.64Mg0.05% Salicylic Acid Ip 30Mg 3% Tube Of 10 Gm Betamethasone Dipropionate Usp 5Mg And Gentamycin Sulphate 1Mg/Gm Tube Of 5Gm Calamine Powder Cetrimide Powder Clindamycin Phosphate 1% Topical Gel Tube Of 10 Gm Clobetasol Propionate Cream 0.05% In Tube Of 10 Gm Clotrimazole Cream 1% Tube Of 15 Gm Clotrimazole Pulv 1% Bott Of 75 Mg Fexofenadine 180 Mg Tab Fluticasone 0.05% W/W Oint Tube Of 10 Gm Liquor Formaldehyde 40% W/V Framycetin Sulphate Cream Bp 1% Cream 100 Gms Framycetin Sulphate Cream Bp 1% Cream 15 Gms Gamma Benzene Hexachloride 1% W/V Cetrimide 0.1% W/V In Alcoholic Solution Glycerin Glycerol Hydroquinone 2% Tube Of 50 Gm Ketoconazole Lotion 2% Bott Of 75 Ml Isotretinoin 20 Mg Cap Metronidazole 1% Tube Of 30 Gm Mometasone 0.1% Tube Of 10 Gm Mupirocin 2% Oint Tube Of 5 Gm Minoxidil 5 % Lotion Permethrin 5% Tube Of 30 Gm Salicylic Acid 1% + Coal Tar 3% Scalp Solution Bott Of 100 Ml Salicylic Acid Powder Silver Sulphadiazine 1% Cream W/V Jar Of 25 Gms Silver Sulphadiazine 1% Cream W/V Jar Of 500 Gms Terbinafine 1% Cream Tube Of 10 Gm Tretinoin 0.025% Tube Of 15Gm Betamethasone 0.1%+Salicyclic Acid 3 % Tretinoin 0.1% Tube Of 20 Gm Alcohol Chloroxylenol Solution Potassium Hydroxide 13.6G, Chloroxylenol Solution 50.5G Oleic Acid-7.5Ml Castor Oil-63.0G Terpineal- 100Ml Ethanol 96%-200Ml Purified Water Freshly Boiled & Cooled To Produce 1000Ml Also Acceptable Chloroxylenol-4.5 To 5.5% Teripineal-2 To 10% Alcohol-13 To 20% Rwc Not Less Than 3 Glutaraldeyde 2% Aqueous Soln With Activator Hydrogen Peroxide Solution Liquid Antiseptic Chlorhexidine Solution With Activator Containing Chlorhexidine Gluconate Bp 7.5% V/V Cetrimide Bp 15% W/V Sufficient Quantity Of Tab Sodium Nitrite 1G To Make 0.4% Soln With Each 1 Litre Cont In Air Tight Pack Povidone Iodine Solution 5% Bottle Of 100 Ml Acetazolamide 0.25G Tab Frusemide 40 Mg Tab Frusemide 20 Mg, 2 Ml Inj Mannitol 20% Inj Bottle Of 350 Ml Inj Spironolactone 25 Mg Tab Triamterene 50Mg Ip And Benzthiazide 25 Mg Nfc Us Tab Ursodexycholic Acid 150Mg Tab Ursodeoxycholic Acid Sr 600Mg Tab Antacid Chewable Containing Dried Aluminium Hydroxide Ip 250Mg Mag Hydroxide Nf 250Mg Methyl Polysiloxane 50Mg Tab Antacid Gel Each 5Ml Containing Dried Aluminium Hyroxide Gel Ip 250Mg, Magn Esium Hydroxide Nf 250Mg And Methyl Polysiloxane 50Mg As Per Nfi Bott Of 400 Ml Clarithromycin 500Mg Tab Omeprazole 20 Mg Cap Pantoprazole 40Mg Tab Pantoprazole 40Mg Inj Sucralfate Suspension 1Gm/5Ml Bott Of 200 Ml Ranitidine 150 Mg Tab Ranitidine Hcl 50 Mg, 2 Ml Inj Domperidone 10 Mg Tab Metoclopramide 10 Mg Tab Metoclopramide Hcl 5Mg/Ml, 2Ml Inj Metoclopramide Syrup 