Notice Inviting Tender (NIT) by the State Government Of Maharashtra for Supplying And Erecting Various Different Covid-19 Essential Material - Spray Pump 16 Litre Battery Operated 8X12 Battery Spray Pump 16 Litre Battery Operated 12X12 Battery Spray Pump 16 Litre Manual Regular Spray Pump 16 Litre Manual High Pressure Pump Accessories Spray Pump Piston/Pump Washer Spray Pump Pipe Kit Spray Pump Handle Belt Spray Pipe Ss Spray Pipe Rubber Spray Pump Nozzle Spray Pump Handle Trigger Spray Pump Nozzle Battery 8X12 For Spray Pump Battery 12X12 For Spray Pump 10Mm Spray Pipe Per Mtr Italian Spray Gun For Spraying Machine Disinfectants Sodium Hypochlorite 10-12 % Solution 40 Litre Can 5 Litre Can King Fog 1Ltr Anti Malaria Liquid Denfog Anti Malaria Liquid Tcl 25Kg Folidust Pestiside Liquid Thymate Per Kg Turti Per Kg Potash Per Kg Mediclore 30Ml Mediclore 100Ml Finel 1Ltr Sunny Finel 5Ltr Sunny Toilet Cleaner 1Ltr Toilet Cleaner 5Ltr Acid 5Ltr Scented Napthalene Balls 1Kg Glass Cleaner 1Ltr Odonil Handwash 5Ltr Cleaning Material Broom Hard Broom Soft Wiper Wet Mop Dry Mop Mop Rod 7Mm Sewer Cleaning Rods 7Mm Sewer Cleaning Rod Accessories Scoop Flat Cleaning Rod Garbage Collection Scoop Face Mask Use N Throw Mask With Nose Clip Use N Throw Mask Without Nose Clip Hosiery Mask Filter Mask For Patient Cotton Mask Cotton Mask Medical Wildcraft Masks Hand Sanitizer Alcohol/Gel Based Scented 100 Ml Spray Type 500 Ml With Spray Pump 5 Litre Can Handwash 200 Ml 500 Ml 1 Litre 5 Litre Can Dispenser For Sanitizer/Hand Wash Bottle 100 Ml Spray Type 500 Ml Sanitizer Stand With Foot Operation Non Touch Non Touch Sanitizer Dispenser Automatic Machine Mist Type 1 Ltr Dispenser 3 Ltr Dispenser 8 Ltr Dispenser Hand Gloves Use & Throw Rubber Gloves Rubber Gloves Premium Cotton Hand Gloves Short Type Cotton Hand Gloves Full Type Cotton With Rubber Handgloves Rubber Handgloves For Electrical Use Face Shield 400 Micron 800 Micron Face Shield With Acrylic Glass Movable Goggles Ppe Kits/Coverall Material Use & Throw Ppe Kit Ppe Kit 90 Gsm Apron White Raincoat Paint Shirt Type Raincoat Gown Type Yellow Rain Suit Leak Proof Body Bag For Dead Body Gumboot Covid Care Centre Material Bed Powder Coated 2.5 X 6 Mattress Hitlon With Rexin Pillow Bedsheet Pillow Cover Blanketsolapuri Satranji Napkin Towel Bathroom Bathroom Piping & Electric Fitting Water Heaters Bath Room Sitting Stool Bucket 5 Litre Bucket 15 Ltr Mug Dustpan Toilet Brush Display Boards For Ward & Covid Care Centre Duster Handwash Dispenser Bottle Water Bottles 1 Ltr Plastic Hot Water Bottle Electric Kettle Mirror Torch/Lamp Oximeter Bp Apparatus Stethoscope Nebulizer Glucometer Glucometer Strips Lancet Oxygen Cylinders With Trolley Oxygen Mask With Pipe Assembly Vaporizer Garbage Bag Dustbin Bags Room Freshner Water Glass Nasta Plate Spoon Meal Plate Bowl Tea Cup Paper Napkin Pkt Of 100 Pa System For Patient Announcement Kadha As Per Aayush Guidelines Hood Caps Vitamin C Tabs Per Tab B Complex Tabs Per Tab Arsenic Album 30 Homeopathic 70 Pills Bottle Protein Powder For Kids Chocolate Cookie Flavour 350 Gm Protein Powder For Woman 350 Gm Protein Powder For Adults 350 Gm Vannila Flavour Hand Wash Station Without Tank Ghanta Gadi Closed Body On New Tata Ace Tab 2 Gb Ram 16 Gb Storage For Daily Reporting Students Tab 4Gb Ram 32 Gb Storage For Daily Reporting Lenovo Desktop For Online Video Conferencing With Senior Officials Ms Bench 5X3 Size 3 Seater For Covid Patients Oxygen Recovery Open Air Cement Bench 5X3 Size 3 Seater With Multicolour With Min. Weight 200Kg For Covid Patients Oxygen Recovery Open Air Sanitizer Fogger Machine For Office Announcer System For Vehicle/Man Dettol Liquid 500 Ml Dettol Liquid 1 Litre Savlon Liquid 500 Ml Savlon Liquid 1 Litre Ip Spirit Solution 1 Litre Cotton For Bandage 500 Gm Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine 50 Pads Sanitary Napkin Disposal Machine 50 Pads Single Bed Metal 3X6 Ft With Mattress Bedsheet 3X6 Ft Pillow Cover Blanket Fogging Machine Vehicle Mounted Fogging Machine Waste Disposable Bag Digital Thermometer Analog Temperature Scanner Machine Automatic Sertlizer Machine For Medical Instruments/Ppe Kits Glucometer Glucometer Strips Blood Pressure Monitor Patient Examination Table Baby Care Kit Covid Swab Collection Booth Facial Recognition Camera Office Table Office Chairs Cupboard Full Size Book Case Plastic Chair Bench For School Bench For Anganwadi Whiteboard 4X6 Ft Green Board 4 X 6 Ft Prakalp Sahitya Kit For Anganwadi Dnyan Rachnawad Sahitya Education Models For School Water Cooler 80 Litre Water Cooler 40 Litre Water Purifier For School Wifi Router For School Wash Basin For School Anganwadi /School Painting And Drawing Per Sq. Ft At Grampanchayat in Pune - Maharashtra has been published.
The last date of this tender is 21-09-2020, work value is  0 (Refer Doc) INR, EMD is  10000 INR and tender document fees is  1000 INR
For more details call us on +91 92760 83333 for bidding this tender, vendor registration (if any) and tender BOQ documents.

Tender Document

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Pune - Maharashtra ( IN )


State Government Of Maharashtra


Panchayat Division

Important Dates

Published on

14 Sep, 2020

Submission Date

19 Sep, 2020

Opening Date

21 Sep, 2020

Key Values

Work Value

Refer Doc


10.0 Thousand

Document Fee

1.0 Thousand
Tender Document Liaison Service