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Pithoragarah, Uttaranchal
19-04-2019 Rs. 983492

Notice Inviting Tender (NIT) by the Corporations And Associations And Others Of Uttaranchal for Purchase Of Consumable And Maintenance Related Items For Hm Gates Of Dgps - Painting Brush 5, Brush 3 Size, Wire Brush, Jute Brush, Cotton Waste, Cotton Hand Gloves, Rubber Solution200ml, Battery 1.5V Dry Cell, Emery Paper Rough, Emery Paper Fine, Duster Cloth, Soap 125 Gm, Spherical Roller Bearing Double Row No: 22226 E1-Xl, Welding Electrode Ms E-6013 General Purpose, Size 3.15Mm 350Mm, Cutting Electrodes 4 Mm, Welding Gloves, Chipping Hammer 200 Gms, Welding Copper Cable 600 Amps, Welding Holder 400Amp, M/Seal General Purpose, Loctite Bonding 495, 20 Ml Vial, Rustolene Liquid, Lit Pack, Voltage Surge Arrester, Type: Dehn 275 Part No. 900600, Pvc Insulated Flexible Copper Conductor, Industrial Pvc Sheated Cable 4 Core 25 Sq Mm, Steel Wire Rope Sling With Both End Loop- 12Mm Dia. X 05 Mtrs Length, Wire Rope Sling, 6X36 Const. Steel Core With Eye And Thimble On Both Sides 3 Ton, Length - 6 Meter, Steel Wire Rope Sling With Both End Loop- 16Mm Dia. X 05 Mtrs Length, Battery 12 Volt 100 Ah, Digital Vernier Calliper 300 Mm, Bench Vice Swivel Base 6, Carbon Steel Threaded Rod M16, Pitch 2.0, Astm A 36, Threaded Rod M20, Anticorrosive Solution Wd 40, Grinding Gogles, Welding Gogles, Markin Cloth, Grinding Wheel 4, Cutting Wheel 100 Mm 4, Welding Glass Black, Manila Rope 3/4 Isi, Manila Rope1/2, Nylone Rope 1, Spanner Set 6X7, 8X9, 10X11, 12X13, 14X15, 16X17, 18X19, 20X22, 21X23, 24X27, 25X28, 30X32, Combination Plier 8, Cutting Pliers, 8Inch/ 210Mm, Screw Driver Special With Neon Bulb, Overall Length 125Mm, Screw Driver Kit Consisting Of 8 Screw Driver, C- Clamp Size 4, Chain Pulley Block 1 Ton With 6 Mtr Fall, Heavy Duty Pipe Wrench 8, O Ring Kit Flat File Smooth 12, Flat File Rough 12, Round File Smooth 350Mm, Half Round File Rough 10, Measuring Tape 30Mtrs Steel Tape, Measuring Tape 5 Mtr., Allenkey Size 3/8 Inch, L Key 10 Mm, Wire Rope Clamps 1-1/2, Hexa Blade Double Edge, 25 Mm, 1Width X 12 Length, Hacksaw Blade Double Edge, Polyster Round Sling Cap. 3 Tonne 2 Mtrs Long, D-Shackles 2.5 Ton Capacity, Torch Four Cell, Grease Gun 10 Kg, Hammer 5 Kg, Godrej Door Lock Nav-Tal 8 Lever Deluxe, Hydrometer, Canvas Hose Pipe 6, Chiesel 6 Size, Chiesel 8, Drill Bit 16Mm, Hss, Drill Bit 18Mm, 5/8 Unc Hex Head Bolt Complete With Nut And Washer Length 3 Grade 4.8, 1/4 Unc Hex Head Bolt Complete With Nut And Washer Length 2 Grade 4.8, Screw Driver Heavy Duty 12, Torch 3 Cell For Aa Size Cell, Self Adhesive Pvc Electrical Insulation Tape 1.8 Cm X 8 Mtr., Three Piece Three Arm Bearing/Gear Puller, Jaw Opening-300Mm, Dragon Light, Welding Heavy Duty Earthing Clamp 600 Amp, Work In Progress Written On Fluorescent Sign Board 1.5 Foot X 1.5 Foot, High Voltage Area Written On Fluorescent Sign Board 1.5 Foot X 1.5 Foot, Water Resistant Wheel Bearing Grease Almagaurd Le-3752, Le 2011 Monolec Wirelife Wire Rope Lubricant, Safety Belt Full Body Harness, Four Pole Mcb 63A, 415V, Mcb 3- Pole 63A, 415V Ac, Lightening Arrestor Ball And Horns, Rubber Insulation Mat For 11Kv Substation Size 1Mtr X 2 Mtr, Mccb, 4 Pole, 100A, 415V, Mccb Ns160na3p30629, Pneumatic Wrench Operated With Air in Pithoragarah - Uttaranchal has been published.
The last date of this tender is 15-05-2019, work value is  983492 INR, EMD is  20000 INR and tender document fees is  590 INR
For more details call us on +91 92760 83333 for bidding this tender, vendor registration (if any) and tender BOQ documents.

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Pithoragarah - Uttaranchal ( IN )


Corporations And Associations And Others Of Uttaranchal



Important Dates

Published on

19 Apr, 2019

Submission Date

08 May, 2019

Opening Date

15 May, 2019

Key Values

Work Value

9.83 Lacs


20.0 Thousand

Document Fee

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