5Mg/5Ml Bott Of 30 Ml Anti Haemorrhoidal Ointment Containing Hydrocortisone Acetate 5.58Mg, Framycetin 10Mg Heparin 100Iu, Esculoside 10Mg Ethyleaminobenzoate 10Mg, Butyleaminobenzoate 10Mg Per Gm Tube Of 10 Gm Anti Haemorhoidal Ointment Containing Betamethasone 0.05% Phenylephrine 0.1% & Lignocaine 2.5% Tube Of 15 Gm Sulphasalazine 500Mg Tab Dicyclomine Hcl 20Mg Inj Drotaverine Hcl 20Mg/Ml Inj Antispasmodic Cap Containing Dicyclomine Hcl 10Mg, Dextroprop Oxyphen Hcl 65Mg Acetaminophen Ip 400Mg Hyoscine Bromide Inj 20 Mg/Ml, 1Ml Inj Cremaffin White Each 15 Ml Containing Milk Of Magnesia 11.25 Ml, Liq Paraffin 3.75Ml Bottle Of 170 Ml Enema Sodium Phoshate Ml 6% Sod Acid Phoshate 16% Pack Of 100Ml Glycerin Suppositories Child Size 2G Mould Isapgol/Ispaghula Husk 3.5 Gm Bisacodyl 5 Mg Tab Lactulose Syp 100 Ml Parraffin Liquid Bott Of 100 Ml Norflox 400Mg +Tinidazole 500Mg Tab Oral Rehydration Powder Sachet Of 20.5G Each Containing Sodium Chloride Ip 2.6G Anhydrous Dextrose Ip 13.5G, Potassium Chloride Ip 1.5G & Sodium Citrate Ip 2.99 To Make 1 Ltr Mixture Secnidazole 1 Gm Tab Ornidazole 500 + Ofloxacin 200 Mg Tab Loperamide 2Mg Tab Tab Ethinyl Estradiol 30 Mcg + Drosperinone 33Mg Thyroxine 50 Mcg Tab Metformin Sr 500 Mg Tab Metformin Sr 1 Gm Tab Recombinant Human Growth Hormone 12 Iu-24 Iu Inj Multidose Cartridge Recombinant Human Growth Hormone 25 Iu-36 Iu Inj Multidose Cartridge Purified Fsh 75 Iu Inj Recombinant Folli Trophin-Alpha 75 Iu Units Allyloestrenol 5 Mg Tab Clomiphene Citrate 50 Mg Tab Doxylamine Succinate 10 Mg Usp + Pyridoxine Hcl 10 Mg Ip Misoprostol 100 Mcg Tab Dihydrogesterone 5Mg Tab Natural Micronised Progesterone 100 Mg Tab Tab Ethinyl Estradiol 0.01 Mg Hydroxyprogesterone Caproate 500 Mg/2 Ml Amp Of 2 Ml Inj Clotrimazole Vaginal Pessary 100Mg Povidone Iodine 200 Mg Pessary Isoxsuprine 10Mg Tab Isoxsuprine Hcl 5Mg/Ml Amp Of 2 Ml Levonorgestrol Iu System Laevenorgestrol 0.25 Mg + Ethinylestradiol 0.05Mg Pack Of 20 Tab Medroxy Progesterone 10 Mg Tab Micronised Progesterone 100Mg Inj Nor-Ethisterone 5Mg Tab Acarbose 25 Mg Tab Glimepiride 1Mg Tab Glimepiride 2 Mg Tab Insulin Premixed Biphasic 40 Iu Per Ml 30% Human Neutral Plus 70% Human Isophane Insulin, 10 Ml Inj Insulin Premixed Biphasic Human 40Iu /Ml 50% Human Neutral 50% Human Isophane Insulin, 10 Ml Inj Insulin Lispro Inj 40Iu/Ml Recombinant Dna Origin Vial Of 10 Ml Insulin Glargine 100Iu/Ml Recombinant Dna Origin Human Long Acting Insulin Analogue Vial 10 Ml, 10 Ml Inj Sitagliptin 100 Mg Tab Glipizide 5Mg Tab Glibenclamide 5Mg Tab Tab Vildagliptin 50 Mg Insulin Highly Purified Human Neutral 40Iu/Ml, 10 Ml Inj Insulin Highly Purified Isophane Human Nph 40Iu/Ml, 10 Ml Inj Metformin 500Mg Tab Pioglitazone Hydrochloride 15 Mg Tab Carbimazole 5 Mg Tab Thyroxine Sodium 25 Mcg Tab Thyroxine Sodium 100 Mcg Tab Alendronate Sodium 70Mg Tab Alendronate Sodium 10 Mg Tab Alfacalcidol Vit D3 0.25Mcg Cap Flavoxate 200 Mg Tab Calcium Acetate 500 Mg Tab Tacrolimus 1Mg Tab Tacrolimus 5Mg Tab Tab Sodium Bicarbonate Ciprofloxacin 0.3% Eye Drops Of 3Mg/Ml Bott Of 5 Ml Ciprofloxacin Hcl 0.3% Tube Of 5 Gm Cyclopentolate Hcl 1% Ophth Soln Bottle Of 5 Ml Ciprofloxacin Hcl 0.3% + Dexamethasone 0.1 % Bott Of 5Ml Flurbiprofen Sodium Ophthalmic Sol 0.3% Vial Of 5 Ml Gatifloxacin 0.3% Eye Drop Bott Of 5 Ml Lalanoprost 0.005 % With 0.5 Timolol Eye Drop Bott Of 2.5 Ml Lignocaine Hyrochloride 4% Topical Solution Bott Of 30 Ml Carboxy Methyl Cellulose 1% Eye Drop Bott Of 5 Ml Methyl Cellullose 2% Solution Bottle Of 5 Ml Hydroxy Methyl Cellulose 2%, 2 Ml Inj Norfloxacin 0.3%, 3 Mg/Ml Eye Drops In Bott Of 5 Ml Ofloxacin 0.3% Bott Of 5 Ml Sodium Chloride Eye Drops 5%, 5 Ml Bott Timolol Maleate Eye Drop 0.5% Bott Of 5 Ml Tobramycin 0.3% Bott Of 5 Ml Dexamethasone 0.1% Eye Drop Bott Of 5 Ml Anti Histamine Syp Each 5 Ml Containing Diphenhydramine Hcl 12.5Mg Sodium Chloride 0.65% Nasal Drop Of 15 Ml Beclomethasone Dipropionate Nasal Spray 50 Mcg Per Dose Metered Dose 150 Units Betahistine Dihydro Chloride 8Mg Tab Betahistine 16 Mg Tab Cinnarizine 25 Mg Tab Prochlorperazine Maleate 5Mg Tab Clotrimazole 1% W/V Ip+ Lignocaine 2% W/V Ip Ear Drop Bott Of 10Ml Cipzox Nasal Decongestant Tab Phenylpropanolamine With Chlorpheniramine Nasal Decongestant Drops Bottle Of 10 Mlxylometazoline Hcl 0.05% Cefixime Syp 50Mg/5Ml Bott Of 30 Ml Cefaclor Syp 125Mg/5Ml Bott Of 30 Ml Cetrizine Syp 5Mg/5Ml Bott Of 60 Ml Cloxacillin Syp Each 5 Ml Containing 125 Mg Of Cloxacillin Sodium Bottle Of 2.4Gm Powder Cypropheptadine Hcl 2 Mg/5Ml Bott Of 100 Ml Domperidone Syp 1 Mg/Ml Bott Of 30 Ml Levo - Salbutamol Susp Metronidazole Susp 200 Mg/5Ml Bott Of 60 Ml Norflox Syp 100Mg/5Ml Bott Of 30 Ml Ondansetron Syp 2 Mg/5Ml In Bott Of 30 Ml Iron Drops Paediatric Up To 20 Mg Elemental Iron With Lysine, B12 Folic Acidbottle Of 15 Ml Roxythromycin 50Mg/5Ml Syp In Bott Of 30 Ml Salbutamol Syrup 2 Mg/5Ml Bottle Of 100 Ml Alprazolam 0.25 Mg Tab Chlorpromazine Hcl 100 Mg Tab Chlorpromazine 25 Mg Tab Clomipramine Hcl 25 Mg Tab Duloxetine 20 Mg Tab Doxepin Hcl 75 Mg Cap Escitalopran 10 Mg Tab Fluoxetine Hcl 20 Mg Cap Lorazepam 1 Mg Tab Lithium Carbonate 300 Mg Cap/Tab Mirtazapine 15 Mg Tab Nortriptyline 25 Mg Tab Naltrexone 50Mg Tab Promethazine Hcl 25 Mg Tab Risperidone 2 Mg Tab Risperidone 4 Mg Tab Acamprosate 333 Mg Tab Aripiprazole 10 Mg Tab Olanzapine 10 Mg Tab Olanzapine 5 Mg Tab Sertraline 50 Mg Tab Venlafaxine 37.5Mg Tab Zolpidem 10 Mg Tab Etophylline Bp 84.7 Mg And Theophylline Ip 25.3, Per Ml, 2 Ml Inj Antiasthmatic Elixir 15 Ml Containing Theophylline 80Mg, Alcohol 95% 3.15Ml In Flavoured Aqueous Base Bott Of 200Ml Beclomethasone Diproprionate 50 Mcg Salbutamol As Sulphate 100Mcg Per Metered Dose, Aerosol, 200 Dose Units Beclomethasone Dipropionate 50 Mcg Per Dose, Metered Dose Aerosol 200 Dose Unit Etophylline 115Mg And Theopohylline 35 Mg In Slow Release Form Tab Ipratropium Bromide Respirator Soln 250 Mcg/Ml Vial Of 15Ml Salbutamol Aerosol Inhalation Pack Of 200 Metered Dose Each Metered Dose Supplies 100Mcg Of Salbutamol Salbutamol Sulphate Respirator Solution 5Mg/Ml, Vial Of 15 Ml Salbutamol 4 Mg Tab Tiotropium Bromide 18 Mcg & Formoterol 12 Mcg Dry Powder Cap Delivery Device Compatible With Pv-012478 Budesonide 200 Mcg Dry Powder Rota Caps Formoterol 12 Mcg & Fluticasone 250 Mcg Dry Powder Tiotropium Bromide 18 Mcg Dry Powder Cap Bromhexine Syp 5 Ml Containing 4 Mg Of Bromhexine Hcl Bottle Of 120Ml Cough Expectorant Syp 5 Ml Containing Diphenhydramine Hcl 14.08Mg Ammonium Chloride 0.138 Gm, Sodium Citrate 57.03Mg Chloroform 22.08Mg, Methol 1.14 Mg & Alcohol 0.2625 Ml 5% V/V In Flavoured Sype Base Bott Of 100Ml Cough Sedative Syp Each 5 Ml Containing Chlorpheniramine Maleate 2.5Mg Guiaphenesin 100Mg Noscapine 15Mg Sodium Citrate 60Mg In Flavoured Base Bott Of 500 Ml Cough Sedative Syp Each 5 Ml Containing Chlorpheniramine Maleate 2.5Mg Guiaphenesin 100Mg Noscapine 15Mg Sodium Citrate 60Mg In Flavoured Base Bott Of 100 Ml Oral Decongestant Syp Each 5 Ml Containing Phenylpropanolamine Hcl 10Mg To 12.5Mg Chlorpheniramine Maleate 2.00Mg Dextrose Monohydrate For Oral Use Dextrose 50%, 25 Ml Inj Dextrose Inj 25%, 25 Ml Inj For A Period Of One Year in Thanjavur - Tamil Nadu has been published.
The last date of this tender is 02-11-2020, work value is  10000000 INR, EMD is  34000 INR and tender document fees is  0 (Refer Doc) INR
For more details call us on +91 92760 83333 for bidding support this tender, vendor registration (if any) and tender BOQ documents.

Tender Document

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Thanjavur - Tamil Nadu ( IN )


Central Government And Public Sector Of India


Security Services

Important Dates

Published on

13 Oct, 2020

Submission Date

31 Oct, 2020

Opening Date

02 Nov, 2020

Key Values

Work Value

1.00 Crore


34.0 Thousand

Document Fee

Refer Doc
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